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I have been a member of St. Sabina well over 8 years. A lot has changed and some things hasn’t. Father Pfleger is Father Pfleger!!!! I have read articles and reports that are presented in certain ways and I catch the hints. Ministries are attack for either two reasons…. 1) You are a fraud and apart of the darkness and the people can see it or 2) You are the real deal and bring exposure which brings the light and people see that as well… Persecution and offenses will come!

I don’t dance around the truth. I just tell it.  … I can’t understand what’s the problem? Some folks follow Father Pfleger, because he is a public figure and  the opportunists are attracted to him . I could care less… Public or Professional… What everyone can’t trust is his mission…. Is it  about HIM OR that he abuses his posture in the community because he is a camera whore?  Is it about him basking in selfies and selfishness? Is he mentally sound and uses poor choices?  Is he purposely try to gain star power with film directors?

Don’t think I am not bombarded with questions and don’t think I wont tell it!

Father Pfleger has been doing this for a long time. I am JUST AS MUCH outspoken as he is but maybe more!  His associations and affiliations are not necessarily mines.  I am very careful about what I attach myself to because of the integrity of my ministry. Everything that sounds good ain’t good for you… and I don’t chase the limelight, never do I chase the money! I try to be respectable in ever since of the manner about the God I serve and  even with Father Pfleger.

I have publicly stated before I am NOT in agreement with certain things and  at certain arenas, so it’s never my business to justify “his” personal choices or opinions. I am interested in being the truth!

If something is questionable and or  off the meter I address it immediately but   I don’t have to comment on everything. I realize from the beginning when doing this blog the odds were against me. We would have more than opposition than ever especially after last year Chicago political messes!

I have said this and will continue to say it…”If I got one reader that I reached, then I have reached the masses”.  I can’t  get caught up with the follies and foolishness of trying to be the popular minister. I tell the truth in love and my prayer is that we grow up!  I thank God because so many unknown and well-known follow this blog. I see the deliberate sabotages on a daily because of my affiliation with him. The celebrity stuff I can live without! I am going to keep it  one hundred and it will be raw. Take us or leave us! 

Obviously I respect Father Pfleger  … but I got a brain and I use all of it and  not because ignorantly some have made him a “god” or some kind of “idol”.  I  know better !!!!  He is still a man  a mere mortal that puts his pants on, one leg at a time. There is no special place for picks and being a liar in my world…If you are wrong you are wrong ….Simple as that!. Father Pfleger knows where I am coming from and I can safely say the respect is returned. 

He knows that I will tell you what’s right even if he doesn’t want to hear it!  I will stand my ground. I purposely try to keep my distance with the nonsense that follows him sometimes. Too many are getting caught up in the craziness of the day. Unlike him , there are some folks I see through and wont be caught anywhere near them on a good day common good or not!  Famous names and status wont move me!  

That’s who I am!  

My name and my reputation stays in tact for a reason. I require something and I don’t buy into everything all in the name of awareness, violence and social justice! I am not a sucker for let us all get along! Some folks are playing games and I know it!

For myself, there is no agenda…and I am not on anyone’s payroll at St. Sabina. My ministry has been a powerful force based on the ordinances of God. I don’t need followers but followers of Christ who walk in integrity and character my ministry is well over 15 years!

I am mindful of what I affiliate my ministry to which has been going strong even in turbulence with the help of God and I am not dependent on anyone. If God gives this to me only he is the one that governs and annihilates! This keep me humble , this preserves integrity and keeps me from getting in bed with folks and their questionable agendas and ministries. I AM NOT STAR STRUCK OR AM  I A CHURCH GROUPIE. If I SEE LIES AND DISHONESTY I AM OUT! This protects my integrity because materialism and power can blind side any ministry.  One follower or a thousand.  Power corrupts mission and abort them. That is why ministries need first a level of discipline and consecration. 

That’s why I allow God to lead.  People will deem you as hero one minute and crucify you the next.  The  truth still remains that he has been diligent with the fight. who he fights with is another story!   th (36)

First thing is first,… He is supposed to be on a panel about violence at St. Barnabas in Chicago’s Beverly neighborhood Saturday, February 27 at 6 pm to 8  pm.  in “Thou Shalt Not Murder Campaign” … He should be there…He is more than qualified … with  all foolishness  and personal opinions aside. If  you can get there, go there!  (I have a previous engagement if I can get there in time… I will try to be there).

He knows what he is talking about. I wouldn’t have no other way because he has been in this for a very long time with experience.  His authenticity about matters are legit, if they weren’t I wouldn’t bother to inform anyone about forums of this nature… I attend forums like  because it alleviates the god complex  with some of these advocates. These new advocates, I wouldn’t pay a dime to even hear what they are saying based on things I  witnessed and some negative experiences!

Certain things and event  I wisely and  purposely wont mention because I see something different and I see attention getter and circus seeking. Loss or no loss… I don’t ignore “red flags” (No pun intended).  

Secondly, He’s NOT a liar!… and it was an honest mistake. What his comments are regarding the situation is just that…”his comments”.   I  come from a family of service men and women who serve this country and retired military backgrounds of all sorts. So, I can identify with the respect for the American Flag. Why people are going “ham” on a mistake is just  amazing. Father Pfleger,  knows that he got his share of haters.  He set the record straight… and now lets move on.

The “Chiraq” thing I am honestly trying to make it be a ghost situation. Much ado about really nothing. It’s about perspective and taking an honest assessment about the Urban life dysfunction and its inner demons.  I don’t curtail things so this can lead into more about personal opinions than the TRUTH. That’s the stuff I stay away from

Every so often I have to stop and bring some clarity to what is going on and not what I think.  Anyone that knows me I am just  straight forward and I know how to bring things with tact and tell the truth.  

I have  followed Father Michael Pfleger since my first year of college and I  have been quite familiar with  the kind of ministry and what it stands for. Although, I am very vocal about what I stand for and it’s not about me but the God I serve… And I wont make this be about me or any other minister who claims they are led by God. Credibility means a lot with God but to his people. 

I know people have actually disassociated themselves because of my membership with St. Sabina. I have been uninvited to many things and ostracized at the same time.  I have been licked  passively persecuted  among those  who don’t like him and get this… even with the ones that “pretend” to like him. People have disowned me and I mean disowned… I am not offended.   Their loss!   If anyone profess to want change being apart of it is also listening to variances and other solutions.  

Father Pfleger, has to be in a his proper place with God and not the people. People flip-flop with change and agendas. As a Priest, I know that he isn’t exceptional because of the vocation that he has chosen but if he will be about the truth when he speaks and the challenge can he still be in right standing with God because of the “worldly”  distractions? 

We have a lot of people in ministry that have collars and no necks. As a Christians I am more interested in the removal of the scales off the eyes of the people instead of keeping them hostage by perfuming the funk!

We having been talking about violence forever.  I have yet to hear about getting some order in the family structure!  IF that is  too personal I really am not interested in the same old talks! God is bigger than this… So many in ministry fail to offer God…  he gives us the power and wisdom to get out of worldly messes! Earthly solutions have done exactly what!  I know the root to the violence starts in everyone’s heart and in their homes. What I know to be wise is a far cry from what people might expect.  Chicago has a lot of other serious issues that needs to be address.  

 No disrespect Father Pfleger, and I wont take away from the better he has done. A “Chirag ” movie  flag serves no momentum for the ones who grieves in sack cloth and ashes. A movie and a movie flag won’t take away from those who are suffering with the loss on a daily basis. I can’t give place to the devil for the distractions even with the movie!

I am not confused, neither either am I impressed with games people play all in the name of bringing what is supposed to be light.  My reality of the violence comes with experiences! My pain is real and what others have dealt with comes with lights or no lights! Murder is murder regardless of who commits it! Someone is losing! My need to bring awareness to violence has been over for some time. Violence has been here but no one wants to deal what we have authority over. Being typecast to express views are almost given in to what the people chose to believe. If you are sincere be sincere, if  you have an angle I pray God exposes those angles. I  know some of the solutions but I am eager to learn what more can come to the table as far as solutions!  I am foolish to believe that we need more awareness… Chicago is reaping the harvest on many poor decisions… and it no longer can be ignored.  A panel brings discussion!

There are things done tactfully and there are things that are just not worth losing our focus on. Whatever that was… I know he didn’t mean any harm… I wont get caught up in the frenzy of social media with the relentless attacks. A simple oversight is truly a mistake. I am not here to do damage control. I  pray for wisdom when executing things in every aspect ministry including promoting celebrities and their flags.  as long as he tries to rectify the situation he remain in good standings.

I pray that in such crucial times that all of us watch what we say and do. God isn’t into some of the things even if they may seem right. However,  I ask God to make all of us careful in this day and hour because regardless of what anyone thinks or say… It is still God’s delivering power that frees all of us!

I suggest to everyone to pray for Father Pfleger and anyone who is in a position of authority. It looks easy from the outside but totally the opposite when you find yourselves in situations you don’t want to be in or orchestrated!

I will ALWAYS SUPPORT  Father Pfleger Social Justice Ministry as long as his work  lines up with the will of God, and that he  speaks the truth, sincere and genuine in his walk….ANYTHING OTHER THAN THAT IS A NO GO FOR ME and will be the deal breaker!