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Some people have the passion, some people like to pretend. I have first point the finger at myself because it’s a fire that rises deep inside of you that urges you to confront issues. It started when I was a teenager. Of course, people thought I was an odd ball but I was consistent and persistent with all of my efforts.  Here is where I have to speak up again…middle aged!

Sadly, we always have the wheat along with the tares. I appreciate every genuine protest but I also disdain, the need for some to be more caught up in getting the attention than bringing attention to issues that fairly needs to be addressed!  There maybe the younger leading the charge but we also need  the ones that pave the way ….sincerely show others what it is all about, not just to be doing something because someone asked! Why would I express this… because when there are sincere efforts that are often tainted with the “bad apples or opportunists” among us. 

Yes, I do prefer people who care  and not on this other nonsense. People who aren’t sincere get caught up in more of being seen than heard. In my reality, many need guidance and better strategies and organizing!  Being loud and rambunctious isn’t what seals the deal.  Yes, there are people who are getting paid… to be a nuisance. This tactic brings in another side at best playing games. When things are done respectively with level minded individuals anyone can appreciate the “zeal” but what we need is  zeal with wisdom, it has better results. 

I believe in passing the torch but honestly who are we going to pass it to ?   And let me share this… Who will they get the baton from is a grave concern for mw? I saw the game playing which has just turned me off from aligning myself up with fraudulent individuals in the fight. I prefer honest fighting not this nonsense “horse and pony show” that is exhibited.

 Since a lot this has turned to a free for all,  do whatever you want, say what you want… The question for them who will be “top dog'” activists leading the charge…Which is just stupid!  Oh yeah! They do the unified front things but they often loathe one another and can’t trust each other. The public is aware of more the community shenanigans than they get credit for…Some will always be known as hustlers and trickery… I feel the same way… I witness and know  too much. I stand back because I know God will have to pull the cover off of many  of these so called “causes”.  No is thinking Dr. King they just ride out on the name! There is different in the harassment…. it’s for the common good not being one up in the games they play  in the name of politics!

Stop training our young to buck authority, instigate  and learn to use their heads instead.  We have to be careful what we instigate and call it protesting.  I know the protest might be just one physical aspect of social justice but I also know that we have a lot of noise! Talking loud and saying nothing!  Agents of change is first making sure we have done all of our homework and being about getting to the truth of any injustice. How can than this be with so many are more concern with exposure? Social media is definitely have a hand in bringing more issues to light! Why do we have so many trying to slay the dragon without first knowing order? Some are definite paid to annoy and I if you are a Christian, your focus is to be correct.

Too  many holler about the principles of Dr. King and don’t even have a clue in which he occupied the minds of any average thinker.  Too many are about being popular, getting  rich and die trying to become a world icon. 

In fact, if anyone  who has studied Dr. King… should know he had a problem with troublemakers fronting for change when they were absolutely about themselves.  Sidebar… find  any book on Dr. King… He shared who he didn’t trust that’s the first clue. And the strangest thing is … many ignore that issue he had with the people he didn’t trust. He had people in his camp betraying him all the time, and Coretta knew it!

The reality is that this generation have no other choice to get at it because too many have dropped the ball.  They train our  young early to diabolical and maniacal this wont bring change but bring even more chaos and rebellion. Lets not confused that God never goes against integrity yet even too many seasoned veterans in community activism abuse systems as well.  Protesting is fine as long as there is a plan in place, when someone is protesting just for exposure you are missing the mark already.   Many lie and say it’s about the community it’s really about them and how they can capitalize in many arenas.

The heart matters with God especially those who ride lines God call rebellion.

.Stop training our young people to come off as educated thugs. How can we teach them about  a moral compass when I know many of these activists play on the heart-strings of the community to build their followings and egos. Even when many didn’t set out for the mission signed up because of injustice and get caught up the camera game…

The mission is so much bigger than what we actually been exposed to. God has never said in his word nor is it in the bible… to love my enemy until he loves me.  It’s foolish cliché’s that keep our people on bondage. God warns to be smart as the snake but gently as dove.  And shake the dust from under your feet. In other words… keep it moving.  God told me to pray for them. It goes beyond getting people removed  off positions. We must implement change with the truth, decency and some since of respect. To bring such a change that it annihilates abuse in all systems so that people can be treated equally and with a sense of social and economical  respect too!