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King Ahab, Was the seventh King of Israel.  (1 Kings Chapter 15-18)He was what we like to call a passive aggressive leader, an abuser of grace and mercy.  He breeds demonic entities because he is too weak to bring pruning and correction.  He wants you to believe that things of God is less important, that’s why his followers are immature. He is the prime example of what a man shouldn’t be and has no business handling anything label with God.

He is a man of quantity and not of quality… Numbers means everything!!! Manipulative and controlling.  He is a sell out to keep up false pretenses and his image. He abhors anyone who has character… that equals quality. Numbers makes him look huge but the delusion is that no one respects him, so he has nothing. Does what people want and disrespect God messengers because he knows he falls short.” If you can’t beat them, join them mentality” He controls with materialism and promises of a better tomorrow without God.  He believes more in himself instead of God. His  ultimate goal is destruction and bucking true  authority!  He loves the attention …like a true narcissist he fails to see the true picture but will take the false- positive! 

Very merciful toward bad but persecutes the good. Careless, irresponsible, will easily forgive but refuse to be confrontational with the offenses. He believes  good is everyone except those who challenge his bad decisions .  King Ahab is what we might call in worldly terms… ” A punk!”

More of a peacekeeper than  peacemaker. He finds temporary solutions in being a peacekeeper instead of long-term peacemaker. Refuse to deal with issues that makes him a peacemaker.  He makes “truce” but bad at relationships. Don’t build but teared down with his hand or even with his mouth.

His expectations are unreal of people but require very little of himself …When he is required than his posture is hiding and playing it safe by being silent telling his side of the stories. Which are usually fantasies and lies.  He is more than fraudulent in his approach… He is in denial about what goes on around him…Too extreme in his views and too  chicken to do anything about it.  He must travel in a pack this gives him a false sense of security and cannot discern the danger! Picks his wrongs to be wrong…  He ignores offensive and almost co-sign on ignorance.

He knew God but married the devil. He loves being married to evil, this is what he hides! His wife a Phoenician, woman by the name of Jezebel… Although he say one thing but it’s obvious he likes evil he sides with it!!!  And are  co-dependent on the each other and lives for the drama. He should have married an Israelite but he marries into low self-esteem… POLITICAL AMBITIONS AND FOR  POSITION. It was all about power and status…He forgot God this led him into pagan standards and beliefs! 

King Ahab, was bratty, if he didn’t get his way he found a way for his wife to do his dirty business. King Ahab stopped at nothing to undermine many things but refuse to deal with the truth of any matter…He will use people  do bad things in front of him, he on other hand,  isn’t going to correct it….he will act as if he does no wrong. Will only “love” you if you go along to get along… If you don’t see things his way… you will  be black- balled.  Low self-esteem, has a lot of fear, They buy acceptance… even if it’s bad! When he is rejected… will get on “attack mode”. The one he abuses will give him the business. Allow abuse by others because he is too afraid to letting go so he puts up with the backlash if it means you will be stay in the dysfunction with him.

HIS  DNA… BIRTH CONFUSION, BITTERNESS, BREEDS DEMONIC ATMOSPHERE. Warning this spirit can reside in male or female. The true danger of leaders like King Ahab, they never operate in a spirit of “TRUTH”, and can come off as having a lot of emotional issues. He gives away power to what he believe may resolve his  conflict. He easily hands over power to evil because he can’t handle being rejected. He is affirmed in his messiness instead of challenged.  He rather walk away instead of dealing with or who is injured. He reflects no level of transparency or accountability. He is afraid so, he consistently surround himself with who he believes are aggressive but GOD CALLED WICKED. 

When I find myself dealing with these spineless individuals  you can’t go easy.  As a messenger of God, you have to expose these kind of behaviors which  breeds a lot of trouble, danger and even death even in the church.  Many are never strong leadership but will get a strong following that goes against the principles of God that’s why they stay! They  confuse being demonic as being liberated!

God consider them wicked because they leave seeds of deception and taint ministry.  He might what appears to look good on outside but wicked from within.  He actually gain support and momentum because they don’t stand against anything. The worse deceivers because they are huge liars on posture. May believe on thing but say another to gain the trust of evil doers.

To gain against those he is supposed to challenge he fails God by selling himself to what he deems popular and the majority. King Ahab seems to always have murky alliances and remember … King Ahab and Jezebel had some knowledge of God but ignored it to dirt together. No alliances are healthy with these individuals. King Ahab was never respected but he was used… behind his back he is and never will he be remembered as a strong a leader and anything current but wanted to appear current…He runs from true leadership.  He will be  remembered as weak, controlled by power and influenced, disagreed with God,  that kept his back bent and never straight…