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My lesson came a very long time ago, it might appear one way and be the exact  opposite. That is why I refrain from putting my mouth on people and I stop putting the cart before the horse. Be patient , wait and see …the truth will come out. This is how the Salem Witch had begun… a devil under every rock. When in fact a lot of people are hurt or unjustly accused,  because of the lack of getting to the truth. And to be quite honest, I don’t think some people wanted the truth but revenge. Assuming that only what we see is the only thing available. Assumption has always been the lowest form of knowledge.  If you did present the truth,…honestly the phonies in Chicago hate the truth because it exposes too much of where many of the dirty ones come from and connected too.

KONKOL: In Chicago, all roads lead to the Mayor’s Office, no matter who’s in power.

Source: Justice Department Made A Wrong Turn: City Hall, Not CPD, Controls Police