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I am blown away at people who have been least vocal at the seriousness of Fling Michigan many situations…The cry for help should be definitely loud and clear. Sending water is just one  of their problems but has faced many terrible hardships. Going totally unnoticed!!!

Who cares if they are poisoning the people? The sad truth is that “all ” of us should be outraged. This is exactly what I have been so angry about. In many instances we want to lock arm and say its getting better. I say take the 10 second reality check… It’s still apart of the United States Of America, yet, what improvements when babies are being terribly effected with bad water. What honestly gets my goat… when people get on these bandwagons about they see better. Too many of Americans are still out of work, and just like Flint, Michigan for years they have been ignored.th

I appreciate celebrities are getting involved but being in poverty is still major in this country. I have no applauds for anyone when Michigan is treated like another third world country. Unemployment is still high among people of color! Personally, I don’t want hear anymore political ideas about moving this country forward  in this day and hour when the same situations have been going on before I was born. Where is the progress?

What directions has the country really gone in? I have yet to see some major changes in this country when the same people are still suffering. Generational wealth is just like generational poverty… It stays!

We haven’t accomplished a lot.  Poverty and racism  is still a major issue. Yes, we can wipe out poverty if the greed in this country is an annihilated! Not only will I pray for Michigan  but we need to send help!