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No one  will believe it…Who can get a grasp on it? Your loved one is now dead because the trigger finger wont let go.  You have to come to grip with the reality that someone you love is now murdered by the hands of those who are sworn to serve and protect.

What’s the problem? All the right elements were missing this weekend in Chicago. Opening a door means what?  A bat versus a bicycle makes more sense.  The people are not going to stand for “any” police force using human beings like target practice at a shooting gallery!

Yes, mistakes can happen but some of these shootings can be avoided. Where are the interpersonal skills? Whose going to be held accountable? Too many unnecessary use of firearms by the police. Yet, I am thinking there has to be a better way. Chicago is paying big time for these so-called mistakes. These past shootings are not uncommon but it is getting more exposure. Since when someone answering the door is riddled with bullets?  What good is firearms training…and you want to just shooting someone anyway? 

Chicago Police is falling apart with scandals, and lawsuits.  It’s not deem to be a likely great career choice for those who maybe in fact be excellent police officers, especially in light of many excessive force cases pending today!

A bat versus a gun…Really? Here is my spin on all of it… It’s common sense that has been made to be proven difficult . How is anything fairground with those who like gunning folks down? How is it possible to say not guilty when there is no proven evidence why they are shooting to begin with. 

Maybe we should let those who like to shoot get one bullet like Deputy Barney Fife of the fictional town Mayberry.  Sheriff Taylor knew he was too high-strung and notice his zeal to serve and protect.  He wanted to be a police officer so badly, he never exercise common sense.  Barney Fife was able to keep his job and do it effectively with his notepad and one bullet and then he normally shot at his own foot!