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Denial is “especially dangerous within ministry. Bad decisions end up tragically because one can’t  handle the truth so they accept the lies. I have found more people who live within means of fantasies than realities. How can “anyone” cry foul ball or challenge injustices living with their own lies?  Its really hypocritical.  The mental sick part about all of this they would rather find the slack in everyone else  until you come down their street and then they got the nerve to be offended.  They whine,  and whimper and play  on people’s heartstrings…because the moment of what you didn’t confront will now  be confronted!   In their pitiful little minds they are now the “victims”… YEAH RIGHT!  

 What I find more than insulting and repulsive is that people have a difficult time coming to grips that there  just might be someone among them that has deviant behaviors.  I have had my share of dealing with them… Either you are in denial about what surrounds you or just might be the one that has the issues.

Deep down you know you saw something that disturbed you but you ignored it anyway. The heart pounds because the painful realities is that’s going to be exposed one day. Instead of rocking the world you hide and got the nerve to ask God to cover your mess.  HE WONT!

You heard something that gives you restless nights but you  made excuses why you didn’t confront the issues. I have such a disdain for weak selfish people, and  leadership that ignore problems .   Being popular with man wont amount to a hill a beans with  your accountability with God. People have a tendency to get off on what others have to say instead of  man up or woman up about the issues you need to confront.

Some wont even stick their necks out to be confrontational about evil but will fault find in systems everywhere except what is now at their doorsteps!  It’s a buddy, one of their picks, their pastor, their family member , their spouse. It might be complicated but we have lost such a grasp on a moral compass that it is ridiculous.  The litigated gall to speak about what the truth is and wont even confront the evil at your own backdoor!

Your arms are too short to box with God, and the enemy whispers to your ears that isn’t’ that bad…but it’s worse!!!. Your stomach hurts… you can’t think clearly because you know you should say or do something and then the “OPEN SHAME”. Evil wont die until it’s challenged to go!

You can’t help who you love . You question you own level of sanity when you find that someone in your circle display or allegations of such behavior.  Some people have surrounded themselves with such monsters and hide behind them or they co-sign on the ill behavior by not dealing with it.

The lie is … You know that somewhere in your heart  you know that the person is involved in a matter, but you want to  ignore it and or wish God will somehow make it better. God will hold anyone accountable that goes along with behavior.  It’s called “denial”.  What brings more “salt” to a wound is when one protects the monsters that have hurt others.  People tend to want to believe more of the lie than to grasp the truth. The truth has requirements and you don’t want to step up to the plate, so you hide! What cowards to know that someone has been abused  on your watch but you rather think God will dispel the problem. I am hear to tell you when the truth is revealed there are  no more hiding places! 

 Serious allegations against one should be at least looked into. From my own personal experiences its hard to look at people the same way that allowed abuse to occur on their watch.  And some you can’t believe that people can’t see through them.

Never, and mean never have I seen so many “twisted aka wicked folks in charge over things. In other words, so many people in positions  to make things better quietly enable the lies and trouble without a conscious. 

What angers me even further when they pretend to be the victim all the time stalking their prey.  This country has some serious eye problems when people know the truth but refuse to accept it and make excuses for it.  The part that offends you the most is when the person right in your face acting as they didn’t do anything or have no knowledge about it. Regardless of what you refuse to believe the “truth” will whirl out…and it doesn’t have to do this much damage had one got on top of it to review or at least attempt to confront issues.

There is limited damage control when a person has been in denial for so long about how bad it really was.  Sadly, many people who connected  to deviants have a tendency to look the other way and make up excuses as they go.  People will complain but wont step up to the plate to rectify the matter but rather conceal the truth from coming forward. For myself its despicable when you have to beg people to confront issues or address matters that have abused or hurt others.  The aggravation is when they are about and about acting as if business as usual. It’s the deviant sociopath…. Is heartless at best…

The bottom line people who refuse to step up are selfish. It  comes to what they will look like instead of how many people have been  hurt and or abused. We see this case in many alleged cases of abuse among who the people consider idols or icons or prominent figures in the public eye! Being rich or a public figure wont exempt you from being a criminal or one with bad behavior just enough fools and money to “temporarily” cover up the messes . People live vicariously through others even if the are bona-fide liars, or proven to be frauds. GOD KNOWS THE TRUTH!!! 

I warn about the danger of making anything an idol.   The hard truth is that God wont let anyone get away with abusing authority or his people  especially when others have ignored the truth about the individual(s)… The end result GOD will  expose their lives before they die, seven times worse!!! The abuse, humiliation, hurt,  and shame that they ignore about others will comeback so harshly and  the embarrassment will be that much worse that they might wish death! 

And as you struggle to build your legacy of lies and fantasies… God will make sure that every lie that has covered up or told will be brought to the very light you like being in.  Since you like the richness of being apart of the populous…God will make sure the same people who have affirmed your madness will  be the first to stand in line to stone you.

As upsetting as it is , why so people go along with the monsters they are just as guilty, they have  more issues than the one they needed to confront.  The real sad part is that what they  stood for and built their careers and livelihood on is now “stripped” away!

What a waste of life!