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Every day of the year I introduce all kinds of history including my history.  I am challenged to understand my Latin roots which is still interchangeable with every part of history. I don’t take a month of  time out of history for any race including my own. I study this all year. We cannot limit a month to what is apart of the Universal history even in this country.  I don’t confuse our history in this country because it intertwined with international history as well. Too many have reduced themselves with a calendar month!  Are you not still-born black? So what does one month in a year really means to you stay the color all year round?

So much of our ” funk” is generational! And to be honest, people don’t care! Too many are too afraid to cut through the chase. Our people invest in what they want and when certain things are not profitable then here comes complaining. The power of real change starts with us. We can do something about  how we share history, and it wouldn’t be with what they do…but how I respond to it!

This is when we have to implement change! Being so “pro-black” is more than a bunch of followers and fist pumps!  The rubber met the road a long time ago and we still are in the zone of waiting for the change instead of being the change. You see , being the change is the hard work that many can sit back and dictated what black is.  Shut up already!  Too much information is out here to limit my thinking on history! 

I know it’s time to get out of the stinking thinking that people annihilate the month of black history. Fact is too many hinder themselves in being apart of the history. I think sometimes people can be their own worst history. History is still history even if a race is labeled with it. African-American history doesn’t have to be limited I think  African-American people place to many expectations of systems.  I was apart of the last African-American bookstores all in the Cook County region of Illinois. Sadly, they are  all gone. I begged people to come out to support all bookstores INCLUDING MANY OF THE AFRICAN AMERICAN BOOKSTORE.  I supported  many of the past and present businesses. Little by little I saw them deteriorates and went unappreciated. People thought I was nuts when I was so discouraged about the bookstores.  th (26)

.I heard very little feedback on the desperation to support such business. I have frequent thrift stores for  old books that had powerful impact.  I am coming to some realities myself about the agenda of some of our so-called activists and community leaders..  

We do more complaining than actually getting involved. Personally have limited myself from some these causes because it becomes more of attention seeking than thought-provoking.  It’s hot mess!  

Even during the Civil Rights Movement… no one had time to take pictures…too much grief and pain. Now …you have to wonder if it is  just a complaint  fest. When you have to take the hard roads there is no true support.  Cameras aren’t that  effective like people believe that they are. Today, I understand the power and influence of technology but I also see the failure in it. When has a book written every fail…because it is forever!  I still like my paper trail whether it’s respected on not.  People read books on a computer I am still that paper person. The bible traveled through great hardships and it’s still here! The same with our history what has changed besides the fickle people.  No one can stop me from translating my history.   Too much our history isn’t being told or documented like it should be.  I have sat people down and introduced things they may have not been introduced to.   No one can share my history like I can and what I fail to understand I do my homework.  Stop making excuses that African-American history is the shortest month of the year. Not in my world, its year round because I purposely subject myself to learning more about things I missed…this isn’t about a tutorial “BLACK”  month in February.  

father-michael-pfleger_20110317085959_640_480One thing that has delighted me about Father Pfleger, he has at least been a conduit for African-American studies all year round including in February.  The African-American Speaking Series with world-wide speakers with no fee…  I was jolted with so much historical  information that I had no clue about which made me research  and learn more!

He has prompted many historians to come to share things that no textbook or teacher has taught me. African-American Studies was given to me when I was in school. 

What has been taught with many schools that much of their teaching in history had many errors and sanitized. The lack of teaching  African-American studies has never hindered me from learning things through other historians on my own.  We need to cut out the distorted views about what someone else does… It has become some kind of crutch that we disable our level of coming off intelligent and “basic”common sense.  Everything isn’t that complicated if you apply yourselves and get off of the soap box making excuses! It’s no one’s job to teach me …It comes down to how bad do you want to learn about your history!