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Times are getting harder and the world is even colder. I am not going to stand on my soapbox and preach the gospel. I know before you scale a fish, you first has to catch it! Sadly, churches are getting larger, and so are egos. Many are just teaching and preaching but how many are living it? I am amazed how so many are  in church each Sabbath with no revelation of God’s power. You can’t fake it. That is why so many think “Christ” is a fairytale. They think the bible is just a book… but it is  book of dunamis power!!  Healing is real, raising of the dead is a function we are supoose to have today. Teaching of this sort is often undermined because leaders who don’t understand God’s power  often hinders God’s power…This is still prevalent today.  

The churches of today need to stand up and begin supernatural training. The days ahead of us…will require supernatural strength and endurance!  

So many Christian feel so down trotted because of the lack of teaching on God’s power and his authority. We can’t win the world being powerless.   The bulk of churches are concerned with finances and membership…When God has a mission for you the attitude is abased or abound. Not fretting when the offering or membership is low. When we lead by people instead of Spirit hears when the conflict comes in. This is why so many are afraid of signs and wonders. They haven’t been equipped as Believers… but follow blindly in hype and so-called popular ministries. Some can’t pray a roach out of Raid.  

Sadly, our people are dying before their time, many live defeated lives. Insufficient in power which make so many Christians dependent on people instead of God. Too many have no idea what a faith walk is…let alone power that many today have no clue about. Preacher are definitely at fault for making themselves idols more than servants.

Satan actually deceive  even ministers of the gospel keeping many things out of the church instead of equipping God’s people. Instead many of them fear God’s power. Many leaders have more than a responsibility to teach God’s people but he will hold each Believer for their own walk.  We are supposed to be strong people that change the world!

Today many are too cute to cry out to God, show boating for attention, or fake being spiritual!  You know Christian by day and demon by night

 When I say defeated lives they have no clue on how to stand during trials. When God’s people are afraid of even possessing his power many are still duped into believing satan is operating. Even as a Christian many can’t grasp that God is more powerful!  When they witness signs and wonders everything to them is a hoax. When in fact many lack discernment and can’t decipher the real thing from a fraud. Many fakes maybe in the pulpit but many can’t produce the supernatural because they have no clue about being sufficient in God.

Every gift and fruit benefits the Believer the lack of power of the lack of stability when the pressure comes. Insufficiency in the Spirit keeps a Believer at disadvantage.  The power of God keeps us not our own strength. It’s one thing to talk the talk but it’s another to walk the walk!