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President Obama , visited the State Of Illinois yesterday.. addressing Illinois Legislature in Springfield… where it all begin for him.  I  listen to his speech… and I wanted to keep an open mind about where he is coming from.  Personally, I appreciate the fact that he is gentleman and he is respectable. Yet, for me the warm and fuzzy speech didn’t hit hard.  I think respectably we already know that we need to do better. I guess, I was expecting Illinois issues to be addressed and give some insights to steer Illinois in some kind of promising position.  

If I am not mistaken, so it’s not a quote… he stated that all politicians are not criminals… or dirty and media hype cast aspersions on people.  I have seen the cut throats that want to take political offices… they will lie to the finish. Some spread lies and discord before even getting in office. They get in the ring with the same attitudes that has been here for centuries! You are human being first, if you decide to be a deviant they tend to go where it’s welcomed. And since no one likes to address the “elephant” in the living room it’s swept under the rug.  

‘I agree, to some degree… Here is what struck me odd with this conversation in mind… Isn’t the Feds in Chicago investigating corruption even  political figures although it might be  a city and state situation?

Do we not have quite a few corrupted politicians in Illinois that went to jail already?  The Windy City has been now overblown with lawsuits stemming from political corruption even when I was a child… Give me a break! Yes, it’s getting worse…

You know what I believe politicians  have become educated “mess handlers and nothing more.  What actually has changed on the different watches. I dare you make a list.

One goes in office messy and come out with messier! The same manure but on a different”  Who wants to go in any political office … with the just the stench of mess?

So, I am asking ” respectably again…What world does he live in?  America has improved in what manner?  The proven test is… What has honestly changed in 8 years?  It’s not my  opinion things have never been worse!  The poor has always been at the disadvantage!  What improvement can I look for when I can’t hardly take any of the Presidential  Candidates seriously!  I vote with my eyes open not come blindly that we are locking arms and singing songs! In my world… you must have a relationship with God. The despondency in  our communities are growing as if we aren’t apart of the world he lives in.  I wonder what they get out of the number game because where I stand the number are growing more in the red than the black.  I came away with nothing like before…Some politicians live in a bubble … As much we would like to lift the President up… I can’t!

So many things I saw as whole country are ignored.   I am unapologetic about the health care law…It’s not what all it’s cracked up to be.  The disenfranchised is more mutilate and annihilated socially, educationally, and economically.   I say the same about local politicians… You can tell which are getting things done and those who want more power and gain… than the trust of  the people.   I would like to say, the President was impressive. But for me it’s like he so far out of touch with the realties in this country.  Racism is still the  political divisiveness that keep certain groups of people, from exceeding even in education.  

UNFORTUNATELY… My world views haven’t changed that much or not at all  because this country has made little movement for the people are on the basement floor in this country… The Have and Have Nots… are seeing the game each day.  There is hopelessness… Maybe I’m wrong but I didn’t quite get the purpose for coming!  I didn’t get nostalgic because he came back.. I was terrified because I knew  nothing had honestly changed that much!