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Like anyone that we love we, know we have certain individuals that need to be protested out-of-town. And that is a protest that I am willing to take the charge on.  I want to be name CEO  because I wont spare anyone from my list.  We need people who are honest, and wont dumb down when they see some one that they love on this list.  We have to have strong training when dealing with high emotional misfits. These are the enablers of the bad people and only seem to have intentions on protecting their monsters in our community instead of exposing them.

We have awful people living among us and we play these games in the name of  God or not offending anyone and playing it safe… You see, this will test the truth in all that like to march and protest. th9LVDY9I0

Lets organize and galvanize a committee call “RIDDING  OF ALL INGLORIOUS BASTARDS IN OUR TOWN.  We will not leave on dirty bastard out including clergy and politicians.  It might sound humorous , Oh by the way I am very serious!!!. Now this more than fair.  We have a customer service hot line that tells us where are the troublemakers are. We then set up “authentic” protesting… no one gets paid or a position it’s passion! We protest every area of their lives until they are run clear out-of-town. We are successful because then ‘fear” has to leave… and our children can go to city parks without a bounty on their heads.  People can start to rebuild  on their blocks and neighbors,.. sounds good? Email me!

I applaud  President  Obama on his effort to initiate change of ending  of allowing guns to get in the hands of the wrong people. It still hasn’t gone to level of talking straight up about guns.

Regardless of who owns a gun who is to say that the mind-set of what we call responsible gun ownership will not break the law?  It’s like a dog chasing it tail… Going around in circle instead of really challenging not just the sellers of guns but we are seriously going to have to deal with what we fail to deal with. We have monsters among us… Can we stop gun violence? Sure, we can if we stop acting as if we can’t nail the root of this nonsense! One answer solution doesn’t even exist this has gotten well out of hand.

Guns need ammunition it can’t work without it. I can go down the list on how to stop a gun from operating but I can do very little about who operates it … Like a police who commits suicide, or the man who has been an upstanding citizen and decides he needs to hurt someone kills his own family. We can’t stop mindsets with  ignoring we have inglorious bastards that have this fascination of wounding or killing others.

I appreciate these tiny steps in order to clear the streets but we are still going to have to address what is in our homes. Violence is act… whether will for intended or not. We have to stop acting as if mentioning the area of Chicago sets a high… I was like okay… Chicago is mentioned but what are we going to do? Here is where its been tricky for me for years.  People are afraid of telling people to get the guns out of their homes. Get the dope selling our of your homes. Tell the police your spouse is a nut job with a gun.  I keep hearing about what needs to be done and nothing is done. 

Two teenagers were  murdered in broad day light yesterday. As if Chicago can’t get any lower with urban assassins who target elementary school children. Yes, each step counts but let’s be real… All of us know where trouble is only a few of us will tell you where it is.  I don’t care about all this frivolous protesting without main targets .  I am concerned with the lack of bulls eye when it comes to the cancer in our communities.  Thugs might need love but some earn a jail cell or hell, the choice is up to them. Too many have embraced wrong objectives to lick this one or that one. Funeral home businesses are thriving because of murders.

You know we have seen so much strong protest on  police abuse of power with little information because the investigation is still ongoing! Yet, the people in Chicago is held hostage by a bunch of savages as well like to call “documented gang members”.  Where are the protest to run these glorious bastards out-of-town?  It’s easy to politically finger point and shame  But when will be the people stand up and say…. It’s time this certain element that bring guns can be off my block.  Running gun off our streets run more than one way! 

Chicago has taken more blows because of ignoring things. I am amazed at all the deviants that point fingers when they have so many inglorious bastards attached to them.  Let me warn , the rules are different when bastards are birthing more bastards they don’t see themselves as instigating violence.  People are not even to challenge to think before thy speak anymore. So why would a gun owner good or bad care if the President mentions the streets of  Chicago?

Wow… we get impress with very little these days!. And they know who  they are. Violence is instigated through many avenues.  Our sight has been limited or blinded with money, greed and power.  Violence is a money maker. without the violence  what can the opportunist gain his or her income?  Why can’t we get that strong number when you have to enter gang infested areas? Although gang members might be protesting the police but we see little strong talks on morals and values of what lives in our community. 

Gun control can be possible but we must stop surface wiping our communities and lets address some other situations strongly. We do realize that  many are dying at the hands of our young with guns! Lets see where all of this  goes…I can almost guarantee that there will another major blow about guns in this country with more headlines of deaths. I want to see all the talking heads in front of the cameras giving their analysis, as usual. Some serious blows unfortunately will have to come again before when  we see just how less of handle was there to begin with gun control!