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thCCEWQ9Q8God impressed on my heart to do this late night post.  I am still flabbergasted how so many follow people just because.  There is no depth to their character, forget a moral compass! How can one lead without God and his wisdom, being the center instead of self centeredness? Some stuff folks is just garbage… Others like to hear themselves talk, this has nothing to do with God when there is no order. What has become unhealthy and the new norm. Doing things on impulse!

I remember the words self-esteem and peer pressure, when I was growing up. I also remember  being  warned about acting or pretending. I had no idea what that entailed. But I knew some people just knew when  you weren’t being  yourself. Some of the Southerners would say “putting on”… Meaning acting out of character… acting or pretending.  I had to come to some resolve in this day and age …So many adults have no idea of how to be themselves and are afraid of not being liked so they go with the lies of pretending.  I was taught this lesson early that the pretending bleeds into other areas that I wasn’t prepared to go and your lies with catch up with you.  I can’t jump through hoops to be loved…I must demonstrate love for myself with first… respect.  I am NOT  trying  to fit in…and I think  this is where I bump heads with individuals who play games! I can sense very easily when it’s going in the wrong direction.

It’s simple.  Too many are holding on things that just wont work anymore. We over stay and its time to mature in another way. Having tantrums shows something about you not God.

If God is leading you in truth how can a lie sustain you? Sooner or later the fire will help you make sound decisions to move forward!

So many believe trials are always about a devil under every rock. Trials will make you grow up and push you out.  Even if God wants to promote someone, sometimes they wont leave the nest and bring storms that will make you fly!

I ask God to show me how to present things in the most simplest and  genuine form. Un-rehearsed and unscripted!!! Today, so much of who people should be… is watered down in emotions instead being told the truth and led to the truth. As much as I am talked about  and persecuted. I see so many  women trying to emulate me. It’s funny because the haters hate you because they are not you!  What I posses didn’t come through hype and emotionalism. Too many have missed the mark in believing emotionalism is being spiritual. This has to be one the biggest lies in ministry. Immaturity is never spiritual. When you are full of any level of the Spirit of God…no one has to tell you to grow up! Yet, church is the new baby bed for people who can lie dormant and stay the same. Hollering doesn’t mean God is speaking to you or you  feel him… no more than silence is because you are listening for God. 

I had to have a discussion with a family member about the laziness and the selfishness that reigns to no end. Every bit of 30… melting down when she had to do something and she can’t get her way!

When I saw the temper tantrum because she couldn’t control the atmosphere… I had to be quite confrontational. I am like where does this craziness come from?  Nothing has pang me more when adults that  can’t seem to handle adult conversations without acting like children. What about those who “never” take responsibility for their actions? It’s never their fault and will wrong people and get a bad attitude.

 I know that I can go there…but I also know that my calmness annoys people. When you can’t seem to work things out applicably I wont and I don’t waste my time on a fool.   Too many things are governing our people and all because it might be in a posture of authority or leadership…they are the most dangerous.  “I” find it difficult to follow people who can’t seem to be respectable…or have any sense of being mature.

I was listening to a “Bishop” on his teaching of the lack of maturity today in people within the church. He touched on why are we getting so much emotionalism and not enough spiritualism.

Its distractions!

I have said this so many times… I have seen people so easily being led in the wrong direction and churches are just as bad.  All roads don’t lead to God. Just like all leaders are not led by God.  When I say “spiritualism” only teaching of Christ in heart and mind.  You can’t lead without God leading. If you wondering why ill behavior doesn’t end…Check what is ” Lord” in the place. Counterfeits are not leading you to Christ!

I have been touching on this for so long and it’s rare that you hear it anymore.  When I see adults who  lack self-control  do you have to wonder why so many are still hindered by bad attitudes  and wrong behavior within our country today? .  I have to go here and it’s the same in ministry today… You have to display a level of  respect for yourself for the people to take you seriously. Too may  leaders want to be a buddy than a Pastor. This will destroy God’s people because they see the compromise and the weakness.

There is a level of discomfort comes with leadership… You should stand up for the truth instead of over compensating with sensationalism.  People wont grow up they will learn to putting on or act… What they believe and who they are will be seperate… The danger has arrived too many can’t  separate flesh from Spirit!