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SERIOUSLY, I know that everyone wont get this but some will…

Numbers 5:24…He shall cause the woman to drink bitter water that causeth  the curse and the water that causeth the curse shall enter INTO  her, AND BECOME BITTER…Numbers 5:10-31.

Sotah, a wife, accused of adultery, is brought to the TEMPLE, the ANCIENT RITES given by the Priest, believes a supernatural test when there are no WITNESSES OR PROOF… 

The Priest gives dust from the temple floor into the HOLY WATER and then blotting into the waters a parchment in which a curse is applied in Jehovah’s holy name.

The Priest gives, GIVERS her “bitter waters”.  If she is “GUILTY” the waters are into her exposes her sin, her appearance CHANGE, her belly swells and her thighs fall away… She is then cursed… If innocent, she is then atoned.

Sotah,  passed the test  but the  text said she would bare a son.  Hmmm?

Note…(Secular  beliefs that this was a right to abort a baby if one is present) The lesson symbolically meant a lot of things… THE ORDEALS

I will only deal with three things I came away with. 

1) The ordeal, of FALSE ACCUSATIONS … All of us have been accused of doing something we didn’t do. It’s a terrible place to be. We know the truth but circumstances are people hurt us on being accused. Sometimes many will know the truth but will harm us with silence and their lack of actions to stand out but prefer blending with lie the mix of the lies.

2) The ordeal of JEALOUSY… A powerful spirit that creates such a deadly atmosphere and when it’s embedded in an individual it’s hard coming to reality. When jealousy is in the heart of a person, it can lead to other negative spirits if not placed under lock and key.  You have to deal with inner turmoil,   low self-esteem  issues, anger and inner rage. Jealousy is the only spirit God said it’s CRUEL AND OF THE GRAVE. (Proverbs 6:34)

In other word… Jealousy will commit murder even if it’s with your mouth. Jealousy is nothing to play around with because it can contaminate the heart in mind with such a nasty atmosphere to commit sins against another.

3)The ordeal of DOUBT… Doubt builds suspicion and this easily opens the door to not understanding truth and knowledge. Forget wisdom it clouds  better judgment. So, no decision is made at all!

4) THE ORDEAL OF PERCEPTIONS INSTEAD OF PROPER PERSPECTIVES. Sometimes things might appear one way and be absolutely another way. In the case of Sotah…

Although things that led me to think a bit more but not that hard. How many times women will say they think they are pregnancy and the doctors see no baby with the test? It might seem one way temporarily but the end results come with a baby and no explanation.  Life is the same way. You can be a good person at the wrong place at the wrong time and be accused of  doing  something or saying something. And the terrible flip-side of having the proof and doing nothing with it.  It’s called compromise!

My lesson came much early, never accuse anyone of anything until we get all the ducks in a row without a doubt.  Only time and not people’s personal opinions will be bring the truth. 

THE COALS OF FIRE… BRINGS DELIVERANCE AND THE TRUTH. To be quite honest during the fiery trials many like to believe that majority rules.  I have seen one person stand and be the one-armed with the truth. The truth is going to be the  light. People are led by different things but can’t seem to bring the light but birth more darkness. I am appalled at the lack of prayer for asking God for directions and for the truth.  We have “REBELS WITHOUT A CAUSE”… LEADING THE PACT INTO UNSAVORY TERRITORIES IN OUR NATION.

Sadly, what has become a public witch hunt is to blame people without FIRST, providing all the necessary ingredients to convict and then seize titles and whip injustice!

One thing might look like the proof but it’s what will be TRUTH that should exposed corruption in the Chicago Police Departments and anyplace else. How many times have I had proof of injustice and it was swept under the rug or waited cowardly for the wrong of it all to die down? 

Am  I to wonder what’s the real agenda with so many so-called leaders in Chicago when things are  wrong? Prophets will bring another kind of Godly justice because many have misconstrued revenge with justice.

THE SOTAH EXAMPLE IS THIS… There can be many speculation but only  God really knows the heart of mind of the people involved.  And take a look at the list… Everyone has  an agenda…whether it’s good or bad. Some will use bad situations to plot against others that they have a feeling about but where is the evidence.  I have seen wrong choices in bad positions from my own experiences and yet, to see the call for justice wasn’t even addressed but ignored.

 I know that many political strange fires and  personal feelings have entered the danger one of throwing stones .Many of them have skeleton waiting to come out of the closet. I am embarrassed and sad that the loss of life comes down to whose posted up as the hero in front of cameras, some see money… some just don’t see they go along to get along to be in the know. My question is “in the know of whom”?

I know many of the things I see just like the Sotah situation. Wrong test and wrong commitment of people to see wrong without proper justice and being wise by staying low and coming up with the right results. The world see Chicago as divide…based on because “race, power, greed and money is what is getting the responses. Never justice!!!

Without some sense of God and some order it breeds more chaos and division. The city is weak and the enemy see opportunity to divide and conquer. The wise man see, to need to know when…  The more money the more  notoriety involved… God calls it …. GREED

I grieved heavily about  Laquan McDonald situation because I saw many deceptions  his name. It  it wasn’t with whom that I thought who would stand up for truth  and be fair but it was it was with  they weren’t  being fair about.

I saw common reasoning skills aborted because of personal misplaced feelings.  I had been grieving more when the truth of what some of these so-called leaders are about and I really don’t see Chicago winning this but I see an upheaval based on many things but I never see  truth…

I didn’t compromise ,neither have I turned a blind eye to what the real agendas are “especially” in Chicago. I don’t play the games in the Name of God. I don’t compromise my integrity to be with what they think is popular but the devils in disguise. I am infuriated at the what is picked out to be to be picked on,  and miss the focus and the target.  When I know for a fact many issues worst than this  have been  swept under a rug and no one not even our so-called “fighting for justice league” in Chicago because of all the murky alliances.

How anyone especially if you are of the  aligned with filth and not have the stench of  filth on you?  This goes for everyone. The tricky part about Chicago politics it wavers depends on the  agenda is even if it’s wrong.  Your stand tells it all without common sense.  Think for a minute before casting aspersion.  Hypocritically this is why I can go along to just to get along. God respects the TRUTH AND NOT  THE FICTION OF “APPEARING” LIKE A UNITED FRONT.

Denial is one thing but self-denial is another! I see the imbalances which is the breeding ground for the perfect storm to cripple Chicago. The Chicago is racked up…with corruption. The hypocrisy and the back biting amazes me. How one can define their faith with God with dirty deeds isn’t God.  I am taken back with the lack of common sense and the sense of wisdom.  I pray but I got God’s wisdom when to touch things physically but spiritually I need God’s help. I cant get caught up with the messiness just make a point. And what point is being made…There will be more truth exposed about dirty politician, law enforcement and spineless religious leaders and organization. Remember “religious” isn’t a definite with God. You can say, you love God but the fruit in the end results will bare the witness of who side you are really on!

 No one wants to call it out… because it went up against the real Pharaoh’s our community.   I see things in people who I rather not see but it’s there.  Unfortunately the majority  doesn’t mean that God is with them it means that people take on causes that have nothing to do with helping God’s people. 

Just like Sotah husband, he made the accusation it never proved it to be good or bad… and just maybe that test isnt’ for everyone.  People do things out of the wrong reasons and expecting right results.  We have some proof of injustices but clearly not all of it. We see injustices all the time and it depends who were prefer to throw under the bus especially when it comes to how is popular instead of whose right. I see a lot of craftiness in Chicago in the way it hands matter. All rules don’t apply and there seems to be no need for balance. Over 20 years of neglect and abuse and no one said a word. Chicago is a prime example of “corrupt systems from political forums to the church house.

No one physically sees the “wounds”  but spiritually sooner or later the truth will come out, and it might not be all smoking mirrors. We have “hype” the mind into emotional frenzy but when what we think is proof might prove something else. GOD CALLS THIS SELECTIVE REASONING In other words, we have to be wise when we decide to throw stones, the heart matters! We can respectively disagree but this isn’t that. I see what is diving the center of Illinois.  When one that is trusted by the community and has failed us here comes excuses and even mercy. You see, the rules of different monsters changes on everyone’s watch.  When trusted leaders get caught up they need prayers but when it’s people the public don’t like it’s revenge.  Like wolves they prey on the people’s vulnerabilities instead of waiting and watching and then make that final decision whether its bad.  I appreciate the protesting for the injustices  but I need a true perspective but respect the truth a lot more!  In closing I am will wait to see how God exposes the “liars” and the hypocrites… who are tossed with merely temporary winds. I can sleep at night because of the peace of living the life I  be about. We are losing grounds because it’s a game to so many  and the lies they tell themselves. There is no true progression if God isn’t on your side. Too many are deceiving in the midst of so much  division, racial  tension and miseries!

I can stand on this even if I am not with what is popular. I prefer the peace of God of being correct than standing with anyone that lead  a charge of lie whether its’ with community leaders. or  law enforcement. The real justice God stands with not the counterfeits that say one things but live another when “think” that no one witnesses. RIGHT IS ALWAYS RIGHT AND WRONG IS STILL WRONG.  I CHOOSE THE SIDE THAT WILL BE THE TRUTH AND EXPOSE INJUSTICES. I can’t afford to say… a word if the truth is often obstructed and overlooked!

God will send the right reinforcement to bring balance and to expose the agendas political or otherwise. Prophets of God not the community will bring God’s light that so many have confused REVENGE, WITH JUSTICE!