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 I love Greek Mythology…Some years ago, I had this dream that this gigantic Trojan Horse stood at the end of Riverdale, Illinois…the horse stood tall at the end of this block where all these apartments were. I never forgot the horse, because I knew there laid destruction that no one could see. How many times have I written about the  Trojan Horse in our lives. That subtle deception that we believe is our  gift  but turns out to be our curse and demise!  

The “Trojan Horse” the Greeks invented the wooden trap as what suppose to be a parting gift to the Trojans from the gods. But all the while a ploy to destroy by pretending their 10 year war had ended. In fact… inside the horse were Greek troops to destroy the Trojans. Although they willingly opened the gates to the city to let the enemy in. 

A Trojan Horse is cleverly devised to make people think one way and the enemy comes in another way.  Often times it’s the  outside that brings betrayal. It’s what we allow to come into our circle that brings us to our knees. Let me bring this home.

Often times the enemy is our face.  People are not suspicious with people they are familiar with. This is how many leaders are assassinated or destroyed. Not paying attention to what he or she has invited in their lives. I learned something many moons ago. I watch people for who they are not what they try to smooth my fur with.  In this country… I honestly believe that we have invited the enemy is that setting us up for test runs. I never buy into this country is in great shape…

You got to be” kiddin me” … There are storms waiting on the oceans and I  know we are so watered down in the United States which keeps Americans in a state of being in a slumber.  We are devastated because we are not prepared for such attacks. It’s too scary to think about… but I know it’s too scary to pretend that there are no signs of war when it’s clear something is coming!

Over the weekend scores of children were murdered by terrorists in Nigeria. Children were  bombed and burned alive. Children with curdling screams burned and assassinated.

Two bombs detonated. Children were getting out of school. At  over 40 people killed and over 100 wounded. Is this not a concern for us? We are our brothers keeper RIGHT?

Some of the dumbest things are in the news but there is a war going on. I could care less about someone’s butt implants., new hair, new boyfriend, whose wearing what, who is beefing on social media… And I have no idea where is the conscious of America but we better wake up!

Did you know that so-called explosive devices were found in parts of Missouri I hear very little talks about things they are concerned about?

Did you know that Chicago is the target of terrorists?

Did you also know that many prepaid cell phones were
purchased at Walmart with untraceable usage in Missouri whom many believe that terrorist cells make these purchases?

Did you know that propane tanks are often stolen these are what they call “hell bombs”.  They are emptied out to place things that will detonate with destruction on the people to bring pain. 

Other prophets talk to each other about the other sees. And because our country mentality everything is okay and give it a minute and  can be taken off guard easily. We have some the craziest stuff on media and people tend to follow foolishness. Chicago has been dodging destruction but is slowly deteriorates with scandals and things so many people fail to confront!  I don’t hide the fact that it just might be gloom and doom but God gives his people a way of escaping …all hurt, all harm and dangers…enemies seen and unseen. Pretending isn’t going to stop reality! Some hate Americans and hate our President that much more! We can wave the American flag until our arms fall off…this isn’t going to stop evil that  ties to come comes against us.

We have deterrents in this country.  Lets first start with the deterrent of denial, poverty, racism , and every other “ism”. These things that exist are haters of peace.

The hate speech against people  which entices the people to keep on hating. So many find comfort in being hateful and destructed with their deeds actions, and the mouth. Chicago is getting sandblasted based on a lot of cowards who could never stand up to those who have taken the city to the ground.  Power in the wrong hands has brought even more destruction. Who can pay the new wage they wont be able to after the drought that is hitting Chicago.  Its too expensive between the violence and the corruption Chicago has a presence of being desolate.

Why are there so many lawsuits now?  It’s because no one wanted to stand up to the deterrents of peace. All the lies are brought to the forefront. People were in denial about other administrations that  betrayed the people in general.

I have nothing good to say  at this point with all the scandals that have hit Chicago. We are reaping the harvest of corruption! Unity has to be possible otherwise… watch the enemies inside the Trojan Horse… the political do nothing destroy and then abandon the ship…because there will be no money to be made and the people will be face with even greater hardship the other deterrent  of peace…unemployment and poverty!