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The days of Daniel are undeniably here. The Prophet Daniel didn’t let the systems change him, he changed the systems. He stood regardless of what was going on around him especially politically.  Daniel was a man of great study, wisdom and he worked in the government of his day.

Daniel stayed in the fire with his faith. He saw corruption and injustices but he stood solid no matter what.  How many can attest to that kind of loyalty to God?

You are not changing anything without first recognizing that man has messed this thing up and only the truth can bring God’s people to real freedom. danielchart

Corrupted political powers are destroying this nation. The political witch hunts destroy lives… and often times we may not see the entire picture until it our nation crumbles. Daniel face people who hated him because

1) He trusted the God he served no matter what 

2) He was delivered from what people think even religious and political opinions. Which is major today and many leaders are in denial about it. Look at the messes in Chicago.  Where was all this leadership when it was in the first stages of being corrupted? 

3) Daniel knew he was the majority although he had to face the fire alone.

Well that’s it for many leaders today.  Many confuse injustices with popular opinions. If the fire is too hot… they got to run and hide on stand in packs on podiums as the fake front of solidarity. It looks proper but it isn’t the proper ground until  the truth comes out its a stand of prayer and peace …YOU  BETTER THINK!!!!





Honestly, since when does God needs a public relations manager? Too many have abused the church until it really has no weight in the characteristics and either obedience in Christ… When if they are standing for the truth…what are they waiting on to speak truth to power?

If you listen to many people who believe that they are called to ministry. They act as if God has issues with upgrades. Who do you think is doing all the upgrading? Yet, too many want to alter the words of God with their own personal interpretation about God. How can that be when there is a substantial amount of ministers who really don’t believe in God? If it was so, how many actually fast and prayed before opening their mouths or proven actions?

Yes, that is correct… many take this as some kind of inspirational vocational.  You can’t really share what you are not apart of!

In the trying days ahead… I am conditioned to some level of pushback but Oh my Lord what I hear and witness on a daily. Its unbelievable!  Many want the power  of being conditioned to be with what the people want. I have yet, to see God in people who wont even “first” deal with the truth instead of what others might call facts.

Wisdom will tell you to hold off on going ham on people. The truth will come out and it will be embarrassing for the slight few who wanted to act as if they speak for the people. No one is speaking for me…especially bona-fide liars and hypocrites that are in the pulpit. 

 I am not sent by the people, but by God.  God’s operational system is different, God isn’t the accuser.  That is why we have so many people comfortable in their messes.  Pastors today do too much babysitting and never enough preparations for the days to come. Where is the genuine call the need for prayer like Daniel. Lets keep it …one hundred…

Many are afraid of the powers of God in fear that it might expose their “dual” lives. All these churches  and fruitless organizations in Chicago. Can seem to come out strong when the murders, and code of silence is within our communities. People play the game of making excuses.

Execution go on everyday in our cities…. and we can’t get 100 sincere to do it right…there is always that camera thing. That is the other devil!  When people feel that  camera exposure is bringing light, no that is building more pride and egos.  If a camera was the deliverer, where is the deliverance. That’s the life of  Chicago.  Who is in the camera lenses first. It’s sick and its disgusting.  If the camera will be evidence, why is the evidence still in our faces but yet, to challenge the powers that be? It’s a power play for publicity….God is going to stop that as well. Living off the misery of others by trying to build your personal momentum and followings!   

Miracles, signs and wonders can go in this nation if we just have a II Chronicles 7:14 moment…

If my people who are “called” by my name….It didn’t say your school, your pastor, your best friend, God’s name…. will humble themselves and PRAY  and seek his face…not your janky buddies in politics… and seek my face AND TURN from your WICKED WAYS… you can get a word of direction from heaven on what to do.  God will heal us and heal our land.

How many skip  being called by God? There are a lot of ministries and organization in Chicago who are not effective because they do whatever they want to do… bucking authority and disrespecting the truth of God.

That is why they are habitual and routine in what they are doing in the name of Social Justice. Is it working? NO… Getting people unjustly fired isn’t going to work. We knew that corruption was always in Chicago politics, when there can be a hostile takeover… I would pray that leaders don’t ride out on the misery of those who were taken by the corrupt system. Wrong isn’t going to be right with a revengeful spirits.

I will guarantee if we don’t get some honest people to stand… Chicago will fall anyway with new leaders in place.  There seems to be more of a cry for something black or brown instead of HONESTY AND TRANSPARENCY! Christians should know this is still diving us by race.

Ministers that know better ….know these are principalities that man “thinks” he or she will control this  with political powers.  Wrong!

We have the power to change things only when we walk in that Godly  “authority”.  Trust me … I have had very few days in ministry to take  this sabbatical vacation that many have been on for years. They play it safe… they are afraid of the pushback. There is nothing easy about challenging the systems of today.  The truth many leaders today, go along with what is popular instead of exercising Godly wisdom.

There are places I wont go, there are affiliations, and relationships I don’t necessarily need. God is God alone… I don’t have to be identified with the so-called popular people or their missions.  I am not in identity crisis’s when I totally in disagreement with fleshly opinions and dirty political agendas.

I can’t afford the time to get caught up in the foolish agendas for power, status, or sheer greediness.  Power in the wrong hands abuses people, places and systems. How effective can I be? …Always saying “yes” when I know it’s wrong  and it goes against the truth of God.  Chicago has history of getting rid of people who wont play the game.

If many would be honest… I have yet to see a lot of them actually stand up for the truth the way God say that it is… They are in fear of losing when they will gain…

If they just step out and say… God is going to vindicate those who were unjustly mistreated. God will give the right man or woman the right directions. 

Emotionalism is causing the greatest stir. It feels now and make wrong decisions too quickly. Instead of advocating some form of self-control. My passion will be in the results with the truth.

 I will wait to see who will come forth and say they were wrong and to say “I’m sorry”. Fear has handicap a lot of ministers that is why many jump on bandwagons to take down who they prey upon.

Regardless of who gets abused or even die  during this political witch hunt. Many will regret things and God will disturb every person who identifies themselves as being apart of Christ to repent for such foolish “fleshly”  actions.

It’s time to stand but for the truth. Whether we are alone or with those who really have a heart for God, his people.  All this political grandstanding is a PLOY NOT A PLAN!