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Something has gone terribly wrong when people are dying at the hands of law enforcement without any probable cause.  Blacks have always been at  astronomical numbers when facing the firing squad with the badges. Trigger happy police officers with shady records that are “allowed” to protect and serve our community with all these issues.  Like within any arena we have some born bad. The hate spills out of them seemingly with a black and brown face. th (35)Unfortunately just like slain, Rekia Boyd somehow they stay gainfully employed while the family has to deal with and suffer the loss.  Even with video tapes I have seen dirty cops get off.  

th041WWDRAWhen I had written and spoken about the death of another alleged armed 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, a  young, African-American  bullet up 16 times., I never saw the outrage! I am still flabbergasted at the lack of concern for loss of life at the hands of rogue police officers. And if police officers are behaving like criminals why are they still employed even if it recordkeeping or serving coffee.

Why are so many bad cops protected? This is someone’s child that was brutally murdered on the streets by what seems like a cop who loves their trigger!

Now that the tape by court order will be released, November 25, 2015,  of his execution.  The City of Chicago worries about the responses and what will be unleashed on Chicago.  I will admit, I am somewhat concern of the release of this tape. I don’t want a riot but this might  feed into one!

I was done when a drunken cop beat the crap out of female bartender and nothing happened.   I can’t understand why would you want to work for the public with all these issues… Some police officers are so full of anger and their targets seem to be always aimed at unarmed African-American. This nonsense has been happening for a very long time even before I was born.

Racism is alive and well! I pray that Chicago can re-energize and  reorganize and  be effective and not tear up the city. Mayor Emanuel is going to have to have better rebuttals than this one. I can stand by the police officers that are doing outstanding jobs but how much more “really” can Chicago rally behind thugs in uniforms.

What’s the matter with you? Of course they don’t trust the police. Like always something is rotten in the cotton.

You are not promoting evil are you? A city divided against itself WILL FALL….