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Too have called themselves Christians but operated totally different. Oddly many of our last Presidents claim to be Christians…and that was also proven frightening.  

Our country is founded on Christian values but still waddle in the messiness of politics. How much can be savage without the help of God? This my mere observation about people… Emotions seems to evade the truths. They love the dressed up monsters. You can lie to people and they suck it all up… and then want to protest when “think” its necessary for change…Not the right thing to do but it is based on who and what reign supreme at the time.  Being correct has never been a focal point in this country. If it has …other world affairs will take a backseat and lets deal with what Americans sweep under the rug… The poor is now dying from disparity. While conversations are full throttle on how to get over on the people and pump up their salaries on the backs of those who want to work hard and those who work savagely to have something.  These are our realities in this country…and all we hear is excuses.   Even the middle class is struggling to send children to  Day Care Schools… who said anything about college!

  I have ask what is going on in people’s lives that “hate” is the number one motivator.  Presidential Candidates can do and say just about anything upfront and people follow the hatred. As tired as I am of the political games. I don’t want haters running this country. Canada is sounding more and more ideally for me…due to the foolishness that governs our country. What freedom when even I can’t retire seems like ever because I have to regenerate myself every term a President enters.

What the heck are we proud of when we can’t seem to run our private spaces without compromise?.  So many call themselves “blessed”  and for the people. Don’t you dare by into many of the counterfeits lies… So many have aborted their missions including clergy when they have tasted attention and power. and  will sell their underwear to the devil to get ahead.

My reality differs because I see so much suffering.  Going to fancy lunches and being on the best podiums isn’t feeding my people.  Regardless of who many ministers want to slice this up…It’s the power of God that pushes me the most  other than that… You find many will pour salt on your name and try to keep their feet on your pulse. This will either make you “cry uncle and you win” or this will make you angry enough to push to the next level dimension to conquer the demonic forces that influence this country.

I prefer someone with some decent manners and morals that helps me.  When you have candidates that are undisciplined what orders can they set in this country. No one will ever know how deep anyone runs until the masks fall off. I have seen some great actors and actresses in many arenas…and not everyone saw the monsters on the other side.  Its subtle deception if you ask me.  No one knows what they can or cannot do they can only project what can be effective in. 

My overall satisfaction rate… I am not SATISFIED!

 Also, note this… Our country seem to bicker over the right things to do…and then we want our children to live healthy and productive lives. How can they when so much freedom is leaving us morally bankrupt. I am not looking for a Priest to run the country but I am looking for someone who can handle and persuade me I am in their best interest.  Unless you rich in this country… where are the benefits.  Too many lie and say we are on the road to recovery…when all I see is manure! I am not in agreement how things are run in this country. What moral or Christian values are we looking for when the President Obama’s wife has been referred to as being ugly or an ape?  I am not confused about the messiness of political gain and how its won.  Disrespect has invaded this country and never left even before my generations.  

There is still slots and categories. Like crabs in a barrel fighting to reach the top even if it means telling lies.  You want the country ran with some sense of getting better. I am older and I haven’t seen all this progression.  Power and influence is inside the bellies of those who “claim” they are doing it for the people. I have learned many of them are doped up on being powerful. Their stepping on people are not quite the same…they continue  cunningly  feed the people and step on them at the same time! No greater influence can anyone have on me…if I can’t be able to be myself.

FAITH…  To be honest, I haven’t seen my faith voting for anyone. What my relationship with God is can’t even mirror the foolishness that I see as an American.   I have to choose Godly wisdom on who is voting for what I believe can get the job done with a certain sense of not abusing his or her authority.

FACTS… I have no idea what a Christian is even religious leaders have messed this one up.

FICTION…Realistically unless someone really have tapped into a sincere relationship God…skip perfection.  When you are the center of setting atmosphere. I don’t a President can do it. He or she may set the tone for how to manage the foolishness but not until first cleaning up from previous messes. Emotions are a major part in elections. People only seem to notice what they need until scandal or end of term. Being popular seems to be the only concern and tapping into the veins of emotionalism instead of the real issues. The fantasy continues with most Americans.  The American apple pie might be an allergen to some. The reality is…Life keeps happening and our lives seem to stay in the afterglow of despair. If the “clownish” behavior is what Americans are looking for then I guess we will continue to reap the harvest from such behaviors.  We are in a crisis, and the reality is so far, no can fix the mess but God.  God isn’t  running for President.  The end results and the harvest to the nation will be what we voted in to manage us!