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I was at an event, and they expected an enormous crowd. I am stickler for time, so I like to come early and  get myself situated and quiet my spirit. As I was reading an Afro-American woman came up to me and just went off, and I let her. I waited until she was done… She got some other “ignorant” women that chimed in.  So called Christians yelling and shouting things about me… Hmmm…

  She accused me of holding down an entire row for my family… She “assumed” ( by the way which is the worst form of ever getting information) that I all of us look-alike when in fact, I had done nothing  but sat down but I knew this woman has seen me before  and  she has an issue with me anyway! (that’s personal). I didn’t even know the lady! I knew she wanted to go there with me  and she didn’t need a reason, because that is the devil in her!

‘She went as far as going to get a minister who was equally hateful. And  didn’t care how the woman was treating me… She begin venting how she felt about me . “Now if you think it sounds nuts I don’t know this woman. I am a total stranger”.  Trust me I wasn’t shocked because I go through this nonsense more than I care to share about especially with  jealous women no matter what door  I enter… There is always that clique of insecure women. They hold their husbands arms that much tighter and go off he dares to speak to me… As if I come to events for their husbands. If you think it’s crazy try dealing with this…the minute I hit the door there is the devil’s ambush… 

Trust me at this point I am use to this kind of behavior and it can be frustrating. I warn instantly to go get security anyone in charge… I want you to go get your pastor or whomever you think is going to deal with me !  I am in right standing so why would I buck or run. I welcomed the confrontation because the Pastor would be embarrassed how his members w ere  performing.

I  had to addressed this overly aggressive I hate you because of my race group  and I knew it… I then turned her around to address the entire ignorant crowd how embarrassing it should be for the shameful display of ignorant bliss and co-signing or the ghetto buffoonery among suppose to be older adults. And that is exactly how I went there.  I didn’t let up!

I then  assured her to not let  all the glamour make her confused about who  I was    … I wasn’t going to be bullied about anything especially the church members  seating  chart! I  let  them know that their behavior was not only acceptable but they needed to grow up.  

Someone that knew me from the church  spotted me and greeted me and addressed that I had arrived!  The women were floored, and felt absolutely stupid when someone acknowledged  that I might be of some importance to the event.  And the person reassured that I wasn’t even related and that people left their coats to go and used the restroom.

One of the family members couldn’t believe the foolish behavior he didn’t even understand the ambush neither did I …but it wasn’t uncommon for me! Most leaders with wives don’t want to believe that they have women like that in their  church. I was immediately escorted to away from the drama and  … and they apologize to me and not the jealous women. 

As the foolish women looked at the woman who started it all… I had to look back and give my  faint smile because as usual they brought to open shame and they have to quiet down…no one wanted to even look my way. 

I wish I could finger where it goes wrong inside the minds of people who are jealous  but situation like this is not uncommon for me.  Its sad because my first greetings are never with pleasure…Satan has his monsters in place. I have never seen so many women who are insecure that they attack other woman. Insecure leaders are just as dreadful.  To be quite honest, I believe that I had a difficult life because of what I have to deal with on a regular. I’m not interesting in fitting in…  I do what I have to do and I leave. I can’t spend too much time fraternizing because it leads to things that I choose not to deal with.  I  am then called “stuck up”…

Well I rather be stuck up and correct… than to be unstuck with  the wrong  mouth and the wrong actions. It’s what I choose not to connect myself with. Bad  and messy people are not one of them. 

 In this day and age…the cliques and the pack of wolves  are waiting.  They might be the nicest to anyone else but when they “attack” me I know it’s a demonic spirit within them.   When I am consistently attacked  like that my feelings aren’t hurt… I’m ready! Demons spot me like I spot them…I don’t care from who one might deem to be sweet is full of the devils!

Some leaders address it some act like it’s not happening. I have said this many times the right devils will come to your door and  greet your devils. It will be on…   It never fails!

Some don’t care because it’s not happening to them. I have to watch on stay on my guard because there is hate in the church and don’t you think it’s not happening in yours.

I have seen from the bitter Betty’s to nasty pastor’ s wives.  I have seen haters young or old, rich or poor, educated and uneducated, married or single!  I must also say  just like anything else in life evil has to be addressed.  I don’t need nasty people around me or within my ministry… it creates demonic atmospheres. The wrong entourages bring trouble to you and your camp. People are drawn to what they can identify with God or good. God said love and kindness have I drawn thee.  One bad apple plenty of bad seeds. Why do we have so many rotten apples? 

A wise practice, first, get to the root of any negative situation immediately.   Secondly, because we fail to address the bad apples  they have the capabilities of ruining the entire barrels.  Lastly. you see, one apple needs damage control. All of us are guilty in our lifetime to allow certain things to get out of control. Why do some people believe that evil goes away because we ignore it… that’s foolish. Evil is allowed to be sustained because it’s never addressed… Just like anything demons become generational because they are feel right at home. 

Think of it this way… What if every criminal is ignored with no prisons to contain them. So, think what if there are people in our lives who allowed to walk among is without boundaries in the church and nothing is containing them. Hypocritically, the church  judge the world harshly but wont deal with that the world runs many churches today. Too so called Christians who are not converted but carnal!   This is exactly why people can’t understand the church as a whole…they seem have a lot of rules but fail to follow them!