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In Philadelphia, a child falsely accused a man of hitting him. So, his three women decided they would take revenge and beat the man to death. I don’t need to ask why… because they fail to contact the police about the matter. The assault was deliberate. How sad is this?  They wanted to bring harm even without legitimate facts. It was based on what they decided was the truth.

I did a post this year…called… “Oh No Not My Baby”… I share the denial with parents who say my  “child” wouldn’t do anything like that… In fact, when the truth is made  available  they stand  looking foolishly then lash outright attacks on others for exposing it.  th48AUTA2D

I stay at it… with the gas lighting… and instigators that fuel violence…

One lie can… ruin a persons lively hood and or reputation, send them to prison, cost them their families or jobs…

Personally, I can recall when lies were told on me, I think the real slap in the face came when the lie was  so easily embraced and fueled out of jealously and a personal witch hunt. It’s in this time that will crush you the most.  You haven’t seen hate until a lie is made up on you and you think that the people would ask the right questions or come to your aid, but rather not be involved.  Whew…this alone can make you bitter!

And how about when people know the truth and wont stand to speak up for you? You have to fight not to hate or become bitter yourselves. These last few years… I can’t begin to share how I had to  handle to be falsely accused you can go through all the gambit of emotions. The number one thing that actually blows my mind…is when people are so punk’d down they aren’t even trying to stand up…or the intensity of a lie. 

I know that sometimes that it isn’t the fact that people feel somewhere is the truth but the mere fact they don’t want  to accept the truth to stick it to you on a lie. I have been here and it’s painful but this me taught me to fight back another way. 

A few  years  ago, a family member had given her apartment key to a relative. The landlord of building begin to accuse her of things that she had any knowledge of .  I went to see what was going on. I saw something and I spoke up about it.  I told my family member I watched how others were gas- lighting the situation to rid of her instead of  finding out the truth. I saw the landlord’s  husband who didn’t believe  what was being said about my family member  but went along with his wife ranting  because the majority saw on one thing, when it was the total opposite.

In fact, not only were they wrong, the truth finally came out. It was too late so much damage had already been done.  It was a relative that I  warned her about that destroyed my family member reputation. Out of sheer jealousy and hatred. She destroyed her!!!!

After this the stress of how bad it was …was overwhelming for me ! That one person sickness to be a liar…  continued all across Chicago. The viciousness of the heart which is so unsettling to me and how no one called her on her messiness. Someone knew the truth but instead of getting the courage to stand they remained silent.

My family member went to court but lost her apartment she had lived in for a long time. Her neighbors help fuel the lie to get her kicked out.

I got angry…because I knew the family member was clueless to the character of my relative.. It was about maybe two years later when the truth came whirling. I was devastated more than she was because the extension of the lies, went so far back until many people were affected.

The pain of knowing the level of hatred and deviance within my family also inadvertently crushed me.  After this I haven’t been the same and I doubt that I will ever be. No matter what …nothing is  more destructive  than when someone co-signs on the lies knowing there are holes in their stories. 

When someone has the proof and you decide not to accept it. It’s easier believing the ones we “think” we can trust.   When the lie is exposed think of the damage that it can cause better yet, think of the damage you can bring by not telling the truth.   I was so outraged that a homeless man died senselessly because of the unconcern acts of others. A mob to beat an innocent man to death.  

I warn and I have to keep myself in check…I wait instead of overacting. I had to learn this lesson as well. Sometimes it might look like the truth but there is more to the story.

So I wait and listen when I am at a calm. How many have died many deaths by one lie be it more than physical?  Now that the truth is out there three  women one is the child’s mother is at the loss even greater than the physical man…She overreacted when something in her wanted to come out anyway.  She needed no reason to hate on  the innocent. Something in her  wanted to attack someone…

Nut now she can’t protect her son anymore even when it just might be the truth. She faces murder… The reminder to many… What lie can endanger someone’s reputation or better yet, it becomes so lethal you lose your life or damage one’s reputation!