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A bonfire derived from where bones are burned…Although traditionally bonfires may occur during early spring or around May.  I decided to have my bonfire before New Years Eve. As a symbol of the “Phoenix”aka  “Firebird” rising from the ashes again. 

As difficult as pain is… it can illuminate things in your life for growth and then separation. I thank God for another year but it was painful and hard. I had to face some realities about going to the next dimension and leaving the baggage.

People will go along for a ride knowing that’s not where they suppose to be. After we progress from pain to pain… there is also growth to maturity.  Remember in the movie Terry McMillan’s  “Waiting To Exhale”… I understood when it was  “all” said and done…Life happened to the set of friends…and arrived someplace totally different at the beginning of a new year.   That scene I remember the most because it was at this point they “survived”.  I love the movie and best soundtrack  produced by Babyface. 

I didn’t get the entire end of the movie until I arrived here myself…The bonfire  scene in which everything went…INTO THE FIRE !!!! Then the fireworks begin!!!!

I grasped the  entire magnitude of the  learning to celebrate each other but they had each other to count on!  When it was taking that moment to celebrate where you are and just EXHALE…  I don’t arrive here every year in this capacity but I had to learn to breathe when life and the people in it haven’t been that nice to you!  I exhale when it’s necessary.

 In this bonfire goes my pains, of my past aka burning of the witches …in with  the rebirth of taking stage to another part of my life.  When I decided it all has to go to the fire I knew I had reach another level of growing. I had to push pass another level of betrayals and rejections.

I don’t hold on the bad stuff I just burn it out of my life and prune all the dead things that might disable me from my level of being greater. I can’t do grudges, unforgiveness. I have to free myself from cruelty of those who don’t know how to love and not that interested in learning how to. I am not holding on the past but pushing forward and going up!  I had some challenges I had never experience before. Getting older isn’t easier, I have to keep the mindset everyone isn’t going my way and my steps are still ordered by God. Walking alone in times of distress isn’t anything new for me… I have keep my focus on God’s master plans for my life.  The bonfire burns the negative so that the greater will survive!! It has been in this place… I learn to give myself a standing ovation!!!