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th4132BOMJALL LIVES MATTER TO GOD….WHEN A CHRISTIAN IS CREATING DIVISION…IT’S CALLED OCCULTIC PRACTICES… AKA DIVINATION.  Life starts when two creates it. Not with signs in the streets. Streets didn’t give  us our names. If  no one think life is a precious gift we don’t put limitation on it with cute slogans in mind define  by a  certain race but the human race.

First, if you are a Christian we should know better than to get suckered in the physical majority must be right so they rule… Wrong!!!!! We are separate and called from among them… So, therefore our responses should be different. We make decisions in a manner that pleases God not public opinions!

 My continued prayers are with Mr. and Mrs. McCarthy!

After throwing former Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy under the bus and in front of the train…whose counting the numbers now?  Who is going to be the next poster child for Chicago’s media blitz? The numbers of murders are still increasing… and guess what? The reality is setting in once again.  Black on black crimes are off the roof… and yet, so many actually think one man could curb violence when it’s so much bigger. But some of the real answers are simply overlooked!!!

And you got some “waiting” for their next  big Hollywood break… posted back up in front of camera spewing the same old rebuttals knowing that the numbers need God and they really don’t have answers, absurdly people following foolishness blindly.

Streets cannot curb violence…its’ what’s going on in the homes before it hits the streets… I say it often and it is always slightly breezed over… No one is protesting the hatred of mutilating one another  at the hands of being self-destructive.

Who has bewitched come of clergyman who can’t seem to get pass color? Isn’t this still racism?   Black or white… I think it’s about green. I have yet to hear the protesters say…”get off my block” or “out of my house”!

 I continue to watch the theatrics of many politicians rubbing hands and locking arms it’s the most popular thing to do…it’s stupid! Yes, I said stupid…  For whatever reason, people fail to sit down and just think for a minute… Who has the  real burden of proof? It’s funny I don’t think they want answers…This is about political power play at the city of Chicago being smacked at the ankles!

Why Garry McCarthy?

Garry McCarthy wasn’t liked simple as that. He wasn’t rubbing furs and kissing tail. He wouldn’t play the political games and I knew his firing was coming. Some even disagreed. I didn’t care… I saw messiness when others act as if they weren’t apart of  getting rid of him.

He didn’t do the united front of appearing to be with the majority of who didn’t even know  exactly what his job  actually entailed. And they didn’t car. First complaint wasn’t about the man’s integrity… He was from New York…(Wow)

 I saw  ulterior motives and its disgusting.  What will Jesus do? I didn’t see Jesus I saw “scorners”.   People are talking quietly about it, things went wrong. Some are too afraid to say anything because of the threats of protest. I am for protest in midst of injustices…with  directions, strategies and wisdom!

Some played it dirty and I know it and I will forever stand on it!  When it’s all said and done someone else will be next.  … We have to look closely at the agenda of what of all this proves. As a minister, I couldn’t believe that no prayer , no peace, and no love was shown.

Yet, liberally  and silently they  embrace criminals and say they  want rehabilitation for sinners.  but if they don’t like you all of their  eleven  commandments no longer exists!

I am amazed at how many say they follow Christ and no one seem to have God then or exercise some common sense. There was no prayer and patience but just accusations. I welcome the Department of Justice too…It will prove to drain Chicago financially, it will prove that the system needs to be totally dismantled.  And this didn’t start on the watch of  Mr. McCarthy.

Unfortunately it’s not going to amount to anything…and you know why? God presents the truth and there is still a state of denial in our people. Hell, some rarely minister against their own sins but will stone others on a mere assumption of what is guilty to them.  Some know certain things were  handled wrong but hid like Judas when it was time to speak up and against ! I don’t know this man… Hmmm????

It’s not anyone’s else fault people fail to raise children with decency.  How is one person going to alleviate change without fair cooperation with the people or the system. Now that Mr. McCarthy made his departure… the number of murders has spiked! People it’s not that hard to figure out!  Honestly the mindset of humans are strange.  I want justice but not at the expense of being apart of some political games!

Our parents had less but survived more. Clergy and the church… burp, pamper and power some of the sin sick illness in our communities. God set boundaries and for some dumb reason we think that pacifying people will be the answer. Giving into unreasonable demands without taking out of the roots of violence. Lets face it criminals have jobs. Social economics play what part? It’s a trick…and it’s tricky…

You will stay in box number one forever, there is no progression when the devils of Chicago leads the charge. We have to be honest…What’s in your house?  We are back here again!

Now that Superintendent Garry McCarthy  they “think” is gone. All I can say we treat the Chicago Superintendents  like they are  “seasonal” Jesus…and the police are the disciples! 

But there is no true accountability and the people stay in bondage to themselves. It’s painful to look at how so many never picked the ball up so there has never been anything to drop. It’s apart of the illusion.

Violence is increasing based on what we ignore and fail to address. And it wont stop because someone is paid to solve our moral obligations at home!

The bad seems to welcome to get worse and the good die young at the expense of what is being coddled. Chicago props are no more than pimps.   Is  it money, fame, power, position or the wanna be power holders in Chicago????

Satan is still the prince of this air… his principalities are ruining Chicago. Wake up! Chicago want change without change. Crooks can’t make it straight!