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 I have no other choice but to stay in the NOW. My approach about what goes on the world or in  my community is to stay engaged without all the engagements. After while people got a sense who you are by how you respond.  Of course, you easily become popular being a “blow hard” and actually do nothing.  It’s not about what you say you stand for … as much as it means “much is given then much is require”. It doesn’t take much to be a yes person…but it takes “guts” to call order. There is no order in organized chaos….also know as the b.s.  and or manure! 

Too many are afraid to go there being liked is more important than telling our people the truth or consequences!  Did you know that the truth makes people uncomfortable?  Take a listen many of community  activists sound the same. When someone speaks the truth … there isn’t a lot rallied around it… but let it be drama…It sells only  for a second… that is why people are getting numb!

Yep… you will be put on blast for exposing the honest lack of moral fortitude within our community. I do understand what “Black Lives Matter” means… If we can only use this same analogy for ourselves. Say it and repeat it…

Remember those signs in the movement when Dr. King was alive… I AM A MAN… The men proudly displayed the reminder…aka don’t punk me, abuse me or kill me… because I am of another race…don’t demoralize me. Same, same… A black life matter isn’t all that new another copy of yesterday with another play on words!untitled

Yet, in our city streets we have inconsistencies in our own… Remind these monsters that like killing folks jobs or no jobs education or no education…Stop killing my people!  Fruitless bad choices hasn’t built not one thing but has torn it down. Now whose the blame?

Our ancestors had less… Let me also serve this reminder… The cruelty isn’t  strongly as yesterday… these are mere copycats of our  past and current history… Dr. King a public figure was murdered by gun violence and Presidents….what happened?  I am amazed at what get people all worked up…the results will remain the same if… we don’t identify the root of community cancers.

Saying what one might consider is the actual consensus because of what the majority is saying…But what if the majority is in denial or delusional?  Robotic responses  in community activism isn’t resolving anything!  The act of just looking productive is one thing but when you have to challenge the mindset of your people is another. Who wants a “mother hen” leading the people enabling and breeding more monsters!

Some community activists  should be more than proactive by just showing up at meetings and marches. What good is a protest without first being accountable to the trouble that some bring to the community?  It only puts a  temporary patch on a surface wound but bleeding from the inside.

I have seen in-depth confrontation  smooth over. Its  easier and less combative. Leading others with that same mindset… Someone is giving you  poison… instead of you are the one purposely drinking it.  They want to blame others for what collectively what we can stop if we just expose the light to what is hidden.

… Just like we have irresponsible  gun sellers…We have to look at the bad people who use those guns irresponsibly!

On Sunday morning,  I received “raw”  pictures of two dead suspects of a robbery definitely ended terribly. Two teenagers who actually thought they would rob an Auburn Gresham Liquor store in Chicago and come out unscathed without incident.

Seems fashionable to be criminal now days.  Play hard and looking hard and being a  total jack ass is making people live in make believe. Teaching our sons that a real  man don’t cry… Jesus cried and he wasn’t a punk! Some of our truth has become distorted in fantasies and lies.

What seems even more fashionable is to be a person without character. More money means you made it.  Wrong…More money doesn’t even mean bills are being paid. The right relationship with things is what moves anyone into true success.. Money don’t buy love… It is a means of exchange! Ignorance is killing our people like a slow poison!

Today generations is basking in unruliness and without respect.  What family values you barely even hear a preacher talk about it?  

America is become more and more acceptable of the wrong things being called “right”. Its not popular to speak on lousy parenting, moral decay, unwed mothers and or teenage parenting.  Oh I know the dumb rebuttal ” of please don’t judge me”… and I answer please don’t make excuses…

 …  I know the power of social media because I had the raw pictures. Two young African-American men who got the element of surprise being stick up kids.

I use to live near the area and previously  another young man was shot trying to rob this same  store.  Who didn’t get the memo from the last  robbery gone bad. They are going to shoot you!

My heart isn’t torn because the store owners protected themselves.  I have to come to grips that it’s either kill or be killed they have families. Two teenagers had a choice.   When you speak with these young people they honestly act as if working is a curse. Working for minimum wage is an insult…I got to  agree with this one…But when being a criminal is being deem as this is the way to go….Being in jail bring street credibility. Yet, the wiser still is and reign supreme! … You die!

One of continual  pangs was that the young people had absolutely no respect for anyone or anything. The dishearten thing for me about community activists too many of them wont speak up about the reality of what’s really going on.  You see, in order to continue be liked or when the heart of being popular….Is being the community robot of rebuttals…

 I would engage the young people in conversations to see exactly where they were. As sad as I was to see the pictures of two young dead men… I had to ask where does it go wrong for our people?  And when will our people as a whole connect the missed connections. I

 I don’t take the credit or  brag how I can connect with the wayward so easily. It’s really a God thing when they feel comfortable  sharing with me… I am  good listener. I let people share with me without interruptions. They open up and  respect me because my walk with God is sincere and the young people sense that.

I wasn’t always middle age. I was different and above average  and people couldn’t connect with me because I always could sense that faking with people. So, I didn’t talk at all!

I do no saving but I do my best not try to evaluate or get into their madness. I ask questions and let them answer. I am not argumentative, that  honestly hurts my ears. We can discuss without the combativeness. If I have to go there… I shut down! I don’t have that kind of time. Even when my own tries to go there…unless you are ready… I am good a debating all because one has a quiet demeanor doesn’t mean that I am less of a strategist or a thinker. What blows my mind is when you see the young people who have explosive attitudes learn to settle down when I hear them out.  When I say hear them out… I mean listen attentively NOT to gain access to information but to hear how there hearts became so harden.  Unfortunately when you encounter their world it is full of family dysfunction and hidden secrets.

Our young people are not getting the getting the great chances because many didn’t set the children up for better chances and that was based on poor choices.   When a teenager is pointing a gun with intent how can you console their people? Too of our people choose to look the other way. Find a black or brown  male in pools of their own blood in the community isn’t anything new. Gun violence is serious but it is also a slow poison the value of our communities.  I can’t empathize that much because I have lost so many to folks who have this fascination with the handling of a gun. 

Let’s keep it real … what protection will  a gun provide when basically too many of our young have guns  illegally.  Although we prefer to point the finger, our young are equipped with the trigger finger!  The environment is ripe. What is in place to ensure that even our young who is doing the right thing are not susceptible to the ruin of others. All of our children isn’t in wrong behavior but we have to deal with the rotten apples among us. And yes, we have some bad people in our world.

I believe often times  excuses have been made why so many are looking to place the blame. Children don’t birth themselves… and when parents are neglect raising them they are too engaged into their personal pains. The church is supposed to be strong in this area but today even the church is self indulged!  Guns are in this country… the hard work is changing the person’s mindset about the people who abuse gun ownership.  We forget the commandment Thou shalt not kill… Murder is a spirit that is still going strong!

If we only knew our history with bloodshed this shouldn’t be shocking. Guns is just one of the weapons of choice to use… The real challenge is that we have fail is to honestly  speak truth to empower… this challenges the heart of anyone… That life is important and validated… Those who God loves he spanks what happened to us? We are too afraid of using that cuss word…called discipline!