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I have seen some the big wigs as they say…I often remember the ones who remained humble even in the largest arenas. As their followers grown so those their egos, and the lack of concern about people and become more consumed with “self” than what God has to say.  Never and I mean never…Have I seen so many “so-called” ministers in ministry with no level of consecration, discipline and got a wall full of sheep skin but there is no substance.  

I have met what others might call the unknown in ministry that are changing lives by the thousands.  You wouldn’t know how rich they are in God and the favor of God is off the meter on their lives. It’s then when someone comes across how dynamic people are and doing quite well without the distractions with physical mainstream media. They don’t need the advertisement the HOLY SPIRIT DOES THE WORK.

I believe that many ministers today have no real heart to be ministers.  Some people get turned on by a little bit of power even if they have 5 members in their midst. Some don’t feel validated unless they are called on and being seen. Attention seeking but no relationship with God. Which should be every ministers focal point. Unfortunately, we have so many counterfeits in our midst. Some know just a little bible to reel in the feeble-minded sheep.

God is going to put the small nobody’s to some in the face of the world. Who you thought wasn’t important God is about to reveal the unknowns . In other words the X factors!  This has come down to show and tell.  Even with those who think they can reduplicate God’s power will be embarrassed… God loves the humble!

Of course, ministers and churches should be thriving if people stick together. So many don’t care about saving the churches due to a lot of influxes of pseudo power which so many just breed on.  Who cares about Christ many put in the hours as if that really matters if the heart is wrong. Come as you are with little desire to change before you know it… The church looks more like a social club than social change.  We should have more God than messiness and this doesn’t seem to bother the “super saints”.  Those are the ones who have been in the church for years and know more about God than themselves… aka modern-day Pharisees. Who has been a been apart of the church bricks without seeing or knowing who God is. They are governed by what they do than what God can do!

People haven’t seen the supernatural powers of God and many are afraid of it. Today we say anyone belongs to God but the reality is everything belongs to God yet, God has boundaries and requirements which are being dismissed as the old days. Unfortunately the darkness of the night is becoming stronger and the voices of the prophetic has to stronger and  not intimidated! I have seen the largest ministries being govern quietly by God super powers.   When “egos” are readjusted they will share with you the real voices behind their voices. In other words that person that no one knows about the mega minister does. I believe that there is nothing wrong with small voices everyone might not be cut out for all the jiving jargon that the superficial seems to enjoy.  

I can recall one of my former pastors, how he mentioned someone in the bible that no one had ever heard of.  When he had given the name and had shared the verse and chapter. No one had recognized the conduit in which God has used this person, because we only could recognize the major character. There are people in the bible who are now coming into play strongly because God is recognizing so many others have overlooked. No so much error but often we get caught up in the main characters in ministry and forget about the person who have spoken into our lives in some way!  

I encourage you to Read II Kings Chapter 5… Ministers share this story often about the Syrian Leader Naaman who suffered with leprosy and his faith to see the Prophet. Yet… if you go back to study the text… a little maid is mentioned with no name. Another pastor brought to this my attention. She was what we call a nobody in ministry but she was the introduction to faith, power, the power, God and a miracle.   Her two cents advised  his wife  to share with here husband the Second in Command in Syria about  the prophet Elisha who could bring him back to recovery! This blew my mind because it was never about the healing of the leader, but about someone who no one knew and no care about because she was just a slave. Without the story there is no overcoming! 

This blessed me… and it also made me realize how important it is to be creditable in ministry.   I have seen mega ministers with no power of God. I thank God that I am respected and I assist many ministries NOT  because of who I am but because of who I know. There are people you know God is in their lives those are the people I want to stay connected to and those are the people who will influence nations not just  lip service but the dunamis power of God.  All the talking will cease after while and signs and wonders will be apart of the last hour show downs. God will honor those who can stay steadfast and unmovable, abased or abound! 

The story of one little maid connected so much  physical power to bring that supernatural miracle!  From where I stand I have seen what the world call the best in ministry but I have also seen the lack of character and integrity within so many of them.  In this hour…God will bring the small voices that has been over looked to the forefront with not only big power but with major impact all over the world!