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Some people love the adornment of being seen. Unfortunately it leads to other negative things to  do and believe that he or she are relevant. I am older, pretty energetic for my age,  but I know I am not 20. It looks a mess when you are doing foolish things to stay current even if it means still trying to appear vibrant and much in the know. When another level of being is required.

Too many have been in some kind of time warp. They have aged without one once of common sense and or wisdom. Some don’t like each other but will do pictures for publicity.  And this had what to do with ministry? It’s bad many things have been tainted. Many have sold themselves for the cheap slavery !

There are some pictures I rather not take. Look around everyone doesn’t’ do it, because maybe we know the drawback of doing so. Being posted up on selfies and pics… might be the very thing that might tag you for real. What blows me away so many lie and say they pray and practice the presence of God…How can that be so when there are no changes for the better?  Many are not sold out to God, many use the platforms of God to further their nonsense. Donald Trump might be good publicity for a moment but what about what might be labeled in the future. When you need all of this it’s a cry for help!

The glad part about having some level of consecration” you ain’t doing all this stupid stuff”. Your affiliations matter. When you know it’s not genuine…God is left out!

I do what compliments me not what is ministry marketing strategies! It’s insulting!   I think too many have gotten off track with trying to be on the upgrade even if’s taking a picture with the town rogues. There is nothing wrong with being current but I don’t need the shiny whistles to toot my horn. In others words some people get pumped up being posted and seen with anything! 

Yes, I read it and I heard about it… The so-called 100 Pastors that are supposing endorsing Donald Trump.  The days are already here that the very elect will be deceived. I don’t really have  to comment about it.  The Pastors y are registered voters and this is whom they like!

No more than others “rally” behind crooks and hooks and call them men or women of integrity. I’m so turned off by the buffoonery! Some people will sell themselves to the devil for the spotlight… The same spotlight will be on you when you fail. I am not surprise with some of thirst of being seen. Being current doesn’t mean that I attach myself to any and everybody.  “What has been recently thrown in my face… that I  have always got the  attention”! 

It’s what people are actually drawn to? Some people inadvertently will try to attach themselves to the spotlight to push what they feel that they need to offer.  I stay current, not because of social media and who one might deem is popular. Social media might be new but the God I serve is universal. Everything God does keep me current. I don’t have to sell my life and my body for the tom foolery in these modern day clown extravaganzas!  I can’t believe what people are engulfed and engaged in and they call it ministry? 

Our nation is giving away too much and value too little. The morals and values are warped. People will twist God’s truth to make sure they appear holy via and spiritual! No level of allegiance to God, this is so dangerous ! 

Everything will have its place in the sun until the night comes.  Meaning when your season is over it’s over!   

The cheap market place is nothing new in which one likes to be seen.  One minute people hate the media…the next it’s great when they are posted up. I have been called too old-fashioned… I don’t care about that! I know how to be me! Everything will change but I don’t have to be posted up with people to validate my self-worth. Popularity contest are figments of one imagination. You are as great as you put your mind to be not on fake perceptions of delivering of what others want instead of being what they need.

Being relevant in my world is being yourself…Too many Pastors love the glamor of being adored and miss all the targets of the challenge of ministries.  Everyone wont vote for Trump but they will be posted up with him if it brings them the numbers!

 I really don’t take Mr. Trump and other the Presidential hopeful seriously!To be honest. I actually thought by now the circus would have ended.  And people had the nerve to speak about President Obama. Mr. Trump puts on a show…the more negative the better! One thing I can give him credit for… He is actually being himself… YOU CAN EITHER TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT!!!