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FIRST PART, “ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER” …  Everyone recites this  but really don’t understand it!  It’s not for us to understand but to experience to share. Many get rich physically off of drama but ask them to go through to stand many cave under pressure.

You know why?  A lot of barking but no bite.

Yet, it’s in this place you should have a better influence for handling things with grace and some tact… We love to explain things including God.  He is specific, … lean not to what you want to understand but this is where it gets tricky.  People love to say what God told them, until they are confronted with their own weaknesses and instabilities.  The famous rebuttal when they are  just making excuses. “God is still working on me”. 

Fleshy power  is not only limited its a counterfeit, it  buys change not really being the change. Its about perception and false deception.  It lasts  for a split second not because it’s right it’s  what they want. When God sets things in motion “YOU CAN’T MESS WITH IT” it frightens the average person because it’s  AUTHENTIC , unshakable, and unmovable .  It has durability, stability, accountability and takes on Godly responsibilities. It might not be popular but I prefer to keep my spine in tact!

SECONDLY, FOR THEM WHO LOVE THE LORD… Many people can’t understand God’s love without knowing who he is. Talking loud and saying nothing…Getting older doesn’t mean you are wiser. God has to raise the children up to be wiser because there is a lot of flesh in adult bodies and the mind has yet to catch up. Act more like their shoe size than their ages!

Look around all of this happened for a reason and has a purpose even if man discounts it. 

Who can honestly mark the hand of God? He has done too much. Everything is his. We can’t mark things here and there…. The earth is the Lord’s and his fullness thereof.

In my life, I have experienced. The good, the bad and the ugly. That’s really the downside of anyone’s life no matter how picture perfect many would like to think that it is. 

I  grew up on pain… pain was the thing that catapult me into a smidgen of who God called me to be… Bigger in more ways than money… A higher dimension in life requires that the building has to go further in the ground. Meaning what God is calling me to I have to be mature enough to handle it. It requires another kind of process. Everything in me is challenged and tested.

 A SKYSCRAPER IS FOR THE WORLD TO SEE BUT THE FOUNDATION HAS TO GO SO DEEP TO HANDLE THE ARCHITECT OF BEING IN THE SKY SO HIGH. You have to go through something to reach the sky. Too many “trying” to go higher without inquiring with Lord. That is why so many fall after getting to certain levels. Self gets in the way and have they great ideas instead of GOD IDEAS.

The higher you go has nothing to do with you it has everything to do with God. Satan gives people stuff all the time but it comes with many disadvantages. It seems large in the beginning but dwindles down to nothing in the end. What profits a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul. (Mark 8:36) .

Although many sell their souls for less than what Judas did to get status everyday. It’s never for the common good but how will it benefit them? It’s a tricky lie that many feed themselves. It always appear that it’s about something else and its all about them!

God don’t have to  win popularity contests with people just a desperate vessel to say YES… There is hardly that much depth to superficial people. People like to go high and many fall in other ways but wont see it until later in life, if they live that long.  Wisdom preserves life!

My purpose is a mind blower even for myself but not without some suffering.  No one likes pain. But it’s in the manure where the plants get the most nourishing. It’s all the stinky stuff in life that helped me mature. You can grow in physical appearances I am not talking about that. 

Maturity, comes in ways no one could quite explain.  I have seen silly adults and it’s a sight for the sorest eye. They get married, have children the whole nine yards. Never seem to fulfill the promises of God because the lack of God directions, immaturity, and fleshy agenda hinders progression.

I had someone tell me yesterday that they pray that  they aren’t  old and stupid…  I don’t want to miss it, being slow because I fail to mature always doing it my way. 

To do what I am assigned to do there has to be a level of balance and maturity. Often times people hold titles and positions without have  any sense of character and maturity to handle things. People ask God for this and that and too immature to handle what comes along with it. 

I had to learn that many are often prepared to do what they want but never seem to be prepared to do the will of God. They want all the bells and whistle but fail miserably to seek God’s will because it REQUIRES.

It’s  easy duping people, find what the flesh has in common it reels them in… be it money, pride, ego and power! But when you are made of something different in God, it REQUIRES…Purpose doesn’t come because you are outraged by the circumstances but purpose comes in when you can continue to stand and  walk into your destiny with God. You see, many people have defined destiny but God’s destiny builds you into being the “mantle” for change.

You are not the “mantle” of change doing what everyone else does,  but having the courage to be something everyone  else fails to be and that is different! What you thought of isn’t great…It’s what God shows that intimidates!  You have to rely on God and not man!

God takes setbacks to set you up… EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.