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When I see the prophetic  groups huddle together I look for diversity.  I look for variety as well meaning different kinds.  We have all kinds of prophets but the basis should be built on the LOVE OF GOD.  I have seen some prophets that spew hate towards President Obama.  The first “black” President instead of just President. There is a slot and a category that I hear often. I never try to fit in.

True Godly prophetic process is to love ALL PEOPLE not have this list of what makes a prophet and who looks like one. God qualifies who he calls. I know people skip this part of ministry. Everyone isn’t’ called its then a vocation.  With God there is a process to our willingness.  You will be tried in the fire so that sooner or later you will reflect more of him and not yourselves.

I find it odd that they try to say love all people until you mention the President. I have seen some that become so unhinged on race.  I got discouraged because I knew many of them lack maturity!

You find that same mentality in church …Oh Lord…One black person is all that they can handle…in the neighborhood… You get my drift. You see that one black or brown … and you like … OMG.. they can’t even be themselves… I say skip them… 

I am going to talk about this …for African-American History month the lack of diversity still exist in church as well.   God forbid if you are the black marble in the jar.  There is always these  a certain requirement for prophets of color even when they pray or allowed to speak. As if God forgot people of color to speak “thus saith the Lord.  Yes, I have seen the dark-skinned  ignored.   Being a woman of power… there is another kind of discrimination.

Why one would believe that God SHOULD  be color bind he made us all. I am embarrassed by those who are called and full of hatred and racial prejudice.

 Yet, in prophetic ministry people  women and people of color are not welcomed.  We can’t lie about this either! Where are the African-Americans in Prophetic Ministry?  You still have people with issues when it comes to blacks saying thus saith the Lord. I dare you to go down every popular prophetic packs… there is no black or brown prophets being placed on the front lines as if they can’t be believed.

It is what it is!!!

African-Americans are not that embraced even in this ministry.  Prophetic clique exists.  God will expose prophets who still have issues with listening to a certain group.  I have seen some of the most gifted people blinded by racism. I don’t want to hear to much of what they have to say because they are blinded by their hatred of people of color.  Where are the brown women in prophetic ministries on the front line?  And if they are apart of a prophetic line…they are often overlooked.  

How many books that are written by African-American Prophets? Plenty but very little and they wont be accepted as being a true prophet based on race. I don’t bother anymore with these so-called prophetic conferences…they are centered around men and women that fit a certain look and not their integrity.  Even Native American Prophets are looked up with disdain.  I don’t care what they dream, or what is shown when prejudices still resides inside of them.  When prophets and prophetess invest only  with those who what they believe “lily-white” and anything after that has never been conceived. I say shame on many of them that believe only God calls white people!