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“What God puts together it can’t be destroyed”…It’s war!  How many times have I heard women share that their husband is on the verge of having an affair or in the midst of one.  Each case scenario is different…  I understood the plea of a Christian woman who said a ” pair of thighs” was after her husband. She is on now on a fast for her marriage. 

Whatever crisis’ a marriage faces… another person on the scene disrupting your household …you have to go to war… A war room is just that!  A place where you can place your marriage on the altar.

I  share with people I don’t have the energy to go back and forth with people. Although I am good at laying down the facts. I leave it alone. It doesn’t make me weak it makes me smarter. Why?  I can’t put in the time dealing with who is going to get the best of who? God bless you if you got that kind of time. Arguing will be exhausting and words will fly and it will  open wounds.

13454f44a57332dc24bceb7a90b06c1fSome believe in giving a piece of their minds… I  don’t have to go there but I can get you off of me.  Ranting and raving isn’t going to solve the problem because  emotions are too high,  and feelings will be hurt. 

As a Christian, you should know better when you are getting off into things that might bring offenses to the marriage. A spouse would like to be valued, without it …you opening the door for satan to tear it down!

If you know you are wrong and have done wrong…don’t make excuses do more than apologize …say that you are  sorry.  Pride kills marriage… Forgiveness has to be involved all the time especially if you want the marriage to grow.  And you have to repent!

Yet, you cannot expect to hurt  people and they not react. Being stubborn and iron will lead to divorce or place you in situation that begins to build on that hurt.

 When the marriage is on the rocks and you see satan has crept in… know your part in the messiness.  When you are too focused on how you are going to hold out with the licking…Remember satan knows this… and you just might be the one who suffers. Watch your tone…and watch your heart posture this is your spouse and your family on the line.  Wise counsel but trusted counsel. Huge mistakes are made here… and your business is  in the streets. People mean well but often time there will be things left out of the conversation to not give or get the right advice or sometimes you just need to keep folks out of your marriage! Discern! More importantly…talk to God!

 Satan does a job on  marriages and the families… He dismantle! When Christian marriages are bombing and no is praying or communicating. God is taking you in one direction and satan is pulling your spouse in the other directions… Pray… The “WAR ROOM” is where it can start and where it will end!