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th9421RJK8When someone share with me the “love of their lives”… I don’t make fun and neither do I ask why this person . Too many miss out being prejudice, judgmental and have these preconceived notions why someone would love  who they love and wonder if the person loves them back. It’s none of your business! The heart senses spirit not the flesh…the heart senses that connection… and not friction. The heart senses love not race!

 They say stick with your own kind and marry within your race. Which is one of the most foolish things I have  ever heard of… If you have hang ups you will often put a limit on the possibilities you may have. Be selective meaning people who are not good for you. People may laugh at who one chooses to love and some are actually jealous that some find the love of their lives in people one might least expect.

My question is why does it concern others who they like and who they love? Be careful people will give you their unhappiness and insecurities! Too many miss the very thing God presents to them listening to folks! People will always have something to say.  Thank God he delivered me from people.  Too many miss God doing this very same thing.  Listening to the doubters and the haters who don’t have the courage to love who they love but are jealous because they didn’t have the courage to step into their real love.

If you are into the most pretty people you can find and sometimes they can be the ugliest from the inside.  Immature people are into what the person looks like, instead of where they are together 10 years later.  Future isn’t in their vocabulary more like conditions instead of what benefits. Their kind of  love is superficial… Its doom from the start!   If you let people govern you on who to love you wont be happy based on your heart but allow people to interfere to settle for what you tolerate than believing in true love. 

If you finalize on why someone loves you… you stand more in the way than people.  If conditions apply you should stay alone…Your love for someone shouldn’t be on the bases of what the people say…the same people telling your what you should do and wouldn’t do long for the very thing you are willing to miss out on.  You got it celebrate it!  People will talk you out of love if you let them !  The saying of being a sell out…  tell them… I am already sold in. Love has been colorless but we have made this into something that is a world-wide ignorance… Love is productive it gives the drive to strive for better… Love isn’t complicated people are!