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Growing up I paid attention to what people said and how they responded. My mother was quiet but straight up. If you don’t want to know don’t ask. I went to church with her mother and I was sort of warned basically don’t be asking all these questions. I thought even as a little girl adults lied a lot. The minute you started doing something that adults weren’t suppose to do. I had begun to ask questions. This embarrassed my grandmother because I wanted to know why. No, I wasn’t encouraged I was discouraged from knowing the truth. This became too tricky so I didnt feel like I could trust you…To be honest much hasn’t changed…lies are still glorified! When I became wise enough to understand…I knew people didn’t have a relationship with God. The mockery I saw…just have a fit release all of your frustration in a spiritual romper room…the temporary fix but no true empowerment! I knew the true testing came with the everyday walk not what people wanted others to see. God has a place for everything its man who has corrupted values and systems. Some churches have FUMBLED in so many ways and they wonder why the church has no power. Church is mishandled as a place for opportunists instead a place that provides spiritual protection and service to God’s people. It has sold itself out to being more about marketing instead spiritually investing.  Some leaders are teaching that God is the minimizer while the fleshly leaders promote themselves by doing their will and not God’s will. You can tell when its about the FOOLISHNESS…they are the center and some are too ashamed and vain to mention God.

All the finger pointed but isn’t amazing we never seem advocate strong value systems. Think about this…Our culture as a whole seem to promote rebellion abuse of authority, and self promotion. As much as we say we want order many hate to bring order including some religious leaders. Its sick when we tell the people one thing but stand adamantly with people who don’t really stand for family or Godly values…I am amazed at what labels themselves “peacemakers” but raises the devil’s agenda. Some religious leaders purposely create hostile environments to divide and then build their resumes to be impressive to the public. I cannot understand if you claim you are about God…What you continue to attach yourselves with tells your story. There us no FAITH when you need the worlds approval. You determine your strength with numbers in the medias and ungodly ties! God is about order even in the middle of chaos. I believe in my heart a lot of ministers think they have faith. Many believe that head faith is Gods faith. We all need to honest real faith is tested. God will often say go when it doesn’t make sense and we stay. Then flesh rationalize why we cant make a move…waiting on God but paralyzed in what makes a safety net. Here is the danger with missing God’s best doing what you want that often brings storms that make you leave what you might believe is physical safety…only in the will of God is God’s safety!!!

Faith isn’t a safety net…its God’s assurance and your insurance.

God see who scrambles instead standing for truth not popularity. Social media might be a tool but does it really promotes when it comes to God? Some need to ask God just how messed up they really are? Some can’t handle if God shows them that they are wicked men and women. If God snatched it all many would curse God. Many are doing this right now by walking in rebellion and disobedience. I see it on a regular when people don’t want to take a real step in faith they make excuses they are waiting in God. Some get real spiritual when they have to separate themselves from what hinders them to reaching God’s best. It’s all in their head about their courage and faith. They don’t have any!

You see as much as “some” claim they want to fulfill their destiny won’t trust God to move forward out of fear. Being popular and comfortable isn’t faith its FOOLISHNESS. But notice when it comes to self promoting…there is no waiting period, fleshly praying and unwisely jumping right into stupid things that brings embarrassment to themselves and the Kingdom of God.

Too many leaders can talk but very few are leaving familiar.
You don’t have to be perfect but definitely need to get rid of denial and the lying. Real spiritual growth comes when you can independently be a follower of God not all who follows you. A mega church doesn’t equate God’s power or that they are in relationship.