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If I could show a video tape on how difficult life has been…people would be amazed at the obstacles that God has let me overcome… New attacks along with the same attacks…2015 wasn’t a breeze but scary!

Yet, each day comes new challenges and with the closed doors God has shown me divine favor. Many people are bracing for change  for my stuff but I have to brace for endurance… I have live this long waiting for the divine purpose to kick in.  What do I mean?  I am always on the hunt to how can I be just better at life. No amount of money or power can stop you from pain.  I know that I have to come to a certain point in life to realize that there is a better place in life besides just challenges and opportunities… It’s called PEACE.

Peace in how  you run keeps you running!

Although what people embrace as success… I don’t!  If we are aligning money, homes, cars…  I have arrived,  material stuff as success… I call this-worldly success! 

But  having it all has different meaning to having success… My purpose changed over the years… God’s purpose for me has never wavered. When your health fails… all your new money can’t change this… When someone who you loved has died at the  hands of a killer… My new home and cars can’t change this.  Having a bunch of stuff has come to nothing if you cannot share it in love… Love is more powerful than any force on the planet. How many know what “love” is and put very little value in it?

Truly, if  people understand the value and power in this… We can be so much further in our spirit. If  “SELF” was eradicated in our everyday thinking process. People like to deem that life is all about them… in fact life is less about you.  I was astounded to see how many people thought how thoughtful they thought they were… In sincerity most workaholics thought they were thinking about their family when they work to produce material success. When only to find out that their time with family was most important. Yes diligence and hard work pays off but if there is no balance…it wont come to be most fulfilling.  thN0J6ISUG

What is most fulfilling for myself… Is that  I serve a God that sits high and looks low. God isn’t just my source he is my center. I don’t give into my new year’s resolutions. I go for perseverance… for revelation which enables me to endure.  God’s strength and wisdom preserves  me especially from self-destruction.

If I understand what having loads of money…Money is a means of exchange. I want the right relationship with stuff.  I have enormous closets full of stuff. And because we have so much stuff we have tendency to forget what we have and forget it’s value nd then we waste. I too have been very guilty of this, even if I am the coupon queen.  I hate to waste!   This is where I believe “life” has to happen because this keeps our feet to the fire and keeps growth development!!! We will often break promises that we make to ourselves. And when God have given me revelation about what it is I should embrace… Revelation brings freedom of every kind. If you have the key to the real success you aren’t sweating the small stuff. 

Life can be hard but too many shield themselves with the disbelief they can do this on their own. Revelation meant I put God in everything else and he not only  help me to achieve those goals…Revelation lets me know where it all originated from.

Why do I say endurance? 

Endurance is the educator… It will the teach you

1)Reality…clear goals

2) Character…  Either you lose the bad attitude or embrace the wrong people who have no clue about dead weights. People lose  the race  because of embracing every strange fire. Getting to bound up with too much baggage.  race is won running backwards.  Everything wont make you run but will discourage you from running at all! Bad attitudes and running with losers  never wins races!

3) Pace…How much time do we spend here or there…

4)Teach you how to release baggage… lay aside unnecessary weight

5) Make you take notes, write or journal… Reflect what is important

6)Watch intake … including what your appetite is to win. Physically and spiritually. Everything we take in isn’t necessarily what we should dine on to win.

7) Will show you true support and how much you can achieve with the help of God 8) Keeps you grateful and humble… No one needs to tell you to pray to stay …It’s a routine!

8) Whomever you train with, that is what you will be running with and reign with that seals the victory!

I know that many of us prepare for failure but not success… How do I know…because people live more to show than to grow. Growth keeps  us at eye level for maintaining the success. God gives us  divine revelation how to maintain the earthly success.  Too many take off on power trips when many place little value on how they got it to begin with. Many lose so much with misplace values. God is bigger that this! Godly endurance is no more than a stabilizer… It has the power to keep me steady when I am successful!