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A Pastor that had asked for my assistance.  He was the nicest man I had seen in ministry but he was also the weakest. His wife,  I couldn’t believe he married her and they had the most “unruly” set of children.  When I saw him making bargains with his “grown” children. I was sick in my belly. I blew hard because I got some better things to do in my life beside be a glorified babysitter for adults. 

The Co- Pastor his wife… a hot mess.  Manipulative and quite conniving. She was disobedient to him in front of anyone, and was running the church to the ground with controlling and without order.  They tried to give me the business but I gave them God’s business or else…

The mother was using her children to often attack me…which is nothing new in unhealthy churches. People often “fear” people who will bring those drastic changes and  the “fear” of being exposed as evil.

He tried to bring change but he panicked…  I knew his wife and children will be bringing DEATH to many areas of his life and ministry….

Don’t worry  I couldn’t stay long because I knew he wouldn’t stand.  I warned him that he is going to lose it all if he don’t stand… He lost it all!

He took the gamble on the “unruliness” of  his family not being a problem instead of the faithfulness of God. I  told him the truth,  a matter of fact his family was the “only” problem and he needed to bring correction NOW! He didn’t! I told him his wife wasn’t called to be a Pastor and that  he put her there to stop her jealous rages. 

She embraced every evil, defied all his decisions and continued to bring shame and embarrassment to the church. Everything went on his watch.  She continued to buck authority and  shunned the things of God! She hated me so much she could no longer keep her jealousy under control….until she had turned emerald-green in her spirit it brought more curses.  He married BAD! 

It’s always the church religious nut cases, troublemakers, monsters  that greets me initially , trying  hard to size me up and get me straight first. They have to build a bad report and it is spoon fed to basically spineless Pastors.   Nuttier than a “Payday”(candy bar) often times many will suck up the nonsense instead of a rebuke. 

They may not say it but I see their input. Whether it’s in silence with the attacks or passively ignoring how bad it really is. The monsters are somehow inadvertently  left in charge of something and the power tripping begins. Didn’t I tell you that I am always the one  given certain rules  I had to follow,while the majority continue in  their  erroneous behavior?

How could this be?  How can some of the most diabolical twisted people are in anyone’s ministry?   How are the most hateful people placed on  the frontlines of ministry?   How are criminals and rapists sit comfortably in the church? When a Pastor feels that he can’t control the atmosphere…then its time to re-evaluate why he or she in ministry. Members will follow the lead. Being too afraid of saying what God wants you are the one out of line.  We can’t make everyone happy. The church isn’t what is need of training the leaders need a better level of consecration to ministry. Like any arena…the church needs balance and boundaries to main some level of being a healthy church.  If the tone is being set that it’s okay to be this way…then you might want to consider seeking a new church home  and new job outside of ministry!

The church is supposed to be a purifying chamber and filling stations.  You get full on a  lot of things but God isn’t one of them. You are on guard from the filthiness that surrounds you. You can almost sense that it’s more full of ungodliness than God. It’s a delusional atmosphere that is harvest the best masks.

The nastiest attitudes  are serving whom and have the nerve to be in a pulpit…  I search the scriptures and “evilness and wickedness” … God was firm about getting rid of it… no one was kept in God’s House. They were warned … OR ELSE.  Any demonic behavior wasn’t embraced God got rid of it…

Oddly, I am told  consistently by the church imps and in their actions . I wont be accepted, this isn’t the place for you. If you love God for real they want to l make you the sinner, we can’t afford full disclosure so we hide each other’s mess. You will not be accepted in any ministries because you are different.  No one loves Jesus for real. If you think we don’t have a church full of racism, think again.  Odd, all the most despicable tyrants are inside the ministry. I said this is dangerous

The danger is that many of our religious institution are bound with some forms of legalism. Sadly the truth is …if you are following Christianity, if the church isn’t the pattern of what God called it to be… You aren’t “his” church. Many actually believe that they are doing the will of God leaving him out.  Your church ain’t that better than any of them if the commandment of LOVE isn’t operating. That extends from the pulpit to the pews. I can’t begin to count how many times I was told to go and be around my own kind. As offensive as the statement has been made… I  have always agreed.  I SHOULD BE AROUND PEOPLE WHO BUILD ME NOT TEAR ME DOWN. You and I know that’s not how this works. 

Being around my kind isn’t about race, religion or status…Being around my kind are people who are respectable, people who know how to love on each other, who knows how to share,  people who aren’t intimidated by differences,  and are not in competition but affirm each other. 

If I had a nickel for every time I was told to go where I belong. My question is where is exactly are you saying where I belong?  I am not from Puerto Rico  I was actually born in Chicago and not Little Village either. Spanish isn’t my race but a language.  How many times  have rejected or ousted based on my race?…. Too many.  

From the church house to the outhouse.  I go where God sends me and that’s the bottom line.  “These are not always welcoming places”.  These are places I actually believes birth a newness within me even if they are modern-day witch-covens.  Cliques are the religious gangs that are no more than the thugs under the cross…

Of course they are loyal…Loyal to their cause to bring havoc to the church and anything that might appear of bringing correction. Yes, there will be devils in any church but I squash this weak rebuttal… But I remind them but something is reigning… You know when God is in the building or in the people and I know instantly when God isn’t that important I see the remnant…Is it good? Some good doesn’t mean it’s God.

You can be around so much jealousy and hatred until it will either do two thing inside of you… Kill the best inside of you… or birth the best within in you. I have seen people not strong enough to leave because they have soul ties. Demons are as generational as the messy group that stays forever. The allegiance has nothing to do with God but it is there evil that loves destruction.   

First of all… What I see within the walls of so many of the churches today still aren’t that  diversified.  And for the greatest lies every told.  African-Americans are not racists.  Oh yes. they can be just hateful as another race. Too many do many of them the disservice by coddling  toward other ethnic groups.  God is for fair treatment of ALL mankind …What can cripple the mindset even more when we lack the teaching of what love is and the power in the truth, and forgiveness.

 I have no idea what the black church is  because I am never black enough for the “all”  black church. The church is about Christ but race does matter apparently with man.  The sad truth is when I hear the different tones of the churches, subliminal messages that incites racial divide, and messiness. I see the lack of diversity, you are already missing it.  Where is the weight of the church being the difference?

I have yet to experience that…  If you sit long enough, demons are made comfortable.  Too many dodge the truth and what the church is missing.  We get the selective few that pulls the covers off and stand up against the persecution. God has the right people but man interferes and come up with his own ideologies. 

Yes, you are right, during crucifixion Jesus had a thug ON  the cross but he asked to be forgiven. ( Luke 23: 32-43)

The thugs UNDER the cross today, aren’t carrying the cross to be forgiven or even win souls but to beat someone across the head with it!