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When I finally realize that so many don’t know love nor do they understand it. People enter into relationships with unquenchable expectations. The reality is that you wont have everything in common but there are common threads. People have to be ready to keep their hearts and mind open. You are not perfect people but perfect with each other!  When we can understand that there will be challenges in any relationship. Is it worth losing when all you have to do is think about it…forgive and keep it moving.

 Many people are involved superficially… so they deal with the outside of love and that’s lust.  It’s all about them and relationships are  already in trouble. Keep the person you love in mind if we are speaking long term and that is marriage. One thing I often tell many  of my brother friends… pay attention to your wives. Give her the same kind of attention you gave her before marriage.  Women are the same wife, you have to make sure he feels like you have his back no matter what. Stop the nagging!

There is nothing wrong with attractive spouses but there is more to a relationship than what one looks like. It’s when we “claim” we are  in love with someone when you see their true colors. You love them so much is what your lips say and then there are the actions.  The proof! When you have to be coach into love it isn’t love. When you love … you have care and concern.  So many people get caught in the moment and think very little about the future and what this person means to me. 

I went through God’s process to get a grasp on something I obviously had no true experience with. I learn the power of love and giving love.  If you find yourself making all the steps to keep the love alive, maybe this isn’t the love of your life.  Yes, there will be times when you have to draw on each other’s  strength.

And because I had this experience I take in the heart conditions of so many who have distorted views that  have come through generations of one-sided love or some warp views about love… I had to love  and value me first… And set a standard. Everything that looks good isn’t always good for you. Immature people have no idea what love is because they are still infant stages mentally of their lives  it’s still all about them.  Love isn’t counterproductive.  

When you value the one you love… You respect the love. We live in a selfish society that believes that it’s all about them and nothing more. Obviously love produces in many aspects of the human. Surface love is cheap love it can come and go. That is why so many people jump from relationship to relationship in search of being love.  What is so simple has become so complicated. Love exceeds so many things and it can conquer if you are really with the love of your lives. Too many of us have missed out because of what we thought was love.  

 People have tendencies to believe love is the way they saw it growing up. In fact many have misconceptions about love. Love casts out fear….No PERFECT LOVE CASTS OUT FEAR (1 John 4:8)That’s strong love! That tells me love will love all the hurts away! We live in such a selfish society that love has been merely equated with a warm feeling, materialism, money… and even status.  Marriage isn’t really respected anymore. Head of the households has been reduced. The endless marriage syndrome… putting away when one get discontented to get another. I am amazed at how many can’t even handle simple acts of kindness…in fear there are strings attached. God blesses all the time with no strings but his promises has conditions. I believe love can have standards but unconditional.  

So many confuse abuse with love…whether it’s spiritual, physical, or emotional. Love is a sacrifice which why so many people divorce.  When love covers it also rid of any doubts.  I strongly believe when you are truly in love with someone I know that you are divinely connected. So many people miss this! Your spirits connect!

Very little fall in love but they grow in love. Yes, I do believe that people can be actually be spiritually connected! Here is a real awaken… love isn’t a struggle to love, love is assured…Love motivates and brings enlightenment to every area of your life!

Healthy love  appreciates, builds, defines, redefines,… and it grows on  you and with you!