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After such another brutal attack and a slap in the face… We have to come to some horrible realization…The terrorists have always been  here! Nothing is invading our country it is what a lot of us fall to embrace. Evil isn’t limited…We can’t give into the fear but we have to face some hard realities. We have people on this planet the lure children to be shot up… This isn’t new but we fail to address and confront what has been our faces for a very long time. 

Bonnie and Clyde were young and special.. but people forget they were terrorists. A colorful history for those two and other “gang” members. Bonnie, had brushes with the law early.  Married as a teenager, never divorced from her first marriage to Roy Thornton, who also had a criminal history that landed him in jail. Bonnie loved writing poetry and taking pictures aka selfies.  Bonnie showed signs of being out of touch with reality and wanted to make her imprint on the world with over 100 hundred felonies.

 Yet, everywhere she went in the midst of their crime spree she wanted  a picture.

Sounds familiar? 330px-BonnieParkerCigar1933

Even back then glamorizing their ill adventures of narcissism. What has changed much in the wake of the couple who sprayed bullets on the innocent in San Bernardino, California?  Honestly, not much. Bonnie and Clyde both died in shootout in their 20’s.  Think about that?

The modern-day Bonnie and Clyde were going to execute and drop fear in this country and they succeeded. They too were in their 20’s and had become disgruntled in this country.

 I know many of you are looking for various terrorists cells but they get NO play here. I am not against what we must share to the public but I know the danger when we water down the truth and those who are addicted to being on public display!

. Clyde_Champion_Barrow_Mug_Shot_-_Dallas_6048

Bonnie Elizabeth Parker, and Clyde “Chestnut” and “Champion” Barrow traveled with their gang across the United States robbing and killing during the Great Depression ( 1931-1935). Both were troubled children. 

Clyde was in raised in the slums of Dallas. His family was so poor all they could afford is a tent and lived under their wagon. His first arrest over a rental care he fail to return.  Petty theft, strong-arm robbery to murder.  Cold and unconcerned… the likes of all the terrorist. 

They say, Clyde went to prison as” schoolboy but came out as a “rattlesnake”. He had been sexually assaulted continuously by an inmate. The day came when something snapped… his first killing was that inmate. He beat his brains out! 

I recall when I shared  publicly that I had dreams of children with backpacks coming from a different parts of the world. That children will be used as a device to assassinate others.  I also shared  the history about during Vietnam how many children came with explosive to kill Americans.  Our guards are taken down often by people, and things we like. I pointed out “Children Of the Corn”. The Stephen King novel that talks about children who belong to the devil .

This was too much for some to grasp because they are so far out of touch with reality. Some Americans live in life of a fantasy…Nothing could touch them or harm them based on where they live, education, money, and their social status.  I am sure many who go to different places everyday with the intentions of returning to “their sanctuaries” unscathed.

I knew that many will  die at the hands of what we fail to produce and it starts with our children. Disgruntled is now the mainstay to off anyone who disagree with you. Is it not true that many that reign terror all over the globe are not over 30?  I can dare believe that the new prison is full of young people who did it and don’t care. Think about all the past notorious killers under 30.  Check your history the gun totters and the most violent are  young!

America news is sensationalized….it is  also watered down to keep the American people feeling safe when that is so far from the truth.  There is no tale of two cities but there is the Tall Tales of America.  People are always  looking for these goose bumps experiences but can’t handle the truth.  Our worlds are rocked when we hear how cold-blooded some people are. We don’t know what made them bad. But there are BAD PEOPLE. I don’t do the blind eye thing it has never worked for me.  For some it’s a safe place but my question is… Is it?

 Long before I have gotten to this point I had to confront and come to some conclusion about people, life and ministry. There is a lot of bad in what we want others to think is good. We have covered up so many lies until we have no idea how to speak the truth without the frills.

Our countrymen  have a way of blotting out the ugly instead of learning from it. Many things are being exposed and with such force because we as a country are too afraid to call it and say exactly what it is. Too many don’t want to “offend” anyone. So many have been taught to ignore! The terrorist aren’t coming to America because they are brewing every moment. Either through economics to homegrown terrorism. Blending together becomes a recipe for disasters.

Poverty and prison may have different effects on people some may learn  to rise above it or allow it to take them under. We look for reasons for people to do something bad and we can’t handle when people do the unthinkable even when there is no logical explanations.  The  end results shouldn’t be a pool of blood on United States soil across this country. Instead we  are now in another stage where we can’t afford to ignore bad behaviors, or injustices.  Terrorism inflicts terror! It plants ugly seeds across the land. People fail to see that these are bullies who inflict pain and torture. Whether there is a reason or not… It leaves its residue of fear and upset!

We all must do our parts to staying on the wall. Too many are too afraid to speak up about what really counts and with sincerity…about things that are wrong or  what makes them uncomfortable. I have been an advocate against bad behavior and  I  mentioned world-wide about the real injustices. How do we exercise safe judgment when it comes to exposing things that will make our environment unsafe even with the unruly? 

Our garden has become a forest… there is no hiding place but in God’s arms. We must go into full protection mode in every arena our lives!