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All the praises go to God they appear sincere but those with trained eyes and discernment see through the circus acts. Some talk the church terminology  to appear “spiritual”… Some are told to put on certain faces to keep the people in line. What seems to be  awarded is when you are cruel and are  a fake and they  want you to follow “their” Jesus!  These kind of people breed more evil among each other. This isn’t God’s House but an evil outhouse.

They  are hateful and will stir up the bad and lead the people to go elsewhere, not based on offenses but the offenses against God.  The devil  chosen few are allowed to run a muck. You can’t ignore that they are evil they have to be challenged to be better.

There is no real spine in the church house. They have life long demonic memberships and they allowed to be in positions that God said that church is always in need of pruning and competent leadership.( II Timothy 3:16-17) They are racists but they are in positions of authority. They are abusive with their positions and their mouths…but they are called men and women of God. A LIE!!!!

The so-called “Affluenza Plea” has been around for centuries. An out of control teen ager used this DWI defense after  intoxicating manslaughter. When I heard it… I wasn’t’ shock but I am a little taken with the comments about this teenager .

He was given things without boundaries and without rules. This isn’t new… If you can spend a day in the juvenile court listening to parents to plea and bargain with their children for   better behavior. You got to listen to some of the craziness that some parents will go to keep their children liking them. NO boundaries , no morals… Just continue to embrace the bad behavior.

What defense do we have when we dealing with behavior issues within the church? Oh yeah, money talks.  Some leaders are hyped on numbers instead of the quality they he or she has.  A church full of non productive individuals have proven what? Coming to every church event doesn’t make you a productive member no more than you pay good money to be apart of what influence decisions within the church. The unfortunate truth every church doesn’t have God leading it… just sheer hype that God is in the building. The bible is clear about what ushers his presence and it’s never evil.

Bad people will  come to church but some are somehow influenced that sitting there God will get on them… Okay! If God isn’t in the building what influence does the evil one has when he or she reigns supreme in their craftiness?   Please don’t’ get this twisted.  Demons can outlast weak folks.  How can one chastise what others do  on the outside and  when they   have bad church members?  When I see the lack of courage to stand up to the church bullies… I am amazed!  God is about order. Read the bible from front to back ….God rid of evil. Passivity is even more dangerous in the church. I have seen some of the deviant behavior which isn’t challenged they are somehow pushed to certain sides of the church building. Are you kidding me?  The stories are unbelievable but they are true.

First deliverance service should be set for the New Years’ Eve to rid the pulpit and pews of hateful members and dirty ones! When there is question of abuse and some actually have proof, excuses are made while pedophile pastors sit comfortably, why rebellion as rule as a cry for help,  and is beyond anything that God has required of us. God didn’t give grace and mercy as a way of keeping the church full of demonic  members and co-signing on ill behavior. What kind of leaders are in pulpits today scares me? Anything goes in the name of God isn’t sent by God but demonic influence. We are not passive leaders we are leaders who stand in the midst of darkness. Some pastors wont prune and use the”affluenza defense of why they keep the pew and pulpit monsters!  Are you know the protector of evil instead of good?  Grace and mercy are wonderful but not be abused and used as a defense  to not correct!

What can one lead when they are too afraid to lead?

And when I say…they are monster some of this stuff shouldn’t even touch the church doors. How is  open infidelity  allowed to stay in ministry? Running around on their spouse and leaders know about it? How is it okay to have  a  conducive atmosphere to idol worship and pastors condone it.  You see the fawning  and suck up the attention which ow

How is inactivity looked upon as shaming the church when cruel people are inside of ministries embraced to be deviants and quenching the Spirit of God?  What is really counterproductive when the church whores run it to the ground with bad attitudes, plotting against one another  or power tripping

Where is the backbone to show people to the door that has been known troublemakers are not really seeking God but  “allowed” to stir up trouble comfortably just to say you have members and money?  I have heard it all you can’t control adults but you can control the climate in which many things happen on a watch of the pastor.

Sin  has a very passive approach when one might be guilty of it themselves. It’s hard to follow God when liars are speaking. No one wants someone who can’t  speak up when it’s time to tell the truth. What better way to allow God to snatch every church house to refuses to implement his plans. Satan uses the church to push abuse with passivity and affluence… The rebuttal for when they fall down and never get up. It’s a cope out of not dealing with the disorder that comes with running the church. Yes, it is the leaders responsibility to stand up against disorders adults, influential leaders and any other messy thing that rises up against his people.

 The sign that you are weak when  is when you say…What am I suppose to do?  Well, if God called you what have you sold yourself out. Power and influence are hindering so many leaders from telling the truth and staying comfortable. People hate people who will expose the truth and the church is no different. Even when the bible is the thing they fail to read and or understand. God has never been passive about evil no matter who they were kings and or priests.

I suggest you repent first, read and study the bible on bad behavior….even God gives us the steps in what we are supposed to do it…find the guts to just stand up and DO IT!! What a shame now, this teen has committed other offenses to the law. Is this a shock…when he basically got away with killing others all because he had the money to cover up his filthiness. Yet, in the church sooner or later the evil will be exposed…and there will be a bounty on the head of every leader who have failed to implement…the right things to do on God’s watchful eyes. Bad leadership is just like bad parenting you will birth rebellion and have miserable weak adult  children.