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Abased or abound…All glory goes to God!  I will be the first to admit there is something greater and something higher and better than before. The year 2105 was rough for me… that’s it and that’s all! 

I was faced with so many challenges this year that knocked some of the air out of me. I had to readjust my wing pattern like never before. I was floored with setbacks, disappointments and even betrayal.  I have never grieved as hard that I can recall since the loss  of my mother. 

What I thought I knew, I felt like I understood nothing! I had to stand when my legs were shaking, I had to walk away from people, places and things that “were” trying to suck the life out of me!  I actually had to mature in other ways!

Thank God, the words of God were hidden in my heart… I mean hard press!!! God is still God even in the middle of trials. I don’t confuse perception with progression!

I am older and I still can’t grasp the cruelty of the  human heart.  Love is still mistaking for illusions of grandeur. I am not confused about doing the right things, and surrounding myself with the right things. Love is free not enslavement but an on purpose commitment.

Freedom comes with sharing with others… the good, the bad and our differences. Better decision-making comes without the  emotional  hype and baggage!

 Being myself is transparent… no frills,  and no fancy! I know how to be me!

Anything toxic I don’t ingest in my physical or my spiritual. My spirit stays healthy because  I have to consume what God suggests even if it hurts to swallow. 

I’m definitely delivered from people …This is the most rewarding, this way I can’t get caught up of being a legend in my mind. Some will love me and some will leave me… I know that staying isn’t always commitment  or loyalty to me. It might be for what they can get…and it could be my demise. I’m  not  desperate for shallow thrills.   I don’t ignore where people are… I just don’t give any room for them to go there… I guard my heart with all diligence.  

I celebrate closed doors and I don’t have to juggle with let’s make a deal doors… because I have a covenant with God…God owns the doors.

 I am embarking on  new territories with the leading of God. Although human err will work toward my good!

Stuff is still stuff, and people will only convert if they want to. God gives them that freedom of choosing even if it means without him!

I’m still here… Being put together doesn’t mean I’m  perfect…Pruning doesn’t mean I am denied but it propels me to shake off the old and position me for the NEW!!!! 

A harsh reality about people… that people can still be looking through rose-colored glasses in  foggy mirrors and honestly believe that they are moving forward!

Reflections shares what I see and what I fail to see.  God has blessed me and taken great care of me… And I still believe that the BEST IS YET TO COME!