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On last night President Obama did his finally State Of The Union Address… I applaud his efforts on doing the best of cleaning up previous messes. How one handle things is totally different when you face them being in any political position. I say this all the time. What I experience on a daily didn’t light a candle from  what was said and our existing realities. No one knows what they are going to do because they have no idea what messes are preexisting. To promise this and can’t do it because of not knowing  is why I really try to get some idea where people are because promises are always broken. 

What I have in my inbox everyday are some hard realities about our imperfect world. Most people have healthcare for a limited time and then it is dropped because premiums are unaffordable. The truth is there is hardly ever any mention of the turnover rate of how many wont have health coverage within the same year because of the consistent struggle to decide food over a simple drug prescription. It’s not working… Again, we have the number game versus reality. And some suck up this stuff!  

Canada looks good every day… Education and Medical is free! I can’t buy into we are on this road of rebuilding when neighborhood are being de-gentrified . When I know the struggle of trying to get disability and yet they say unemployment is cut in half. Where? 

We are running out of rebuttals to the people. Supplementing income is becoming a greater struggle. I rather be RICH… and wont make any excuses about it. Our young are sold out on getting rich because there are limited options for them. We have to be honest, even if we get a small percentage of increase…it still not effective when everything is quietly goes up. If minimum wage is higher so are the prices…Not a win, win situation! You wonder why everyone is now piled up in one house yet, again… I am more than optimistic but here is the reality about all of it… The poor is still forgotten.  Lets keep it real…College is too expensive…our children will be left with more debt after going to school? 

We are in so much denial because to myself a lot wasn’t accomplished on his watch.  President Obama respectively couldn’t be as effective as he wanted to be because he was handed so much garbage from previous administrations and his hands stayed tied.

I listened attentively… and I like him but I know the day-to-day struggles for myself and others are upfront in my face. If there are nest eggs people are spending more time away from home from their family. So many things get in hot water.  We never look at the impact of the father and the family structure fail because less is in the home. People are doing what they have to do to survive.

For the poor nothing was done that made their lives easier. I saw government manipulating and pocketing their monies. No one mentioned that you have more people on food stamps than ever. Economy grows for the certain people not all.

 Terrorism is on it’s all time high. Police brutality is on more than on the surface but has the nation in an uproar. This country lives in a current state of DENIAL… because life is too painful.

 I appreciate the “town hall” meeting on gun violence, but not a mere mention on what systems would be in place to ensure the people about this gun control thing.  I said on last week we are impressed with the most minute things. Mentioning Chicago and doing Chicago is something totally different. I don’t put this all his lap either, it doesn’t excuse the masses on what we should  being doing for ourselves. 

The President list all that he has done I don’t take any of that away from him, but tell it to the people who lose everyday.  I am a woman of faith and sometimes I feel guilty because it’s getting harder to do more for the people in simple things like… keeping housing for someone or just feeding them.

There are some realities in my world  the President has yet to touch.  I see more people struggling than ever but it is a growing economy he say. People are doing more and getting less. I am middle age and I have to find means of staying self-sufficient and rebuilding after some losses in life… call the unexpected!

 Our country have the strangest allegiances to the oddest things…. and yet, poverty , gun violence, and every day struggles in America  hasn’t changed all that much. I ask when the realities about life is not all that bright when you are struggling. Even if you have small businesses the harsh realities is that you can’t afford to pay people like you want… thZT8U8L1D

I do agree with Republican Governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley on her response to the State Of The Union Address, she nailed it… I totally agreed with every word  of it was the TRUTH. Basically we are missing the point  and ingredients to make America land of free and home of the brave.  Where is America and what are the stances should be in many instances? We can’t even take this serious any more.   I am not looking forward to what America faces next. Have you seen the political chaos already? Anyone can speak hate and its now called “political correctness” of the day.

Our country is in trouble and I can’t even fathom locking arms with fickle human beings who flip-flop on a drop of a dime.  The opportunist get wealthy off the backs of others suffering.

 The “truth” is we are in trouble.  The blood would be on my hands… If I tell you peace is coming and the reality there is no peace in sight. The moral responsibilities  in this country seem so small but will reap big… The wicked, greed, power and influence will make America regurgitate and bring this country to it’s knees. Some stuff is just political jargon.  The test of our reality is takes all of less than 10 seconds. Step outside your door  and I bet we all have different responses!


My trust has to stay in God. I am  unapologetic I can’t buy into any inspiring speeches of it’s getting better when I see worse. No matter how much I have to speak to the dry bones… I remember this I am always speaking “Life” into things I physically see are dead. I asked God these questions …HOW DID THEY DIE TO BEGIN WITH?  AND I ASK….HOW DO I PREVENT THIS ,SO THAT I CAN STOP FACING DEAD THINGS AND THE WALKING DEAD?