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I was studying and I had noticed that many of our nations Presidents had visions or dreams while in office as Presidents. My fascination is that God had prophetically show leaders directions. In my question is did the rest who may have had dreams tell it.  If President Obama is having dreams…do you think he would tell it? And my answer is yes… even if he tries to get around it.

Too many  can’t ignoring a prompting from God… I know it personally, its too difficult.  It can eat at you. So, when a person does have a prophetic dream they have to share it. Something bubbles to the top like pressure.  Dr. King’s dream had to told…It’s now apart of history.  Unfortunately too many are ignoring prophetic protocol even if they are what is called “Government Prophets”… like the Prophet Daniel. And yes, they  still exists!

Ideally, we know that most people have a fascination with supernatural but have limits on what they think is happening.  When I read the George Washington actually spent a  lot of time in prayer. That’s right…Prayer! It is noted in the National Tribune in December 1880 where he had given accounts to a Wesley Bradshaw…about the visions he had about three  perils of  the United States. And the most fearful was the last peril.th (10)

Many prefer to make some excuses  and perfume supernatural instances to why,  when, and never ask… what if it’s true?  God gives signs and never does anything without informing us. What I find so grossly shocking is how much  our westernized customs line up with lies and denial!

Yet, what I also noticed that he wasn’t the only “President” who had visions and dreams. I don’t’ believe in  coincidences… George Washington open vision like the Apostle  Paul ( Acts 16:9). My  prophetic challenge for everyone is that you go back to study these prophetic dreams…among former Presidents.  I know many prophetic directions and wisdom  can spare us a lot of heartache and warn us of what is going to come! I know it’s scary but God has been warning this country and the universe too long.