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SIGNS OF A HEALTHIER PROPHETIC ENVIRONMENT…and not necessarily means everything that is conveyed means it will make people comfortable. The ripe environment  for true prophetic movement is to first “allow” prophets or prophetess to operate without hindrances. True prophets go against the grain for living the truth and being about the truth. Everyone that speaks prophetically aren’t prophets of God…but all of GOD’S PEOPLE ARE PROPHETIC.  Many misconceptions about what is and what isn’t.  God’s prophets will speak the truth…and it doesn’t have to speak to power…

Prophetic flow comes with power! You don’t have to blow your own horn when the wind of God resides with you.  Prophets can give you words of knowledge about what’s to come and the future. I am afraid of folks who always have what God has to  say without a strong prayer life…and heads up… When you find messy people there is no strong presence of God. Speaking the truth requires that you have to be honest about who you are and assess what is a healthier environment for bring forth this gift. There are many different types that God may use as prophets.

Prophets can shake systems and aren’t always welcomed even by the religious leaders and many churches fear “true” prophets and prophetic voices because the power with them are frightening among fleshly individuals. No one can stop God’s power…although many work over time trying to discredit what he or she delivers from God. Prophets of God will always be respectful to authority whether they agree or not. God always gives his Prophets direction even when the authority is  spiritually abusive.

I am in total agreement there are many who fraudulent abuse  in this office. Like anything there has to be a level of trust being presented.  The call is not to take over… but to expose the evil in this world and bring God’s love to those who have misused or abused even many in ministry! Churches of today put a limit on the flow God with rituals and religious programs… God is invited of course with some level of order but never so tight that the SPIRIT OF GOD is quenched. So many have been in churches for years and cannot the discern when the move of God is present. Prophets play many key roles in ushering in this presence. They are not to be disrespectful to the flow of God or the authority in charge. It is God who will often “convict” leaders who disdain the flow to heal his people…

A few pointers on basics of a healthy prophetic community…

1) God is about order and never chaos… not slander(I Corinthians 14:33, 40) People can often get carried away in their flesh.

2) Every Prophet is a intercessor but not all intercessor are prophets. Be the truth and speak the truth. Yes, you might lose friends but you will gain God! 

3) God never has messy people being apart  power pact Godly intercessions they beckon demonic things because the heart isn’t pure! We think it’s okay for everyone to pray over you…think again!

Jesus never had any devils interceding on his behalf. Also take note although  the disciples walked with him  remember God illustrated that they couldn’t have his back for one hour.  God was clear about the laziness and fronting of people even if they were called disciples. It wasn’t a secret that God let you know all that say that they loved him betrayed him in other ways. You say you love me…cover me…They continued to sleep.  Isn’t this still not what is happening in our world today… the sleeping on the watch?

Yes, anyone can intercede but for the God intercessor…integrity, honesty, and character … is vitally important it clears the way. When there is corporate intercession it is the unity of power of God that opens up heaven’s holies of holies. To many are standing in the gap.  Cleverly satan has deceived many in this area!  Your mouth and  your posture  of who you say you  are must line up with your confessions.  The cry in honest unity projects and charge the atmosphere. Which can produce miracles and the move of God.

First, let me be clear intercession is a selfless ministry. When one can’t die to self…you wont see too much fruitfulness… just a lot noise of nothing!

The word is clear about being unblemished.  No this isn’t a perfect person. God uses ordinary to do extraordinary. You can’t live a life of God being a fake and messy… prayers are hindered because you operate illegally in the spirit pretending to be one thing but live another. Yes, God has requirements and he processes leadership and ministries .

In all honesty that is why the church is full of messiness… the lack of prayer life and patience to wait on God to bring the right people to keep things flowing in the spirit realm. You would be surprise at what stops the flow of finances, a lot of sickness and death in full throttle, and when spirits are defective. God has to show Pastors who they need to let go… and pray for the right people to be in EVERY POSITION IN THE CHURCH HOUSE. Even I had to learn that the most educated or who I think is most qualified. Often times God will choose the “oddest” duck as one might say that is the most powerful. Your heart plays a huge part with God. When intentions are not pure and people are doing things to get things… You have already made yourself useless to God. 

 Too many things are not connecting because of the atmosphere… Church witches can bring in the death angel… That is why I am very selective about what and whom is praying over me. Stop allowing people to lay hands… and, leaders don’t lay hands on anyone without the leading of God.  When do we lay hand on people ask God to always ask for God’s blood to cover you!  It might sound like it’s too much but people have made this complicated! God keeps this so simple! I wait until God sends me confirmations on what to do next.  I wait until he pushes me! I don’t ignore God’s prompting by pretending not the hear HIM…a danger for any ministry! Doing what others want and ignoring God. Sometimes what he asks for might leave you standing without a posse’. Being a “Seer” can sometimes be frightening! What you see can have your stomach a little jumpy. Many Christian leaders wont tell you who “scary” this walk can be…this doesn’t make you weak…but makes you human. It is God that helps calming the fears and the anxieties. And any of us can fall privy to this!  

The most a healthy prophet can be utilized and productive is when they stay within God’s presence all the time without being out of reach. This insure a consecrated walk, so that things wont be distorted he or she finds themselves compromising with materialism and getting sold out on the people worshiping them instead of the prophet leading them BACK TO GOD!  Test will come to validate your call. Pressure to become seductive to the money! God takes care of his people…always!  Lastly, when we are in the place of bring justice we must first have our act together.

People will hate you for being a truth fighter! People can hate God’s Prophets but many are afraid of that presence so that they know  not to tip the scale. Being disciplined will come with your experiences with God. Prophets are given supernaturally strength for every Godly task! By the world the “prophetic office” has been abuse unmeasurable with the liars and deceivers.  True prophets of God can sometimes tell you how much dental work you had done. It depends on how God wants that prophet to flow.  Although many spit the word of being prophetic the truth is more pathetic and passive leaders are not about God but their own personal missions.  But few finish the grueling challenge of being a true prophetic mouth piece for God… because it requires  a lot of spiritual fires that one would rather skip than go through… and levels of faith will be challenged that will make you grow and operate in signs and wonders. Not wander… Abased or abound. Other prophets understand each other but not always their level of gifting.  For example…One prophet may understand the government will one might understand the education better…Or one might do all three…Each prophet maybe have some differences but are called by the same God!

A prophets full potential and power may not be recognized fully until he or she might not be living! Satan knows the power of healthy Prophet he or she brings spiritual balance to the off equilibrium of the church and the world. They go through a lot for righteousness not messiness!