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I saw the new images of Barbie…Is it that serious that we have so show people what they should look like and what body shape? I saw Barbie and she has never represented my body type until somewhat now.  As much as they want to change body types… I think we need to change attitudes first!

I said … according to whom? Where are the short dolls with big girls? (LOL)

The reality is as much as we like to say we in this country are more open..we aren’t!  Men don’t have to degrade women they do it to themselves. Think about it… Where are the Ken makeovers?  Some women go out their way to be noticed. This is something I can’t seem to grasp. The most important person that should matter is walking in their own skin. People say  I have a nonchalant and aloof demeanor which is true. I don’t care if someone likes the way I look… When you start altering your appearance for attention you already missed it.  Self acceptance is the beginning of knowing self work.

Do you see men doing all these things that a woman does? Women today are posted up half naked… or what they call sexy pictures of themselves.  Women are most into what attracts than what’s healthy for them spirit, mind and body. And I mean from every perspective.

How can you have a healthy view of who you are without the power of knowing self-worth?  I don’t need any of today’s role models because they whole no true sustenance. Even with women I  use to respect are trying to fit in by making themselves more appealing to the world than just learning to be themselves. Women my age baring it all… to say I am still beautiful.

Well,  I don’ t have pose naked or do anything provocative to feel vibrant… A prayer life can change that along with a good mental and physical exercise.  People want to place you in a certain categories.   People can’ accept that I don’t look my age…because of all the work I had one… They are half right…All the work I have done is called investing in myself.  Meaning I know my age… I don’t try to exceed beyond my physical limits all the time.  I  work on me daily… That takes more than a cosmetic surgeon… that change comes from within.  I am not a picture taker…never have been! 

.Too many people spend too much time investing in someone who tells you what you should look like. If it weren’t so why do we have they so-called professional style experts that seems to me have poor taste in dressing the average female. I look at what they look like and I ask how can they help me? It’s what is appealing to me that will work all they can do is give imput. They don’t know me. 

Some women haven’t been taught the beauty of real self-esteem. Every style isn’t complimentary in many factors and most women have no clue how to stay in their element.  I learn that from just watching what makes me feel good about me. There are hits and misses but then  you have to find your groove. I prefer not to look like a clown! There are things that are not flattering to my body shape. I have to do what is complimentary to not only my body shape but my attitude.  

I share that there are garments women should wear under certain clothing that make your clothes fit better but I am middle-aged and I can’t handle all that extra clothing and I get  hot quickly. That is one reason I stay in some kind of physical shape. When it comes down to it… Knowing who you are and making that difference because you want it , and not what others want from you.  Many women hate on each other based on superficial stuff!  I don’t care how many boob jobs…and how many butt implants… There will be something that someone who will criticize based on a low self value of who they are so, they must annihilate another female out of jealousy. Many might add I don’t post a lot of pictures of myself… she must be quite ugly. I say ” beauty is the one who has to adore me” . I save my pictures for my personal photo album.

I think we also have to thank these dumb dating shows that exploit human beings. They are competing for a total stranger to whisk them away in questionable love.  . We see all these single adults…I guess?  It’s another way of soliciting but trying to win love on a television show that is borderline…

Stupid as this sounds women at my age are just as “catty” as they were teenagers. Learn to be yourself and value yourself. Honestly, no matter what you do it will be something else someone will criticize. That is why being who you are takes what you know that counts. A Barbie doll can’t define who I am what I consider as being healthy. Although, I advocate to take a better approach about life and how you see yourself. I can’t dissect my body based on what the world call beauty. If the heart and mind doesn’t match your perfect body type… I know already you are at a loss!