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Some of the leaders still wont be relevant with God. Because of the lack of standing for the truth regardless if it’s Laquan or Tyshawn.  Too many are wishy-washy in their stance it depends what they can gain.  

I can’t respect any liar whether people make them great it’s what God shows me. Too many have murky alliances and call it justice when they hook up like the Pharisees and the Sadducees and they got together to get rid of Jesus but didn’t really trust each other!

Just like so many that cover-up things on their watches… and get on social medial screaming injustice when the agenda is either personal, or political!


What is also equally disturbing is that too many things go ignored it depends on what brings exposure!  I want to say this to Chicago and anyone all over the land the biggest LIE…HAS BEEN TOLD. 

Honestly, we really don’t need to expose violence it’s been here since the world began we just need leaders who can get their “egos” out of the equation and stand up and do the right thing.

Violence is making money and you’ d be astounded how God’s people are being played from the pulpits, podiums and even the police.  Of course  the criminals get paid and draw pensions. Check out what we  really call integrity?Truth_v__Lies_Cartoon

What should be exposed is those to capitalize on others people misery by making a career to keep their foot on the necks on God’s people by keeping them subservient to poor leadership that leads with no level of truth inside of them just a heart to milk God’s people for fame or fortune.  What makes national coverage and sometimes when people also see capital.  People get paid off of pain. It’s sick but it’s true! 

Ravens circle and feed off the dead stuff”

A lot of “Laquan’s “are really on video tape.  It’s  being used to keep the drama that has been going since old regime in Chicago that everyone still seem to ignore. Politics… There are a lot of people Chicago turns a blind eye too and call them great… I call them greedy!

In such a serious situation people will use this to take advantage.Who isn’t guilty of turning away from something they should have handled and it turned deadly or into total chaos? Why some people are talking at all amazes me. As long as they had troubles they needed prayers, grace and mercy.  We tend to hide our monsters in our families, businesses, organizations and so on. Even the social cliques within  the church hides the truth. The truth is explosive especially when it’s been hidden and now the people involved have to take more than hits but there will be losses. 

I have to  expose dirty leadership even  with the ones who know better to step up to do the right thing… I am the ostracized or you think that I am quietly put away. I am not going to take it personal because just like the Laquan McDonald situation it will blow up and have some serious consequences because the damages will be much more severe than if you stood up for the truth in the beginning! 

af8b2ec1-73b3-33e5-b6ae-d1fe395ee26aCook County States Attorney Anita Alvarez isn’t the first to delay in responses especially of what I have seen personally and ministerial with those who can make a difference within a certain time frame… How many people  does this everyday? I hope I am not one to entirely believe that I  have ignored things that they should have addressed immediately!

Out of heighten emotions people are reacting to another assassination of a youth, Laquan McDonald, the 17-year-old that was murdered at the hands of Chicago Police Jason Van Dyke. And being angry should be apart of it but what about the rest of it.  

People are giving their perspective views on what should have happened and who should be fired.   But I prayed FIRST… I know how charged people will be at one moment until the next situation comes along with no results.

Laquan’s situation wasn’t new it was ignored.  I am repetitive about character and integrity within our homes, places of worship, government systems, political and civic arenas. What constantly blows me… Is how the people are outraged when it’s the police department and many of our youth are assassinated each day with or without videos and no one seems to care. What is almost amazing including within our religion communities all the things that are not captured on cameras and many complaints that the people ignore! 


I am not one to turn blind eyes on when I see corruption, ill behaviors and lack of integrity and character in people anywhere including my family.  Unfortunately, I am amazed at how people react  first then think later without assessing things better when the situation first occurred.  How many police persons stood there and watched when Laquan McDonald was publicly assassinated?  

LOOK AND STUDY THIS PERSPECTIVE…( 1 Samuel  chapter 2) ELI was a leader and high priest, blessing people and mentoring other people but his family was “jacked up”.  He had been warned about behaviors of his SONS.  He knew it was the truth but ignored it anyway!  Eli was weak when it came to handle “his authority”  especially with his own.

You see, Eli was  a man of power and some influence but he just stupid. His boldness only stood tall when he decided to ignore or cover up his Sons messes. It ended each time in death.  He found the courage to stand against the TRUTH ABOUT HIS SONS  sons but  he actually thought he could handle God’s judgment against him in the end.

What I mean?  We can’t afford to protect the filthiness in anyplace including the police department. Systems can’t  be override by God and the truth of it all who you are and what you stood for …. there is no legacy in the lies!Eli was hiding something that became not only explosive but he was cursed with death. The death of whomever he started out as being was tainted because he was spineless, weak for wrong things, and stayed in denial as if God wouldn’t deal with him…

Sidebar… Most spiritual leaders especially think this way! Wrong God will come to your house soon!

The point of Eli is this. 

Chicago has too many dirty leaders who believe the greater of what they do will cover up their mistakes. And those who keep company with the filth act is if the dirt wont be on them.  They don’t care… It’s not necessarily the problems and the troubles it’s being EXPOSED FOR BEING CORRUPTED and called LIARS.

1)It depends on who you like and then it might be hidden.  2) What’s the agenda is what I ask.  3)Too many things are corrupted in Chicago the people are duped by deeming these sorry losers as doing the greater good. Don’t get it twisted from the preachers to the police.  

… Have you notice people will stay in many places, organizations for years  doing wrong and that nothing is required of them?…


The sons of Eli… are destroying the very fabric our lives each day.  Many kill in the name of their gods… and other kill the spirit in the name of their gods. I have seen some leaders try to manipulate  the public with fake sincerity knowing that the incubate their monsters and breed them. What will be expose about you .  Cover-ups go on all the time I see it on a daily especially within the church. We are suppose to be first to speak up  but I find it funny.  We have to beg for justice within the walls of the church. 

I know this will blow a lot minds out there. Often times people can’t trust what is necessarily leading. We have to discern and trust more of inner knowing than people. It’s dangerous today because too many leaders speak about social injustices, and will lie to the end to advance their agenda. 

No one black, brown or white has effective has had the courage to stand tall and say it All…They won’t risk their job, titles and positons including ministers that play it safe. They don’t want anyone to know just how bad it is.  

Honestly, there is not that much ‘s different about the Chicago Police Department than any other institution. They don’t snitch but cover there own. Those who have their picks are carried and covered even if they have had complaints of hurting, maiming and abusing authority.  The church needs to be careful pointing fingers.  God is coming to our places soon video tape or no video tapes.

 And I warn this… to Chicago  because the lesson is bigger than Laquan McDonald or Tyshawn Lee. God knows the heart of every person why they do what they do and their reasons behind it. Be it sincerity or opportunity. I see both coming forward. No one will hide from God when personal gain to pad egos and or to line pockets. Make sure that  your favorite picks and choices are not mounted with clouds of poor judgment by allowing them to stay in places getting pay checks , when if they are wicked with a list of complaints ?

Quite hypocritical!!!!   What pours salt in the wound is when you know that someone has been injured, hurt or maimed but it takes full disclosure to show the world the games people play to cover their ( blank)! And they remain comfortably in their positions still allowing the hurt God’s people even unto death!