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THE WOUNDS, EMOTIONS AND SCARS…I know the worse injury to the human heart when the betrayal is out in the open and you are the last the see it or know about it!

Something is revealed to you, or you have finally come to grips you have been betrayed…  and you can’t believe the depth of the betrayal.  The levels of your betrayals determines how hard the blow is going to be. It doesn’t really matter its not your enemy its someone close to you.

They ate at your table, you went on trips together, you raised your children together, you  called each other best friends,  you shared life together, … you shared life together and … Wham!  You didn’t see it coming, if you did you ignored things you shouldn’t have! The first stage of betrayal…This can’t be happening.  Mentally it comes flowing back quickly, all the things you felt funny about in your gut. You tell God no…this can’t be happening, they wouldn’t do me like that…but they did!

What you are hearing is so devastating to the point it’s overwhelming… It’s as if something died in you, you loved this person, or people,  you cared for this person, it’s just unsuspecting pain. God forbid if it’s a spouse, co-worker, family member so sister friend…It’s painful!   It’s BETRAYAL!

If you have never experienced this kind of pain…I can tell you it can get worse! Betrayal is another kind of DEATH… Sad, to say it’s apart of life. We can’t always avoid it just happens. Why it happens we can never pint point this level of pain and why it happens.  Life can go well until you are faced with betrayal. When it’s by someone you thought you could love and trust the pain is even greater.  There are all the stages of grief…and in the end you question your sanity. How could I let this happen and why didn’t I sense it was coming? 

THE  ANGER…they smiled in your face, they were getting very familiar for the sole purpose to plot behind your back.  People kind of warned and made remarks you dismissed.  Secrets that you thought no one can ever find out… and the light is exposing just how dark it had become in their world.

You thought  love , trust and bond was there… but it wasn’t important enough to them. You have to fight the bitterness and the willingness to be unforgiving. It takes time but the healing can’t begin until you let it go.

I have no idea where I have been all of my life… I can’t trust people and I have a hard time doing so after some devastating blows with betrayal. That love thing is also tricky. You have to really trust in God when your heart ache so badly, that you honestly feel you can’t recover.

 I have been there when someone is sabotaging you while pretending to like you…  I have dealt with people throwing rocks while hiding their hands.  I have been abused by people you should be able to trust.  I have dealt with jealousy so strong they  plot to  destroy your reputation.   I have been set up to be maimed, abused or even murdered.  There is something so twisted inside of people that clearly  venture off into it. And the sick part of it all it’s been justified in their brains rehearse that it wont be that bad… NO, it’s devastating. Betrayal shows the deeper side of being selfish. You be the center of the betrayal but never in the center of their selfishness when their acts are committed.

In ministry there is something that really frightens me every time I am faced with it. I see more and more people who are out of touch with reality and being genuine. God isn’t real in their lives, it’s  a façade and they are more crazier than ever and have encouraged to coddle the evil within them instead of bringing out the best in them. Something is wrong when more people are getting more  wicked than ever.

Church and homes  have become often a safe haven for demons to fester. Lacking responsible and strong leadership to deal what he or she has to be confrontational about.


White washing and brain washing ministries often steer away from human frailty and developing Godly characteristics. Church can be fulfilling but only when a balance is implemented.  Its more than one of those things situations. Betrayal is working 24 hours, 7 days a week… We that hold ministry offices should be ashamed at the lack of confronting character flaws in all of us. Not speaking about it wont mean it wont tear down your doors.  Jesus has Judas! Yet, ministers can’t see  we don’t follow God’s  plan and who they are betrays him alongside with the world!

You’d think the experiences of Christ would awaken even men and women of the cloth. We can’t hind when betrayal comes within our midst…Either we deal with it head on or sooner or later it will deal with you until the DEATH. 

Ministry has been seen as  glamor and glitz that’s one of the tricks of deception. It’s not a get over on people job.  It’s hard work. Most hireling think on these terms.   It’s not a popularity contest. What blows my mind even more today that  people are so messed up, that  what they believe and have done wrong , and why they did it reigns true to some king of illogical reasoning.   I have seen people do things to other people and they swear they are the victims. I have seen leaders justify their twisted beliefs in order to do wrong.

There is something so diabolical about the human mind and heart who can trust it. Everyone has a dark side to them but the final decision to act, or walk on the side is still up to us. What are you co-signing on that brings griefs and pain to others.  

Betrayal  can  be there if  you entertain it enough. What were you thinking? Lies come out sooner or later… And the most painful part  is when  someone who has betrayed you  did all the damage but someone how the blame game begins and they are somehow shocked that you expose them. They play the victim instead of confessing the truth.

Betrayal can also comes with silence of words and actions knowing the truth. Unless you have been here the recover times can never be pinpointed. How many times have I  been deliberately  persecuted quietly with the ill intentions of doing  it for my good or for the better.

In other words, you know the pain that it might bring but you don’t care and allow it to occur  anyway.

 The pain can be just as excruciating because apart of you will be forever lost it’s when God has to give you his direction to deal with it.

THE HEALING…has to begin with lots of prayer and the commitment to go on no matter what, to forgive  and move on. No, it’s not simple it can be quite difficult. When scars from the  last betrayal is trying to heal,and the betrayal is in your face with very little disregard to being sorry but sorrow that it was exposed.

Finally, to get rid of what reminds you of the pain at the hand of others who couldn’t value you…God always has a replacement plan. A new, improve and so much better. We still have to forgive them.  Whatever the level of hurt is, time does process the pain. Betrayal is never easy, it’s the death we often dismiss with colorful clichés. Betrayal tears at your center and that is your heart.  After betrayal in my life… I had to readjust my flight plans and allow God to help me prune any evil intentions on my part. Forgiven them catapults me to go even higher in my character. Never and I mean never do I have to embrace them in my life. It might be God’s way of warning to get away from. Forgiving people don’t dismiss their behavior nor does it mean they are less evil.  Betrayal is a dirty word that often helps us reposition ourselves and give even more value of not being like them.

To reaffirm your heart posture with power. love and a sound mind… Read Psalm 51… CREATE IN ME A CLEAN HEART