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I don’t wait until the day of acting like I am apart of the Dr. King movement. I am apart of the Christ the King movement. All day and everyday.

Dr. King,  I studied for me and not what people say and what they choose to believe. He was about the peace and when I read that he often wanted peace but he had very little of it. He was a nervous wreck and I thought oh my God what discomfort. He challenged to change the lives of people for just on fair share. What characteristics he displayed in public  a far cry from his personal woes! There is too much information to continue to lie to our children about history.  That’s why many of them don’t want to hear it. Social media has become more of exhibition time than required time… they don’t like when also it’s a place to share history and the truth. And this part offends people.  You have to be honest with children today because our children will ask you things that many have lied and covered up for years. 

 I had to come to my own resolve about Dr. King the man and separate that with the movement. I can only share what parts influenced me and nothing more.

I can’t ignore what he accomplished for the people but I am not also about filtering the lies. Dr. King is huge in the movement I total agree but he was plague by many personal demons . I prefer to tell the truth, without the cream and sugar. I am not confused about his history and neither do I agree with the rhetoric that comes with a price tag to his name. 

I will tell the whole truth not half of it. I believe in my  day too many lies were told to us and we were rebuked when things were shared that were true! We like keeping our history clean when a large part of history is full of very repulsive and things that did offend God.

 I appreciate the truth and then I make the deciding factor.  It’s not about liking him and really from other people who walked with him also have their version of history.   I had no other choice  but to  integrate the truth and my radicalism…. I honestly put this in proper perspective and I don’t take for granted  what he stood for and how he implemented change.  I think so many of us who now the know the real history don’t even skim off the top. Children today can tell you the truth about what so many lied about. It’s can’t take away from his work and that’s basically what I focus on. It gets too sticky when you mess with folks ideology and their personal heroes.

I have CD’s of his speeches that I listen to whether it’s his day of observance or not. I read and study the movement and the man continuously! About the changes and  what he wanted to see with our people but for the people.  I am real when it comes to people… I can’t soup it up… and I am not confused about who he was. I can respect  him for advocating peace… and wanting more for poor, disenfranchise, abuses and suffering of our people. And now that. I know better and I can implement change with God’s word and not just cliché’s… I am not confused about what place any enemy has…Under my feet.  I can feed my enemies but  I don’t have to passive about the God that I serve.  I can pray for my enemies and even give them food but I never read about making them my friend.  Wisdom can preserve us… but we have to execute change with the wisdom.
As a minister I don’t send God’s people into “burning houses”.  Love is more powerful than hate. 

I hear Pastor’s everywhere riding out the King Franchise living the lies to maximum. Some people know that many people are easily duped with just saying his name. To see where many of them are… all  you have to do align the actions up with the mouth service! It comes up tricky. I am easily turned off with people who have distorted views of Dr. King good or bad. People ask all the time about what would he think of all of the mess we are in? I flip the script…and  I ask this question… What part of you as a religious leader is honestly led by a man when you can’t even follow the man who made the man?

I am not challenged by their stone walls. I am amused at the faking! We march for injustices of what many  feel “Dr. King believed in? But failed miserably in the church house of treating each other fairly and respectable. How can one be about injustices outside the walls of Jericho and wont challenge the injustices internally? Does that sound fair to you?

  Dr. King didn’t mean anything to most people who talks about him. Too many hellions in the pulpit and injustices in our places of worship and more self indulged like the limelight than the streets. Dr. King was a man I respect of study and serving. That is the part that influences me!

 I get tired of hearing what would Dr. King do? And this irritates me to no end… If you are a Pastor, a leader of peace…or whatever you call yourselves… I would first ask What would the King of Dr. King Do? We forget this. The hypocrisy which is blatant in this country especially… Shut up about the peace of Dr. King when we can’t get decent respect for each other in the church house. Dr. King is  a mere mortal, yet so many have made him a god. Dr. King’s name is so brutalize now days in a way that settles score.  That’s really not the “King” I have studied at all. I am not confused when others use their political stance to make points. Dr. King isn’t really respected among so many leaders that say he made a difference in their lives. Dr. King is a money-maker and a used as a rebuttal instead of being a living example… they have to quote something he said which   I find it offensive and insulting… especially when there are people who died for equal rights! People want their brand using Dr. King’s name instead of first recognizing  flawed and hindrances from within.