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I was listening to what is suppose or be a Christian station but I heard the promoting of gossip.  What is my interest in who is saying what and doing what as a celebrity?   It is downplayed as being informative. When it’s nothing but frivolous gossip.  I could careless what someone is naming their child… or their new fight or new love interest.  I find this under a slick way of not coming off as gossip but it is…negative information.

Why is this something I should  know?  I have no interest in the private lives of others…Did the people affirm this to you personally… what you are spreading?  

Everyone knows one … You can’t start talking around them your business will be all out in the streets.  People share too much of who they are thinking they are being transparent in fact, that is how someone use your personal business as a weapon…Stop telling it and stop exposing it. th11T9QPZO

They cant tie themselves away from the phone or texting garbage.   Don’t think it’s just a woman thing… Men talk just as much as women.  I have never seen so many people hell-bent on someone’s sexuality, or  want to know about private matters. What will a gossiper get out of knowing someone else’s business?… Odd! 

What state are their miserable lives? Surrounded by the same pitiful people going back and forth with information used in a negative way. 

And for those who say I don’t get in it but listen to it…  You are lying to yourself and are  just as bad because you should stop it! Instead you take in what you heard and will tell the people you think you can trust. Only to be sealed by your doom because they tell it.

 I’m glad when you stay away from me with your messiness  or tone it down when I enter the room that means I have requirements…

If you have lived anytime in life, whether you know it or not you are the subject of someone’s  gossip. You’d think as you get older and have more experience in life you learn how to curb your enthusiasm to be getting in it. or attach yourself to people who just live by negativity.  Gossiping is fruitless and it is something we all should stay away from.  

Your place of work is loading with it… social media are fueled by it,  and  myself personally I am trying to find out the fascination with it. If anyone that knows me I stop it before it leaves your lips. I think what is more than painful but what is serious is when someone is falsely accusing you of something. For people who love to  position themselves to learn more and do more with malicious gossip. 

Corrupt speech not only ruin lives but it can  can be dangerous for those who get involved in it. I am careful about those who like to call me to see what is  going so that I can be the talk at the dinner table.  I give nothing and I don’t  talk especially to the messy women that fish.  They come in the name  of care and concern… When it’s really about getting in your business.

When I find human beings who have nothing else better to do besides spread messy messages because of their lack of being interesting or better yet… worthless. When people who hang around negative people there are underlying worthlessness in them too.  You are not beholding friends who do dirty things if you aren’t dirty yourself. I know the dangers of being in leadership…I am careful of what I surround myself with and I ask God to show me…enemies even if they are supposed to be this or that. People have allegiances to something. I watch the fruit! 

Clean people are not messing around with dirty things. It’s a red flag and it speaks a lot about you.  Why would I hang around a dope dealer if I am not about that? No more than messy people in the church find each other and often the connection and intentions are clear.

How is someone in any kind of leadership especially in church  who can’t seem to steer away from dishonest speech and messiness  lead anything in God?  The truth is… They can’t and what they present to God is unacceptable. One example that God will reject your sacrifice… Cain and Abel.  Read about how one heart made the difference with God. Messy people can’t pray over me… no more than someone is accepted as being one that lead the things of God with filthy hands.

And the funny thing is how many act is if they are not apart of certain cliques but the ring master of it!

 The danger of someone who reports back in total efforts to bring discord, I see this all too often in people who are on the prowl for brownie points to bring light to things that are frivolous and harmful to others. This say a lot about the person and the ones who continue to receive.  The same person that brings information is a definite danger the same person will carry things back and talk about you.

 I learned today  that a prominent Bishop has to now file a lawsuit against a vicious accuser who suppose to be a Christian.   You are either the person who listens to it and help spread it…or you are the person that puts a stop to it.  The accuser is someone who accuses whether they have any proof or not…it’s the heart in which it is done in. 

Ill speech is something that will  bring death and  curses!!! Adults need to watch what they say around children. They hear one thing at home but at church you have the game face. They hear you gossip and accuse other members of the church or even talk about leadership.

 The danger now days is that when we become too passive but want respect within the church house. Check what . Power of life and death is in your mouths. Have you ever considered that  what might have been a hindrance is your big mouth? Many people are not taught but it’s biblical truth. God hates a potty mouth…whether it’s filled godly speech for the masses but full of curses privately.  A tongue needs to be tamed… and God does care what comes out of your mouth… 

Ask yourselves in an honest assessment. What is coming out of  your mouth ? How do you know you what you are doing? It’s easy…First check what you associate  or affiliate with.

Are you building, are you spreading lies? Are you jealous? Are you dividing people for personal gain and vying for acceptance? Are tearing someone down and behind their back? Is what you say slander and fruitless?…

When God spoke on the darkness remember he brought the LIGHT!