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I am not referring to anyone as being a dog…but I am speaking about the dog breath politics mentality…Illinois is in a serious state of emergency, Chicago is a disaster. No one wants to say it, but the repercussion of  years of fiscal abuse, political look away was going to cost Chicago and Illinois…  Picking up the manure that was left behind  has to be overwhelming for anyone who seeks political seats especially in the messiness of “greedy” Illinois.  And because “systems” were abused I understand the need to see where and how  the abuse of fiscal responsibilities have been overlooked. I also understand that for whatever reason so many are blinded by fantasies instead of the harsh realities we have to face later.

Some years ago… I worked for a Chicago Agency that was supposed to be an anchor in the community. Abused grant money, and taken privileges from the poor to satisfy their lust for greed.  I saw the chaotic so-called “big wigs” get their cut and left the poor to suffer.  I was hired as an Assistant to the Director. The abuse that occurred was sickening. No, I didn’t  go along with it…I challenged it! My normal! I didn’t understand why fully employed people was taking all the food from the poor…. I wasn’t working that hard…I was bored because I was surrounded with the same junk I saw then… laziness and free welfare.( People who get checks on the job but don’t work).  The seriousness didn’t come in until the  Feds started investigating. As I look back and I see the same person who had been involved but hid himself is the same political big wig I see today… Always talking and collecting money… He’s has a fraud and nothing will change my  mind about HIM!

I was born in Chicago but grew up in suburbia.  My mother was determined not allow us to be schooled or ruled by negative atmospheres. Although, we were sheltered to some degree we were still taught, to expect people to hand us things and work hard and act like you have some common sense. 

 I have seen the same old garbage plays go in for a season and return. I know many like to say we see this abundance of change…I see messiness! Yes, the world of the privilege has a different outlook on life.  they are not struggle over a meal and a prescription. They are not fighting over how to carpool because of no gas money.  Even I had to settle down on earth and see just how much my people are suffering. I had my reality checks when I became from under the sheltered umbrella. I no why some people have become so hopeless and bitter. The systems.  It’s easy for someone to cry from a distance but the cries are deafening when you are up close! And I am not impressed with some of the leadership in Chicago that pretends  to be down for the people either. I have seen the masks fall off. It’s so easy to say what you wont do especially if you live in prestigious areas. I travel through Chicago…and it looks depressing. I sense the despondency of the people because the results of corruption and the generational disappointments that this is going to get better… And the reality is…IT WONT…. Unless we begin to take some hard looks and respond with a level of honesty…We will see many more become withdrawn from trying to make it better!  Keeping it real and actually being apart of it …is another!

I don’t pretend to know everything about the corrupted political systems but I do know that money seems to be no object when their personal agendas are in sight. There seems to be little effort in assisting people to not become familiarize with handouts instead of a hand up! People seem to change their tune when its one of their cronies have scratch their backs, and then want to hide when they being investigated! It’s a love hate thing. I have seen the personal licks when someone didn’t get their way but they seem to get alright once they get what they want.  I have seen people in photo opt this pushes the united fronts of fakes… It makes me angry!  People are suffering because of the lack of being responsible. 

Chicago and Illinois is known for the fronting of  looking like they care when all  you have to do is look around. People lie to become  apart of the so-called in crowd of politics. The more power and influence the more leverage. Integrity goes out the window on many instances. How do I know this? It doesn’t take a brain scientist to see the alliances. How some call a friend when they see how they capitalize off the suffering of the people even if it’s done with titles and certain positions!. I don’t buy into it…it’s tricky! People play the games for bargaining power even if it mean shaking hands with the devil and looking the other way. I have yet to see, why would you line yourselves up with liars to begin with for doing any business!

 Many politicians  aren’t doing anything but serving themselves.  I want paint a broad brush but it’s not that difficult to follow. Look around…the city has robotic responses to what, when or why?  Yet, where is the progression. And for the very few politicians  that try hard have been kicked that much harder. Chicago protest change but loathe it at the same time. Chicago Schools have been failing for years…What  has been the driving force for years has been in Chicago was about putting people in categories and knowing who everyone should be located.  Call it what you want. Everyone wanted certain parts and purposely wanted to be separated instead of coming to together this keeps the divisions racially, economically, educationally, socially…. and politically divisive.

Raw talks about greed and corruption never comes across the table even with the very ones who say they are for the people. Some are too afraid of rocking the boat because this might interfere with what they have going on.  Chicago and Illinois has earned a reputation for itself with no help from outsiders.  I know what hurts the most when we have also elected officials that are so far out of touch with the realities of the suffering in Illinois. Illinois will become the poster child of getting it right by purposely withholding funds. I agree, its a two way street because I knew of the abuse and now we hear foul ball. So many people who knew better looked the other way…So I wont totally blame the  Governor for his sudden halt on spending. But I would like to know why so many will suffer because of the greed of others including ones that abuse their power and position in Springfield? We are not perfect but we are living some dangerous times. People are suffering greatly like never before. I don’t agree that all is well…It is more off track than ever. It depends on the Haves and The Have Nots. That these responses are different!

The political games has brought  Illinois and Chicago to where they are now… and that’s no where!