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A woman had to spoken to me in-depth about her childhood. Both parents were indeed educated with careers. She suffered greatly with anxiety and panic attacks. And to see this woman you wouldn’t know how much of nervous wreck that she really is. 

She shared that her mother was the sole disciplinarian and her father… was her friend. She also said, how when she had gotten away with things she instantly knew who was the real parent and it wasn’t her father. Some of the stories I couldn’t believe .  She was afraid of everything and everyone. She was really someone who almost afraid of her own shadow. Her friends were bullies and she admitted were not good people.

She said her mother wore the pants while her father tried to be the cool parent. She said her father was one the weakest men she had  known.  There were no boundaries, and if she got in trouble so did her father. He was that childish but she said she adored her father but hated her mother. She said as she begin to get older she realize that her father had a lot of issues that weren’t being address… mentally ill is what she wanted to say!

 She expressed that her father was very different and was a heavy drinker. He couldn’t face or confront things without the aid of liquor and backup from bad crowds.  .  She remembered being taken to houses of other women and had open affairs… to the point he came off as a sexual deviant. 

She said she had  to come to grips that not only was her father passive but she gave her mother a  hard time not understanding just how passive her father really was and how it messed her up mentally as an adult now. She also said my mother didn’t have a husband she had two children.

She is afraid of confronting people so, she get walked on a lot. She shared that you are such a small woman but you are a strong when you have to stand up against people.

 I had to let her know I stay quiet for a reason. I am no-nonsense and somethings I can remain calm about but when bad behavior is wrong …it’s wrong.  

I don’t care about people having tantrums. God will hold us accountable for “slack hands and leadership”. Strong leaders get strong results… Passive leaders get frauds!

My mother, wasn’t having cry babies, we had to self soothe and problem solve.  The bad behavior never dies down in fact it fester into growing problems often ignored because we don’t care to offend anyone!

I had written about the Sons of Eli because passivity is not only in the homes but has bled into church.  Weak leaders don’t see a thing and to avoid communication and confrontation. Bad behaviors are pacified instead of corrected. Too afraid of members leaving, so they ignore just how bad it really is.  Respect is something that is earned not given to. When a man can’t stand up on his own…his mother has no other choice but to be the man of the house, he wouldn’t! When you find men like her father, you’d find out that there are a lot of mental and emotional issues not being addressed… and his mother was had to raise his father…It’s actually a generational curse!5cefd137e835e54dadf29e9fa26c9ef2

I have seen a lot of this lately. Waiting until it dies down mentality.  People who want to be looked upon and not mad at…So, they shift power in bad hands  so, that they wont have to be confrontational.  I have seen men who might look  like they can handle things and they can’t.  Passivity is dangerous because life is ignored. 

Everything will happen on their watch because they are too  afraid of everything that is why they sour round themselves with people they believer tougher.  They can hid then behind you instead of dealing with current issues and situations.  Parenting passively has ruined this country and leadership breed more contempt with God not being able to stand!

If it is too much they hide and just “mother”  deal with it. In this case, the child grew up hating the mother but it was the father who couldn’t and wouldn’t mature. He rather be liked but this kind of behavior is deadly spiritually and physically.  The male can’t deal with pressure so he draws people who know that he is weak and take advantage.  He  is always waiting for mother to come home to get you straight! I have seen adults latch on to the most horrible people or those they believe is stronger than who they are to bully others for them.

Cycles like this  are often repeated because the man keeps marrying his mother instead of him  standing up and being a man… Cycles are also   broken and destroyed  when a man has to confront what he has never  confronted before… He has to  finally deal with the TRUTH…