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catholic church sexual abuse rape scandal priest children jesus loved little children jail cartoon by Signe Wilkinson philidelphia dai

Is it me or has the morals and values slam dunk that much more  in the abyss? Jesus wouldn’t do half of what many  of these call Christian believes. Many dissect the bible to suit their own personal desires and it has nothing to do with Jesus… People are actually turned off by the multiple personalities of a Christian. It’s easy to pick on someone a that a bully believes that they run game on!  People see what they want to see… and co-sign what makes them deem to the hero. But remember someone always knows the real truth of a thing!  

How far will you go to cover up a lie? Anyone that knows me seriously knows that I am not the person to do the “wrong thing”  around  me. I ask questions… I don’t pretend, it’s not happening. I don’t let people off the hook because they are connected to me or my picks. 

A grandmother, has cancer… Gets a call her that her  grandson is in jail for Human Trafficking of minors, kidnapping, and so many other charges. Her response was “well” I better get the money ready to get him out!   His sister, he being framed.. and those girls were just fast… 

Here is when I lost it… this is a consistent thorn in my side. Dealing with people who can’t let go  and face the truth that maybe betrayal, or some heinous act is or taking place on their watch. If I think there is a spirit that is more dangerous it’s when people wont face reality about where they are in life. Deny everything and anything. You loving your monsters wont change the truth. 

Some folks not only will blame you  but I believe honestly you have a some serious mental issues when one lie to themselves for long periods of time. Denial is one thing but when people who one choose is rotten, they take it so personal they attack everything but their monster. They will stand by the side of their monsters…knowing there are other deep-seated issues. 

Her husband, molested all of her children, grandchildren and Foster children. She even helped her husband bring in children to molest. Sounds disgusting but it happens every day in families. You have to ask what has taken hold of their minds?  All the evidence is on camera for the FBI.., Yet, it’s this great conspiracy to plot against your measly monsters.

It grates my nerve, so many ask for the proof even if you give it to them…they will search high and low to finger point until the moment of truth arrives!  I am always rejected because when God pulls the cover off of mess. The apologies comeback slowly.  The same rage they had when telling you off or abusing you…The fall short to go back and make it right…And God will hold you responsible.

Many people block progression in their lives and especially with God because someone was aware that a monster was nearby and never said a word, never bother to correct it. What is absolutely painful for so many is when you know the offense and the enablers or protectors act as if you are the problem instead of dealing with the problem they enabled so well. We can’t afford to  trust leadership … too many are embarrassed that they cohabit with the monsters! So, they hide from the light of truth!

I understand the song “Amazing Grace”…. I once was blind… Some aren’t blind they just refuse to believe that something evil is dwelling among them.  This  grandmother knew people were being held in her basement and were pimped…Her good grandson wouldn’t do a thing like that! The church is no different… Many hide the monsters. No matter how much is exposed they often get mad at the person who exposes the lies.  You want to see how high many are on the code of silence…

Lets start with the abuse of authority from police brutality to Bill Cosby.  You can bring Jesus for jury duty…They will find a way to discredit what is apparent in their face and they refuse to acknowledge that its bad. If people are gaining or benefits they  all cover for each other. I am not talking speculation I mean truth!  Isn’t it amazing how it always take a total insider to expose danger?…and the very people who are supposed to be on the post misses it?

Too many covering up things that God is going to expose in 2016. Police Brutality isn’t going to be the only thing God  will have to bare all including dirty dealings in the church house. .. Lies and secret have a way of coming out.  Even satan know it’s a matter of time before it all comes out of the closet!