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People can’t handle that we can have people in our families who can wreak havoc.   It can be that little one that you have to hide your expensive things because he breaks them and parents refuse to control him. Or it can be that person that keeps the family always in the middle of messiness. Whatever it is…These can all lead to some serious issues if we don’t first recognize it as being a problem. We over sell what we call a family. My definition might be entirely different from yours and family is what you make it.  Cliques and circuits call each other family.  Family isn’t that easily defined for many reasons and based on experiences.  Although I had some surrogates in my family. We call certain people aunt or uncle… Today, I am so much different from before… I don’t claim everything and everyone and they don’t claim me… I am fine with that!

On some very serious issues indirectly that had affected my family. There are people who I unequivocally refuse to let in my home. I have boundaries. The Christ in me doesn’t have me ignorant and singing songs. People are people and don’t misconstrued that with common sense. 

In the bible( Genesis  Chapters 37-50 ) the story of ” Joseph”  is the sheer example that hate can be among the very ones in your bloodline !  He had brothers who wanted him dead. We pass this biblical  story off as just overcoming and forgiveness  but this story is also an illustration about the mindset of any heart related or otherwise…We still can never fathom that a person can murder his or her owns. It’s unheard of. 

thQPU0O7DFThis story centers around dysfunctions that started with their father’s past seedy lifestyle…. This is  beyond sibling rivalry.  Joseph was the 11th child of Jacob who caught hell for just being his father’s favorite. Joseph saw things other couldn’t.  In the midst of his hateful family. I believe you can be hated also when the hand of God is on your life. From my personal experiences. People don’t need a reason to hate you.

This story sheds a lot of light on prophetic symbolism.  It shows that jealousy is a serious and a dangerous trait to have. It shows how deadly secrets can arise to tear a family apart. If we think about how cruel Joseph brothers were.  It’s one thing to be at each other but it something else when your death is plotting within your family.  That’s tough!  Some of us still have scars from little things that were done to us as children but what about when a person is molested,a murdered family member is a family member…or what if jealous leads someone to try their hardest to ultimately destroy you!

Joseph brothers  loathe him because his father loved him.  Dividing and separating exist with people. The pettiness and jealousy driven people live on trap setting until it leads to more horrible things happening to you. Yet, Joseph had to feed the very ones who lead him to half his life being destroyed… His blood line was definitely contaminated no matter how related they were…Same, same with someone who might have claimed to be a sister or brother, someone you called uncle molested a family member….things like this exist. And for the oddest reasons we are so shaken when we hear of the horror stories created by people among people whom they trusted!  Joseph’s life went into fast forwards after some severe setbacks and set ups and what was bad  prepared him to rule over the very ones that were trying to kill him… From the pit to the  palace! Yet, we forget this part… Joseph reigned and overcame evil based on how we responded!

My point is blood is apart of our DNA make up.  A family is built on not just biological connections but spirit filled connections. Family represents loyalty. We can have the same name and  can be at odds. The turn for the worse when something infiltrate the bloodline with things we fail to bring to a stop.  Seed time and harvest time are will exist always. What put out there will comeback no matter how much we try to avoid the same generational pitfalls . We must first prune our lives from the junk and do the right things to instill we must cross contaminate the bloodline as well. I believe love is the key. We risk contamination based on what we fail to teach and what we entertain. God has solutions to generational curses and ignorance…. Recognize things we are to prune from our lives and within our family. Don’t condone ill behaviors because God  warns us about our continual sins and what doors they open. Truth will annihilate many problems if only learn to just submit to it!