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I had to turn off the television…Chicago has been more on the map than ever before. The “corruption” is more prevalent than ever.

Dr. King had dirty  people within the Civil Rights Movement and we don’t like to share dirty history but its history. This part amazes me, we never focus on how many crooks sold him out and those who probably hugged him be so much history is taught favorable and sanitized. The thought of betrayal devastates the “black community” among their own. Take the  challenge to study when the lies begins and where the truth ends.  There is a call for an awakening but I wouldn’t dare lock arms with many of the devils foot patrol.

Everyone that walked with Dr. King wasn’t about the movement but “notoriety”. It’s the same today! 

What’s with this fascination to be seen on a camera?  Social media does a wonderful job of exposing and exploiting!!!! Why the need for notoriety on the backs of the feeble-minded still  amazes me!

 I don’t have to question character and integrity… I see the lack thereof… And some actually believe that God is apart of this nonsense… He isn’t… God embraces men and women of honor… not the games of Chicago politics. Race baiting is a money scheme as well. Yes, there are injustices but some have allegiance on keeping the poor, poor with misleading information and jacked up organization.  Do your homework, study who what Chicago calls leadership!

The power plays on the back of some horrific situations and circumstance for many years. Tall tales are spun to keep the truth from whirling out! Chicago will never see productive that make it grow fairly because of some much filthiness in the mindset of GREED AND POWER-TRIPPING. Too many ride out on Dr. King and Harold Washington  but too many got their dirty hands in certain pots and pools. The united front… is just that… a FRONT! 

To confront Chicago, you must first beware…that some  that stay in power,  play the games and will flip it depends on what’s in it for them.

I pray that someone advise the McDonald family wisely…the buzzards are circling. Five million dollars later everyone’s agenda might appear legit but I see” a lot of dirty hands. Fast talking and smooth hermeneutics of the split tongues… dangerous mix.

I have no idea what being a Christian means in Chicago… but I think I’ll pass. Jesus wouldn’t do a lot of  what the hungry hounds would do for the love of money!  Blessed are the real peacemakers!!!

I was taught to make wise decisions on any matter… study and not assume…

Assumption is the worst form of knowledge. The political powers that be…are threaten with protest and boycotts… But I pray that many do their research before diving and there just might be no water. You see, if you are about the truth…You wont be popular at least not in Chicago. It’s only when positions are at risk watch how great they act. And too many want that picture that they are there even if it means abusing power in other ways.

Election time many are posted up and will cripple together… like the media whores who play games with the people and on the minds of the people.

Think people? 

Certain Chicago leaders have been dirty for years. People for whatever reason fear the backlash if they are “outed”. What do I care, God is on my side! 

When you speak out,  they try quietly to banish you or find all the wolves and band together to take their prey down. God didn’t send any of his messenger to create “hatred” and chaos” to divide.  Yes, we must unify with people we can trust not opportunists that have made Chicago a mark!

 People, the real hush money you will never see. Certain people,  get a slap on the risk  if they are caught doing anything criminal…  Evil doers still draw pensions and milk the tax payers for being a criminal with a uniform or otherwise… while others be dared to be caught especially if you are common folk. You will be the “fall guy”.

When these Chicago “Political” Dynasties are on the line. People then are confused and come down with a case of  selective amnesia. No one has a word to say and I wonder why. Is it money or is it because everyone has secrets on each other?  .  One dirty hand washes the other. No doubt it’s a system that is so corrupted and  fractured but remember the rules are different if THEY LIKE YOU…Some are next with their fraudulent careers on the lines!

th (4)Without no  real back up Garry McCarthy, let’s keep it real, …If there were no videos,  he wasn’t that liked in Chicago to begin with and I believe he knew that .  I know that so many disliked his “modus operandi” even if he spoke the truth.  Some smiled in his face and he knew they stabbed him in the back.

Some knew a clearer and  larger picture but didn’t stand up and tell the truth. Although, many ride out on the Dr. King dream but the  influence much of it as a nightmare.  Dr. King stood for peace and not chaos.

Garry McCarthy’s  firing was no shock to me because they have been gunning for him from day one, I said  this almost over one year ago today he will be fired and some disagreed!  

Laquan McDonald, is world news because one cop unloaded his gun… And my question remains… Since Garry McCarthy was thrown  in front of that moving train… What happens to that district commander job?  What happens to all the cops that knew too many rounds were unleashed on this allegedly petty  thief? Give the public the timeline to the process this can clear a lot of speculation of guilt or innocence. I can’t wait to the Department of Justice investigate a lot of deceptions in Chicago and it’s findings! I wont be shocked!

 If only many can practice what they preach. The thirst for power and position is like witnessing crabs in a barrel.  I hope this is a lesson for everyone who “avoids” confrontation with issues. With certain leaders and tainted organizations  that see what they want to see… How many Laquan McDonald cases that have been irresponsibly ignored? The code of silence operates effectively from the police station to the houses of worship.  How many “children” were molested by clergy? Where are the protest then? What about when Pastors have defiant and dirty members that they cover for? I have witness the “hypocrisy”… The one bad apple can spoil the whole barrel.

Yet, too many  ignore all the bad until it is bust wide open for the world to see.  Chicago Police has earned a terrible reputation but lets add to the list of many corrupt leaders who get paid to sabotage.  I find the politics of Chicago not only dangerous but the city will be confronted with many more issues.  Sadly, all the messiness that comes with Chicago is simply off the charts. I see “certain” people get free passes…

Let’s keep it real… CHICAGO HATES CHANGE AND DOESN’T REALLY RESPECT ORDER. So, many fit in this foolish slot… they play the games! If the church is to shut up…I think now is the time to rid of your mess.  I know that too much God is going to pull the cover off of… Standing proudly as if one might represent the TRUTH …is often the total opposite.  I have to question especially this die-hard (fake) Christian community…What do you have allegiance to? Money talks people… look at the fruit it corrupts.

Chicagoans say they want honest leadership but can’t seem to discern when “snakes” are in their midst.  Chicago isn’t ready for a sincere make-over… And one reason why they wont heal and see some major results…Is because of  all the lies to get to the truth, GREED AND THE POWER TO SUCCEED…Even if it means throwing each other under a bus.

Honestly, when the dust settles… corrupt business as usual. Many  who disagree with the way things were handled will find new gripes with more people and more murky situations…Either never said a word, or went along because they “need” to remain  in know even if it is demonic and corrupt powers!