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When I listen to Governor Bruce Rauner… I have to ask … what is he doing and where is he going with this budget fiasco? I understand that he too has inherit some messes.  Yet,   I have  to wonder if he calls himself licking Chicago because of the some personal  backlash. Shame on all of them that voting for him. The man is strange  and rubs my spirit the wrong . If he call himself being tough and aloof he can be  removed from office as well. People are tired of the shadiness and the behind scene political tantrums.   

I have to be honest,  every time he speaks I sense something is always a bit off… and unseasoned in politics.  So, I find myself listening to others analyze how awful he really is Oh no…I don’t claim to be connoisseur in politics. Sometimes is plain old common sense.

I can’t stand another politician that is so far off of reality especially when it comes to poverty. It’s not about laziness if there aren’t any jobs… and it wont be the need of welfare if the proper stimulus are in place.

I wont penalize anyone for being rich just stop penalizing the poor for being poor.  Education and Medical isn’t fundamental in this country it has camouflaged for the drawback of how expensive it really is… If he is going somewhere with cutting things off to balance the budget I don’t believe going cold turkey on everything will stimulate Illinois means of survival… He will know crime more than ever.  Business can’t be resuscitated if they lose funding have to be revived after living off the vapors for even several months. Playing catch up is when many organizations will take a nose dive because the financial bounce back is too difficult!  

Everyday I see the lack of concern of what  happens to our people. I don’t care what race they are… Education is what can make or break the back of poverty. 

Illinois hardly bends to do anything for citizens.  Everything is so about money until we  aren’t getting nothing going out so who wants to be a mainstay.

The State Of  Illinois in some kind of political standoff… Things are closing in Illinois, and Chicago looks awful and depressing! I remember I wanted to have a condo in Hyde Park… Now I really don’t want no parts of living in Chicago. It has become plague with so much corruption that even if you can afford to live comfortably… you will  find yourself budgeting that much more!  The grocery stores are so incredibly high… in comparison when I am shopping in suburbia with cheaper prices in some of the most prestigious areas.  We as citizens of Illinois may have to start another petition… I hardly mention Governor Rauner because he came out the gate being unreal to the challenges we face in Illinois. No one is scratching anyone’s back anymore to many skeletons are falling out of the closet. Who cares of the struggling poor continues to struggle. Everything seems to have a price and a bounty on our children.  Illinois is alway gridlock on the some nonsense as like Washington.   Our educational system for the poor and the struggling isn’t important. I wish everyone get smart… I hear what the mouth is saying but I am looking at the actions…. Pray for our children… the corrupted is bankrupting our children’s dreams of ever being someone!  At what expense are we really going to listen to a Governor who seems to be so dry in his spirit about the term losses. What point has he proven?

When it comes to poverty  and our children who are desperately in need there is always a calculator but when it comes to elite… Money seems to be no object especially if they find money to do what they want