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We can’t pray the monsters away we have to want to be delivered from them. Another danger is the old number game… all because everyone agrees doesn’t necessarily mean it’s in TRUTH. I have seen people on the same belief systems that are not right. But this is the same old trick that gets so many in hot water!

How many times have your tried to tell children about something or someone and they just can’t accept it? How many times have you seen or heard something  and had to be the deliverer of the bad news? With all the talk of police brutality, the onslaught of gun violence, scandals, and so forth. People have a difficult time with facing the truth.

In I King Chapter 22 …Read the interesting story of denial that lead to the death of King Ahab. There was  prophet by the name of Micaiah who had to tell King Ahab some bad news about entering a territory that would become deadly. Other prophets predicted success but Micaiah, held his ground and told him the TRUTH. The King of Israel, Ahab, knew God but lost his way getting caught up the wrong people and abandoned his true beliefs.  Regardless how bad we all mess up…God will always present opportunities for us to return to him.

Sometimes people “ignore” the signs because it might require something others ignore God as if the problem will simply go away…Only to further delay the damages that’s it …that’s all!  King Ahab, even in his most wicked position God still let him know, no matter how far you have gone… I still don’t wish harm on him.

I shared this post because I was lead to do it… a few day ago but I knew this will resonate with some people.  

I read about a woman who is now an activist for ” Restorative Justice” And I want people to know that it’s getting time out for denial. It’s just dangerous and can lead to die many deaths. A woman who is also now a writer shares her story of a man she fell in love with. Who what she though had been rehabilitated and had  done his time in prison.

He seemingly did a bout face and conquered  the demons in his life and after 3 years they decided to get married. He shared his sordid past and had been charged with murder as adolescent. .She and her new husband were very much in love. Well about a month into her new marriage a knock on the door . And what she was told floored her… Her husband had been arrested and her home was a crime scene.  She felt justified in knowing she married him and he was a good person. Her state of denial lasted after being in denial all the years she been with him. He had no only raped women in her home but tortured them as well.  He was a human being by day and a monster by night. He didn’t look like a serial rapist but he was also a murderer.   She felt victimize because she lost everything because of what she fail to see or didn’t want to see. How many times I had to share something bad because I  knew if I didn’t tell what I know there would be further damage. I believe one of the most difficult things to do is to shatter  fantasies.

Although some people risk it all and lose it all being in a state of not confronting the issues and in denial of the TRUTH.  Being honest isn’t always easy but I know to cover up the truth with half of truths. I think what is further damage is being in denial about someone you love or you think love you back.   I believe what cured me of this… was that one good lesson…that no matter how painful it was it was in my face. I had to earn up to it!

You see, King Ahab, would rather die than to believe the truth. The truth meant nothing to him. As painful as it was… He could have lived and chose to die.  All of us had to face the truth about someone we rather not know about. Its painful and you no longer trust your judgment. Often times we get the warning signs that it is off but people will convince themselves  its alright. 

The danger in denial is all over the place today  including in  this country. Many times I have to be the one to stand and more often than less I am the one that had the guts to tell it and be persecuted for it. Even when you give the proof what will honestly change? I have been burned for being honest, and times will pass and the truth comes out.  And by this time I have moved on and let it go and they persecuted the messenger!

 Just like the advocate we see what we want to see . People get angry and it really doesn’t matter what proof you posses, they deny that as well. My entire point is this one… when you find someone who is denial for a long time you have pray for them and let them hit the brick wall. The wall comes tumbling down because people love to make deities out of flawed individuals. We see this many times in the criminal justice system… A mother knows her child is a killer but will tell you how good he is.  Today, we must open up our eyes… I see too many storms coming to America… and there is still a posture of being catatonic in our personal lives. 

I see the  easy embrace for lies and justified scandals… but I see the disdain for being a truth teller even among people who say the fight God’s people and injustice.  Many claim that can handle the truth but no matter who bad it is they still become bewitched with the fantasy of what they believe is an outright attack!

 Haters hate… but someone who risk being rejected, will tell you the truth.  Yes, there are some case scenarios when someone might lie on another, but its serious when even in your heart you sense the truth but ignore it anyway!  I dare anyone to ask God to show me the truth. I can guarantee many wont have the guts to ask… because the truth will bring their world down!

Corrective storms have a way of removing the walls, opening the blinded eyes… so that you can see the damage… but God will leave trail extending back to-day one… and the pain will be that much more excruciating. It’s not satan that blinds our eyes much as we like to put on the rose-colored glasses because this distort the vision, it looks the way you want it to look without imperfection!  Being in a consistent state of denial leads to the day of destruction and lead to further losses!